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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 171 (151)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 171
Page 171

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 171

AN AIR OF RELAXATION is imparted to the Palms Driye-In. McAllon. 'l'sx.. by the screen tower mural at a Mexican taking a nest: under a palm

Bowie. Tex. TRAIL DR. Exec: C. E. Campbell. (M12-0300-D7)

Brady. Tex. SCENIC DR. Exec: 0. M. Kirkehy. (M9-0300-D7)

Brazol, Tex. BRAZOS DR. Exec: Posie Williams and Tom Hooser. (M12-0350-D9)

Breckenridge. Tex. BRECK DR. Exec: Lynn Bixlet. (MIZ-CZSO-D'l)

Breckenridge. Tex. CORRAL DR. Exec: Crouch and Klatt. (Mm-02754)?)

Breckenridge. Tex. TRAIL DR. Exec: R. A. Noret. (M12-C300-D7)

Brenhsm. Tex. STARLITE DR. Exec: C. H. Schroeder. (M12-CZOO-D7)

Bridgeport. Tex. LAKE DR. Exec: Steve Curley. (MlZ-C250-D7)

Brownlield, Tex. RIG DR. Exec: Jones Ths. (M12-C300-D7)

Brownfield. Tex. RUSTIC DR. Exec: Jones Ths. (M12-C300-D7)

Brownsville. Tex. CHARRO DR.. 2340 Boca Chica Hwy., Box 1452. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-CE4B-D7)

Brownsville. Tex. STAR DR.. Hwy. 77. Exec: Howard Metzger. (M12-0370-D7)

Brownwood, Tex. CAMP BOWIE DR. Exec: J. Needham. (M12-C400-D7)

Brownwood. Tex. SUNSET DR.. Hwy. 84. Exec: L. D. Brown. (M12-C500-D7)

Bryan. Tex. SKYWAY DR.. Hwy. 6. Exec: Jack A. Farr. (M9-0500-D7)

Carrizo Springs. Tex. WINTER GARDEN DR.

Exec. A. Majek and H. W. Hartung. (M12-C300-D7)

Carthage. Tex. SMITH'S DR. Exec: Wilton Smith. (M12-C400-D7)

Childress, Tex. CARVU DR. Exec: Phillips and Layton. (M12-0350-D7)

Cisco. Tex. JOY DR. Exec: Joy N. Houck. Joy Theatres Ct. (M12-0250-D7)

Clarksville. Tex. REX DR. Exec: J. V. Kunkel. H. L. Caldwell. (M12-0250-D7)

Cleblirne, Tex. CHIEF DR. Exec: Video Ind. Theatres, Inc. (M12-C300-D7)

Coleman. Tex. OAKS DR.. Hwy. 84. Exec: R. Duus. 303 Neuces St. (M12-0250-D7)

Colorado, Tex. TEXAS DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley United Ct., Dallas. (M12-C400-D7)

Conroe. Tex. HI-YI DR. Exec: Chas. Tigner. (M12-0300-D7)

Corpus Christi. Tex. BLVD. DR., Lexington Blvd. Exec: Southwest Theatres. (M12-CSOO-D7)

Corpus Christi. Tex. CORPUS DR.. Hwy. 9. Box 2270. Exec: Southwest Theatres Ct. (M12-C700-D7)

Corpus Christi. Tex. GULF DR., 4044 South Port,

Ave. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-C750-D7)

Corpus Christi. Tex. TEXAS DR. Exec: Southwest Ths. (M12-C700-D7)

Cor-leans. Tex. HILLSIDE DR. Exec: Sidney Miller. (M12-C' -D7)

Corsicana. Tex. NAVARRO DR., Hwy. 287. Exec: Damon Frank. (M12-C'300-D7)

Cuero. Tex. CUERO DR. Exec: Video Independent Theatres, Inc. (M12-CZ50-D7)

Dallas, Tex. BUCKNER BLVD. DR.. Route d. Box 235. Exec: Fmell and Associates Ct. (M12-CGGO-D7)

Dallas. Tex. CHALK HILL DR., 4501 W. Davis St. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct. (M12-Ca50-D7)


Dallas, Tex. CINDERELLA DR. Exem' (MIZ-CQOO-D'I)

Dallas. Tex. DENTON RD. DR. Exec: Leon Theatres. 20111/2 Jackson St. (MlZ-C850-D7)

Dallas, Tex. GARLAND RD. DR., Garland Rd. Exec: Leon Theatres. 2011175 Jackson St. (M12-C660-D7)

Dallas. Tex. HAMPTON RD. DR.. 2833 So. Hampton Rd. Exec: Leon Thea., 201115 Jackson St. (M12-C750-D7)

Dallas, Tex. HI VUE DR.. 5525 S. Beckley. Exec: Conoman and P. E. Moran. (M12-0500-D7)

Dallas. Tex. JEFFERSON DR. Exec: Harold Gibbans. (M12-CG37-D7)

Dallas, Tex. KAUFMAN PIKE DR., 7041-2nd Ave. Exec: Chas. W. Weisenburg, W. F. W. Theatres. (MlZ-CGOO-D7)

Dallas. Tex. LONE STAR DR. Exec: E. L. Pack, Pres. (M12-CGSO-D7)

Dallas. Tex. NORTHWEST HIGHWAY DR.. 2031 Jackson St. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct. (M12-0552-D7)

Dallas, Tex. SAMUEL DR. Exec: Jas. Riggs. (M12-C425-D7)

Dallas. Tex. SOUTH LOOP DR. Exec: Harold Brooks. (MlZ-CS75-D7)

Del Rio. Tex. CENIZA DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley United Ct., Dallas. (MIZ-C400-D7)

Danton. Tex. RANCHO DR. Exec: Lester Dollison. (M12-C400-D7)

Denver City. Tex. PIONEER DR. Exec: Francis L. Anderson. (M12-0225-D7)

Devine. Tex. MEDINA VALLEY DR., P. O. Box 494. Exec: Carpenter and Reed. (M12-C340-D7)

Dumas. Tex. PRAIRIE DR.. P. 0. Box 367. Exec: H. S. McMurry. (M12-C' -D7)

Eagle Pass. Tex. EAGLE DR. Exec: P. R. An drews. (M12-C575-D7) Edcouch. Tex. SKYVIEW DR. Exec: F. P. Archer. (M9-C300-D7)

Electra, Tex. HOME DR., Hwy. 387. Exec: W. F. McSpaddon. (M12-C300-D7)

El Paso. Tex. AUTO CINE JUAREZ DR. Exec: R. G. Maya. (MIZ-C' -D7)

El Paso, Tex. BRONCHO DR.. Hwy. 80. Exec: Abraham and Lou John. (M12-0550-D7)

El Paso. Tex. CROSSROADS DR. Exec: C. E. Peterson. (MlZ-CZOO-D'Z)

El Paso. Tex. DEL NORTE DR.. Hwy. 80. Newman Rd. Exec: Lone Star Ths. (M12-C300-D7)

El Paso. Tex. EL PASO DR., Hwy. 290, Chelsea Dr. Exec: Lone Star Theatres. (M12-C300-D7)

El Paso. Tex. FIESTA DR., P. 0. Box 172. Exec: J. B. Beeson. (M12-0500-D7)

El Paso. Tex. TRAIL DR. Exec: L. M. Bernstein. (M12-CZ50-D7)

Ennis. Tex. VILLAGE DR. Exec: T. L. Ritchie, Atlanta. Texas. (M12-0400-D7)

Faliurrias. Tex. STAR DR. Exec: Van Chambelain. (M12-0800-D7)

Fort Stockton. Tex. TRAIL DR.. Hwy. 290. Exec: W. T. Ash. (MlZ-CSOO-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. BELKNAP DR.. 5709 E. Belknap Ave.. Box 7801. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-0654-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. BOWIE BLVD. DR.. Benbrook Hwy.. Box 9085. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-C500-D7)

Forth Worth. Tex. COWTOWN DR.. Jacksboro Hwy. and 28th St. Exec: Southwest Theatres. (M12-0900-D7)

tree. A Wagner attraction panel is at side. RIGHT: Visible in this View looking toward the screen is the well-equipped children's playground.

Fort Worth. Tex. JACKSBORO HIWAY DR.. Jacksboro Hwy., Box 11151. Exec: Ezell and Assoc. Ct., Dallas. (M12-C400-D7)

Fort Worth, Tex. MANSFIELD DR.. P. 0. Box 3352. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-C750-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. PARKAIRE DR. Exec: Parkaire Dr. Th. Corp. (M12-0535-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. PIKE DR.. Ft. Worth Pike. P.0. Box 8057. Exec: H. Gibbons. M12-C650-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. RIVERSIDE DR. Exec: Phil Isley. (M12-0650-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. SOUTHSIDE DR., R.R. #8. P.0. Box 191. Exec: L. D. Lutzer. (M12-C450-D7)

Fort Worth. Tex. WESTERNER DR. Exec: Phil Isley. (M12-0500-D7)

Frederickshurz. Tex. 87 DR. Exec: H. L. Durst. (M12-0300-D7)

Freeport. Tex. SURF DR. Exec: J. B. Arthur. Box 602. Velasco, Tex. (M12-CGOO-D7)

Freeport. Tex. TRADE WIND DR. Exec: Love and Rust. (M12-C600-D7)

Freer. Tex. FREER DR. Exec: H. T. Telford. (M12-C300-D7)

Gainesville. Tex. HI HO DR.. E. Hwy. 82. Exec: L. C. Dennis. (M12-0400-D7)

Galveston, Tex. OLEANDER DR. Exec: Interstate Ct. (M12-CS -D7)

Gatesville, Tex. CIRCLE-S DR. Exec: Skelton Bros. (MlZ-C300-D7)

Georgetown. Tex. DUSK DR. Exec: Paul Klatt. Fred Glatt and R. Creagh. (M12-0250-D7)

Gladewater. Tex. COLONIAL DR.. Hwy. 80. Exec: W. M. Morrow. (M12-C400-D7)

Gonzales. Tex. TWI-LITE DR. Exec: Lynn Smith. (M12-0500-D7)

Graham. Tex. GRAHAM DR. Exec: E. L. Williamson. (M12-C300-D7)

Grand Prairie. Tex. DOWNS DR. Exec: Tim Ferguson. (M12-G400-D7)

Greenville. Tex. HUNT DR..Exec: C. C. Hamm. (M12-0860-D7)

Harlingen, Tex. VALLEY DR.. Hwy. 88. Box 1550. Exec: Southwest Theatres. (M12-0250-D7)

Haskell. Tex. SKYVIEW DR. Exec: Childress Ths. (M12-C300-D7)

Hearne. Tex. HEARNE DR. Exec: Frank Navels. (M12-C425-D7)

Hereford. Tex. TOWER DR. Exec: Theatre Enterprises. Inc. Ct.. Dallas. (M9-CAOO-D7)

Houston. Tex. EPSOM DR.. 9700 Humble Rd. Exec: W. V. Ratclm. (M12-0200-D7)

Houston. Tex. HEMPSTEAD DR., Route 9. Box

500. Exec: Ezell and .Assoc. Ct., Dallas. (M12-C750-D7)

Houston. Tex. IRVINGTON DR.. 8411 Irvington Blvd. Exec: Ezell and Assoc. Ct., Dallas. (M12-C750-D7)

Houston. Tex. MARKET ST. DR.. 8801 Market St. Rd. Exec: C. H. Mitchamore. (M12-C400-D7)

Houston. Tex. NEW AIRLINE DR. Exec: Lone Star Theatres, Inc. (M12-C600-D7)

Houston. Tex. SHEPHERD DR.. 6004 N. Shepherd. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12.C504-D7)

Houston. Tex. SOUTH MAIN DR., Old Fork Bend Rd.. Box 6556. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct.,

Dallas. (MlZ-C747-D1)

Houston, Tex: TRAIL DR. Exec: Jack Farr. (M12'01000-D7)
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 171