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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 168 (148)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 168
Page 168

Drive-ins Mentioned

Melody Cruise-In, Springfield, OH
Skyview Cruise-In, Lancaster, OH
Beckley Open Air, Beckley, WV
Riverside Auto, Dublin, OH
Miami Cruise-In, Miamisburg, OH
Xenia Auto Inn Theater, Xenia, OH

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 168

BOTH CLEAR AND BRIGHT LIGHT is provided on the screen of the Valley Drive-In. Elkview, W. Va" by Strong Mighty u9i)" proiection arc lumps. The installation was made by Charleston Theatre Supply.

Columbus, 0. MILES EAST MAIN DR., 5000 E. Main St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles. (M8-C700-D7)

Columbus, 0. MILES SCIOTO DR., 3050 Riverside Dr. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles. (M7-C500-D7)

Columbus, 0. MILES WEST BROAD DR., 4050 Broad St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles. (M7-0500-D7)

Columbus, 0. NATIONAL AUTO TH.. 3750 W. Broad. Exec: F. YassenoR. (MB-CSSO-D'?)

Columbus. 0. SOUTH DR. Exec: M. YassenoE. (M8-C700-D7)

Dayton, 0. BELMONT AUTO IN TIL, P.O. RR 2. Exec: Max Milbauer. (MS-CSOO-D'I)

Dayton, 0. DAYTON DR., 2700 Valley Pike. Exec: W. Bressler. (MS-CSOO-D?)

Dayton. 0. MIAMI CRUISE IN, 6500 W. 3rd St. Exec: Ben Wachnansy. (M8-C500-DT)

Dayton, 0. SALEM DR., 3815 Salem Ave. Exec: Robert Gump and Paul Swinger. (M8-C400-D7)

Dayton, 0. SHERWOOD DR., 5405 W. 3rd St. Exec: Sam and Allen Levin. (M8-C500-D7)

Dayton, 0. SKYLINE AUTO, Rt. 25. P. 0. Box 867. EXeC: W. C. Walters. (M8-CG50-D7)

Dayton, 0. SUNSET DR., Germantown Pike. Exec: J. Hulakan. (M8-C350-D7)

Dent. O. DENT AUTO DR., Harrison Ave. Exec: Jerome J. Kunz. (M7-CSOO-D7)

L Dublin, 0. RIVERSIDE AUTO TH. Exec: F. Yassenotf and Harold Schwartz. (M7-C400-D7)

Eaton, O. CRUISE-IN TH. Exec: L. Clemmer. (MS-C400-D7)

Excello, 0. DIXIE DR. Exec: R. Shor.

' (M7-C500-D7) Fairborn, 0. SKYBORN DR. Exec: J. Clemmer. - (M8-C'500-D7)

Forestville, 0. FOREST AUTO TIL, 7940 Beechmont. Exec: Marcus Enterprises 012., Indiammolis

Ind. (M7-CGOO-D7) Gallipolis, 0. KANAUGA DR. Exec: Hurry Wheeler. (M8-C400-I)7) Greenville, 0. SPEEDWAY AUTO TH. Exec: L. Shot. (M8-C500-DT)

Hamilton, 0. ROMONA DR. Exec: Geo. Turlnkis. ; (M8-C500-D7)

Hamilton. 0. HAMILTON AUTO TIL. Old 0xford Rd. ExeC: L. E. Olt. (M7-C400-D7)

Jackson, 0. GROVE AUTO DR. Exec: Henry Stugmiller. (M8-C250-D7)

Lancaster. 0. SKYVIEW CRUISE IN. East Main Pike. Exec: Carlos Crumm and E. Pullinm. ' (M8-C400-D7)

Lebanon, 0. OLD FORT AUTO TH. Exec: J. Henry Davidson, Associated Theatres Ch. Lynchburg. 0. (M7-C3I4-DT)


Lucnsville. O. SCIOTO BREEZE AUTO TH. Exec: R. 0. Lewis. (M8-C350-D7)

Marietta, 0. STARLITE DR. Exec: J. B. Stradman. (M8-CSSO-D7)

Miamisburg, 0. MIAMI CRUISE IN, S. Dixie Hwy. Exec: L. Clemmer. (M7-C400-D7)

Milford, 0. MO-TOUR DR., Chillicothe Pike. Exec: J. C. Baldwin. (MS-CGOO-D'I)

Montgomery. 0. DRIVE IN, Montgomery Rd. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston, Mass. (M8-CsS4-D7)

Mount Healthy (Cincinnati), 0. MOUNT HEALTHY DR., 900 Compton. Exec: L. Wetzel. ' (M8-CS'IES-D7)

Mount Holly. 0. STARLITE DR. Exec: Jerome Jackson, Happy Hour Theatre, Williamsburg. (MS-0350-D7)

Newark. 0. VALLEY DR., P.O. Box 592. Exec: Floyd Price. (M8-0500-D7)

Piqua, 0. PIQUA DR., R.R. 3, P.0. Box 58A. Exec: Paul Swinger and R. Gump. (M8-C450-D7)

Saint Henry. 0. STARLITE AUTO DR. Exec: Feltz Bros. (M8-C350-D7)

Sidney. 0. SIDNEY DR. Exec: Howard Gall. (M8-CsSO-D7)

Six Mile Turn (Zanesville, P.O.), O. STARLET DR. Exec: Dorman Law. (M7-C300-D7)

South Zanesville, O. SKYWAY DR., R.D. No. I. Exec: Roy Waller. (M8-C450-D7)

Springfield, 0. STAR DUST DR. Exec: Sam Levin. (M6-C400-D7)

Springfield. 0. MELODY CRUISE-IN TH. Exec: Ray Stout. (M8-C400-D7)

Springfield. 0. SKYHIGH DR. Exec: Sum Lenin. (M8-C500-D7)

Stockton (Hamilton, P.0.) . O. ACME AUTO TH. , Hamilton-Carthage Rd. Exec: Mark Cums mins. (M8-C400-D7)

Troy. 0. DIXIE TROY DR. Exec: Moe and Elizabeth Potasky. (M8-CS75-D7)

Urbnna. 0. URBANA AUTO TH. Exec: Guy Spungler. (M8-C400-D7)

Wapakoneta, O. MIDWAY DR. Exec: Howard Gall. (M8-0200-D7)

Washington Court House. 0. CCC AUTO TH. Exec: J. Henry Davidson, Associated Theatres CL, Lynchburg. Ohio. (M8-C400-D7)

West Milton. 0. MILLERS GROVE DR., R.F.D. No. 6. Exec: Miller Bros. (M7-C360-D7)

Wheelersburz. 0. SCIOTO DR. Exec: Herb Ochs. (M7-0500-D7)

Wilmington. 0. DRIVE IN. Exec: Chnkeres Ct., Springfield, 0. (M6-C500-D7)

Woodlawn, O. WOODLAWN DR., Springheld Pike. Exec: Nat Kaplan. (M8e0560-D7)

Xenia, 0. SUNDOWN CRUISE-1N. Exec: Sundown Cruiseln. Inc. (MS-CEOO-D'I)

Xenia. 0. XENIA AUTO INN. Exec: Deon Dennis. (M8-C400-D7)

Zanesville. 0. MAPLE AUTO DR., 2800 Maple Ave. Exec: Erma Boedcher. (M7-C380-D7)

Zanesville, 0. OLD TRAIL DR. Exec: C. E. Huprich. (M7-0160-D7)

West Virginia

Beckley, W. Va. BECKLEY OPEN AIR TH. Exec: F. Clemens. (M8-C450-D7)

Beckley, W. Va. CRAB ORCHARD DR., P.O. RFD Harvey. W. Va. Exec: E. R. Harvey. (M7-0500-D7)

Belle, W. Va. TRAIL DR. Exec: R. Shor. (M8-C500-D7)

Bluetield, W. Va. SKYWAY DR. Exec: S. Swi tow. (MS-CGOO-DT) Branchland. W. Va. DRIVE-IN TH. Execz' (MS-Ct -D7)

Ceredo, W. Va. CEREDO DR. Exec: Abe Hyman. (M7-0500-D7)

Craigsville, W. Va. CRAIGSVILLE DR. Exec: Arden A. Richards. (MS-CIOO-D'I)

Elkview, W. Va. DRIVEJN TH. Exec: Ray Philan. (M8-C300-D7)

Glen Jean. W. Va. MOUNTAIN AIR DR. Exec: E. J. Bulfa. (M8-0350-D7)

Hamlin, W. Va. NEW DR. Exec: Mrs. Dave Brown. (M8-CS -D7)

Hinton, W. Va. GREENBRIER DR. Exec:' (MS-C35 0-D?)

Hugheston. W. Va. ARENA DR. Exec: John Thabit. (M8-CSOD-D7)

Lewisburg, W. Va. WALNUT HILL DR., Rt. 219. Exec: D. Wenkley. (M7-C400-D7)

Logan, W. Va. MONITOR DR. Exec: F. Clemens. (M8-C350-D7)

Madison. W. Va. MADISON DR. Exec: W. B. Rose. (M8-C300-D7)

Man. W. Va. MAN DR. Exec: A. W. Cook. (M8-C430-D7)

Mason City, W. Va. MASON CITY DR. Exec: Ross Filson. (M7-0500-D7)

Mount Hope, W. Va. MOUNTAINAIR DR. Exec: E. J. Bulia. (M8-C350-D7)

Parkersburg, W. Va. MUR DR., 3980 Murdoch Ave. Exec: Lilly Schneider. (M7-0316-D7)

Princeton, W. Va. DRIVE IN. Exec. A. R.

Belcher. (M8-CZ75-D7) Rupert, W. Va. SUNSET DR. Exec: R. A. Callison. (M7-0290-D7)

Saint Albans. W. Va. VALLEY DR., Winfield Rd. Exec: R. Shor, (M7-0500-D7)

Welch. W. Va. STARLITE DR. Exec: A. W. Cook, Jr. (MS-CEOO-D'l)


Ohio Akron. 0. AUTO VOICE DR. Exec: Ohio Theatre Serv. (M7-C76-D7)

Akron. 0. STARLIGHT DR., 1585 S. Arlington. Hwy. 224. Exec: George A. Blake. (M6-C350-D7)

Alliance, 0. PARK DR., Hwy. 62. Exec: S. Burck. (M6-C430-D7)

Andover, O. SHANE'S DR., Hwy. 7. Exec: V. McCrone, Ashtabula, 0. (M8-C350-D7)

Arlington. 0. AMANDA AUTO TH., Hwy. 37. Exec: R. Dyer, P.0. R.R. #1, Box 7413. (MB-0250437)

Ashtabula, 0. ASHTABULA SKYWAY DR., Hwy. 20. Exec: Ohio Theatre Service. (M7-0300-D7)

Burberton. 0. MAGIC CITY DR. Exec: Ohio Theatre Service. (M7-C400-D7)

Barberton, 0. VALLEY AUTO TIL. Hwy. 21. Exec: Vincent. Lsuter. (M6-CZOO-D7)

Bellfontaine, 0. BELLFONTAINE DR., Hwy. 68. Exec: Dale Elleman. (MB-CSOO-D'l)

Blaine. 0. SUPER 40 DR., Hwy. 40. Exec: C. G. Velas. (M8-C400-D7)

Bucyrus, O. TRI CITY DR., Hwys. 30 and 598. P.0. Box 504. Exec: D. P. Jacobs. (M8-C375-D7)

Cadiz, 0. DRIVE-IN TH. Exec: T. Wilson and R. Comoher. (M8-C300-D7)

Chardon. 0. HAZLEWOOD DR. Exec: Ohio Theatre Serv. (M8-CZ75-D7)


1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 168