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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 169 (149)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 169
Page 169

Drive-ins Mentioned

West Broad Drive-In, Columbus, OH

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 169

Cleveland. 0. CLEVELAND AUTO DR., 11211 Brookpark Rd. Exec: Sam Haas. (M6-C700-D7)

Cleveland, 2, 0. CLOVERLEAF DR., 3600 Ridge Rd. Exec: Lombardi Bros. (M7-01200-D7)

Cleveland, 0. EAST SIDE DR., Hwy. 8. Northdeld Rd. Exec: Phil Smith Ct... Boston, Mass. (MB-CGOO-D'l)

Cleveland, 0. WEST SIDE DR., Hwy. 17. Riverside Drive. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston. Mass. (M8-CGOO-D7)

Copley, 0. MONTROSE DR., Medina-Akron Rd. Exec: Lawrence Tyrell. 185 Avondale Dr., Akron. (M8-0500-D7)

Coshocton. O. SKYWAY DR. Exec: F. Gilliilen. (M7-0225-D7)

Creston. O. CRESTON AUTO TH., Hwy. 3. Exec: M. R. Martin, 950 Delia Ave., Akron. 0. (M6-0200-D7)

Cuyahoga Falls, 0. ASCOT DR., Hwy. 8. Exec: Clarence Snook and George A. Blake. (M6-C400-D7)

Deliance. 0. DEFIANCE DR., Hwy. 66, P.0. R.R. 2. Exec: William Logan. (MG-CZOO-D'Z)

Delaware, 0. KINGMAN DR., Hwy. 23, P.O. 111. Exec: George Kaler. (M6-CZ75-D7)

Delphos, O. STAUP AUTO TH., Hwy. 30. Exec: Carl H. Schwyn Tbs. (M6-C300-D7)

East Liverpool, 0. SKY VIEW DR., Hwy. 170. Exec: Lawrence Black. (M6-C250-D7)

East Liverpool, 0. SUPER 30 DR. Exec: A. G. Constant. (M6-CGOO-D7)

East Palestine, 0. MIDWAY DR. Exec: Jack Cohen. (M7-0500-D7)

Elyria, O. CARLISLE DR., Hwy. 20. Exec: John Tender. (M8-C400-D7)

Elyris. O. TOWER DR. Exec: Inter-lake Th. Corp. (MS-Csoo-D'Z)

Fail-view, 0. FAIRVIEW DR., Center Ridge and W. 210th. Exec: Horace Abrams. (M6-C700-D7)

Findlay, 0. FINDLAY DR., 1315 S. West St. Exec: .I. Knight, 509 E. Main St., Columbus. (M8-C326-D7)

* Fostoria, 0. STARLITE DR., Route 23 So. Exec: Virgil Pfau. (M6-C400-D7)

Fremont, 0. FREMONT DR., 219% So. Front St. Exec: Mosser Bros. (MT-CSOo-D7)

Goshen Township (New Philadelphia, P.0.), O. TWILIGHT DR., Hwy. 250. Exec: A. K. Veach. (M6-CZZS-D7)

Harrisburg, 0. MID CITY DR., Hwy. 62. Exec: Jerry Reinhart. (MG-0635aD7)

Kenton. 0. HI ROAD DR., Hwy. 68. Exec: Bob Him). (Ms-032507)

Lima, 0. GLORIA DR.. Hwy. 25. Exec: H. Shock. (M6-CSOO-D7)

Lima, 0. LIMA DR., Hwy. 25. Exec: H. Shock. (MG-CSOO-DT)

Lima, 0. SHARON DR. Exec: Horace Shock. (M6-C450-D7)

Lima, 0. SPRINGBROOK DR. Exec: Carl H. Schwyn Ths. (M6-C700-D7)


Lorain, O. LORAIN DR., Hwy. 2. Exec: Wilbur and A. E. Ptak. (M6-caso-D7)

Lowellvillc, 0. SKY-HI DR., R.D. No. 1. Exec: Foster Hathaway. (M6-C450-D7)

Madison, 0. SKYWAY DR., Hwy. 20. Exec: Associated Ths., Cleveland, 0. (MS-0300-D7)

Mansfield, 0. MANSFIELD GALION DR., Hwy. 42. Exec: Harold Nussbaum. (MG-CSOO-DY)

Mansfield, 0. MIDWAY AUTO. Hwy. 42. Exec: Al Ocln. (M6-C350-D7)

Mansfield, 0. SPRING HILL DR. Exec: M. Mosser. (M6-C300-D7)

Marion, 0. MARION DR., Hwy. 23. Exec: Horace Abrams. (MG-0300-D7)

Marion. 0. SOUTH DR. Exec: Cooperative Ths. (M6-CZ50-D7)

Massillon, 0. STARK DR., 2416 Lincolnway E. Exec: Skirball Bros. Ct., Cleveland. (MG-CGOO-D'?)

Maumee, 0. MAUMEE DR., Hwy. 20. Exec: Paul Wintner. (M6-CSOO-D7)

Mentor, 0. MENTOR DR... Hwy. 20. Exec: Shulman and Schwartz. (M6-C400-D7)

Millbury, 0. WOODVILLE DR., Hwy. 120. Exec: F. F. Pavlica. (M8-C350-D7)

Morristown, 0. MORRISTOWN DR., Hwy. 40. Exec: H. Mendelson. Cadiz Dept. Store, Cadiz, 0. (MS-0325-D7)

Mt. Vernon, 0. KNOX AUTO TH., Hwy. 13. Exec: R. Sturgis. (M6-CSOO-D7)

Newcomerstown, 0. STAR LITE DR... Hwy. 36. Exec: Manes Amusement. Toronto. 0. (MS-caoo-m)

Niles, 0. LA VERNE DR., Hwy. 422. Exec: C. D. Clark, 172 Atlantic N.E., Warren. 0. (M6-CZ50-D7)

Northlield, O. NORTHFIELD DR. Exec: Edw. Buczynski. (M6-C400-D7)

North Kingsville, 0. MIDWAY AUTO TH. Exec: Foster Hathaway, Ritz TIL, Struthers. 0. (M7-0300-D7)

Norwalk, 0. SKY VIEW DR., Hwy. 20. Exec: Lou Ratener and Tony Stern, 500 Film Bldg.. Cleveland, 0. (M8-C425-D7)

Painesville, O. BELVEDERE DR. Exec: Fred Falcons. (M8-C300-D7)

Portage, O. SKY LITE DR., Hwy. 25. Exec: Carl H. Schwyn. (M7-0500-D7)

Port Clinton. 0. OTTAWA DR. Exec: A1 Ochs. (M8-C300-D7)

Ravenna, 0. MIDCITY DR. Exec: Ohio Theatre Serv. (M8-C400-D7)

Raylond, 0. DRIVE IN. Hwy. 7. Exec: Herb Ochs. (M6-CGOO-D7)

Rittman, 0. SUNSET AUTO TH. Exec: R. B. Sauer. (M6-C250-D7)

Russellls Point, 0. EAST LAKE DR. Exec: Jack Gutilla, P. O. Box 507, Indian Lake, 0. (M6-C500-D7)

St. Clairsville, O. SHIA'S DR., Hwy. 40. Exec: S. D. Shia. (M8-C400-D7)

Salem. 0. DRIVE IN. Exec: Vogel Bros. (MS-CSOO-D'I)

Smdlnlry. 0. SANDUSKY DR., Hwy. 2. Exec: Earl Seitz. (M7-CSOO-D7)

Sawyer-wood, O. GALA DR., Hwy. 224. Exec: Jas. Ramicone. P. O. Box 239, East Akron. 0. (MB-CSOO-D'Z)

Steubenville. 0. FAMILY DR., Toronto Rd., Hwy. 7. Exec: P. Wellman, Girard, 0. (M6-C450-D7)

Steubenville, 0. SUNSET AUTO TIL. Sunset Blvd. Ext. Exec: John Selby and R. Noltorneyer. (MG-CEOO-D'Z)

Strasburg, O. BOYERS AUTO TH., Hwy. 250. Exec: Roy McCombe and W. B. Franklin. (M6-C400-D7)

Tidin, 0. TIFFIN DR., Hwy. 53, R.R. #3. Exec: Howard Shults. (M8-CZ75-D7)

Toledo, 0. PARKSIDE DR., Hwy. 2. Exec: J. Dempsey. (M8-G800-D7)

Toledo, 0. TELEGRAPH DR., Hwy. 24, Telegraph and Alexis Rds. Exec: J. Dempsey. (M6-C400-D7)

Toledo. 0. TOLEDO DR., Hwy. 223, R.R. #8. Exec: B. Wachnansy. (M6-C'700-D7)

Uniontown, O. BLUEBIRD AUTO TIL. Hwy. 8. Exec: E. Ballou. (M6-CZ50-D2)

Van Wert, 0. LINCOLN DR. Exec: E. W. Burgett. (MS-0560437) Wadsworth, 0. BLUE SKY DR., Hwy. 224. Exec: John Selby. (M6-C200-D7)

Warren, 0. ELM ROAD DR. Exec: Mary Hreno. (MS-CZOO-D'?)

Warren, 0. SKYWAY DR. Exec: Ohio Theatre Serv. (M8-C300-D7)

Warren, 0. SUPER 45 DR. Exec: C. Ryder, D. Del Bene and G. Snyder. (M7-C* -D7)

Wicklilfe. 0. EUCLID AVE. OUTDOOR TIL. 28737 Euclid Ave. Exec: Horace Abrams. (M8-C700-D7)

Wooster, 0. SKYLINE AUTO TH., Hwy. 30. Exec: George Davis. (M6-C300-D7)

Youngstown, O. NORTHSIDE DR., Hwy. 90.

Exec: Associated Ths., Cleveland. 0. (MG-CSOO-D'I)

Youngstown, O. SOUTHSIDE DR., 15 Illinois

Ave.. Hwy. 7. Exec: Associated Ths., Cleveland, 0 (MS-C500-D7)

Youngstown, 0. WESTSIDE DR., Hwy. 18. Exec: Associated Ths., Cleveland, 0. (M6-C450-D7)


New Mexico

Albuquerque, N. M. CACTUS DR., Yale Ave. nr. Hwy. 66. Exec: Interstate Th. Ct.. Dallas, Tex. (M10-CG74-D7)

ALUMINUM in corrugated sheet form furnishes an attractive and durable iron! for the screen tower of Miles' West Broad Drive-In. Columbus, 0.

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 169