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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 173 (153)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 173
Page 173

Drive-ins Mentioned

Starlight, Colorado Springs, CO

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 173

IUSTLY PROUD of their Strong "Mighty 90" are lamps and-Century proiec- . v . I tors are the operators at the Mansfield Road Drive-In. Fort Worth. Tex. IS a distinctive feature at the LOGO-car Trail Duve-In. Houston. Tex.

Robstown, Tex. STARLITE DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley Ct. (M12-0350-D7)

Rockdale, Tex. REEL DR., Hwy. 79. Exec: Mrs. C. \V. Matson. (M12-CSOO-D7)

Rosenburg, Tex. TWIN CITY DR., Box 987. Exec: Cole Theatres. (MlZ-C450-D7)

Rotan, Tex. SUNDOWN DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley Ct. (M12-C300AD7)

San Angelo, Tex. BEL-VU DR., Exec: R. W. Hendericks. (M12-0550-D7)

San Angelo, Tex. STARDUST DR., Hwy. 87. Exec: R. H. Hendrick. (MlZ-CSSO-D'Z)

San Angelo. Tex. STARLITE DR. Exec: R. S. Starling. (M12-C750-D7)

San Angelo. Tex. TWILIGHT DR., Hwy. 87. Exec: R. S. Starling. (M12-0300-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. ALAMO DR., 1428 Austin Hwy. Exec: Southwest Ths. Ct. (M12-C350-D7)

San Antonio. Tex. BLUE BONNET DR.. Hwy. 90 at 36th St. Exec: Dave Lutzer Ct. (M12-CSOO-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. FIESTA DR. Exec: G. Sanikos. (M12-C780-D'7)

San Antonio, Tex. FREDERICKSBURG DR., 3534 Fredericksburg Rd., Box 28. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct., Dallas. (M12-C552AD7)

San Antonio. Tex. HI PARK DR., Route 1, Box 290. Exec. C. H. Weaver. (M12-0500-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. KELLY DR., 1325 Frio City Rd. Exec: Statewide Drive-In Ths. (M12-CSOO-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. MISSION DR., 3100 Roosevelt. Exec: Statewide DriveJn Ths. (M12-C400-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. RIGSBY DR. Exec: Statewide Dr. The. (M12-CQOO-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. ROXY DR. Exec: W. T. Yett. (M12-C400-D7)

San Antonio. Tex. SAN PEDRO OUTDOOR TH., Hwy. 281. Exec: Al Wolfe. (MlZ-C450-D7)

San Antonio, Tex. SOUTH LOOP 13 DR. Exec: Statewide Drive-In Ths. (M12-CQOOvD7)

San Antonio. Tex. TRAIL DR., Military Drive, S.E., Box 28. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct.. Dallas. (MlZ-CSOO-D7)

San Antonio. Tex. VARSITY DR.. 2202 Culebra Ave. Exec: Mul-Den Enterprises. (M12-0500-D7)

San Benito, Tex. BRADY DR. Exec: Ed Brady. (M12-C300-D7)

San Marcos, Tex. KING DR.. Hwy. 81. Exec: G. J. Ebeler. (M12-0500-D7)

Sezuin. Tex. DIXIE DR. Exec: H. A. Daniels. (M12-C450-D7)

Seminole. Tex. CHIEF DR. Exec: Audrey Cox. (M12-C300-D7)

Seymour, Tex. BRAZOS DR. Exec: P. V. Williams. (M12-C300.D7)

Sherman. Tex. CAMPUS DR. Exec: Robb a Rowley United Ct.. Dallas. (M12-0400-D7)


Sherman, Tex. TWIN CITIES DR., Hwy. 75. Exec: C. D. Leon. (M12-C350-D7)

Sinton. Tex. SINTON DR.. P. 0. Box 817. Exec: J. C. Beshear. (M12C300-D7)

Smithville. Tex. RIVERSIDE DR. Exec: J. B. Blinka. (M12-C200-D7)

Snyder. Tex. CANYON DR., P. 0. Box 417. Exec: Phil Isley. (M12-C400-D7)

Snyder, Tex. TRAIL DR. Exec: J. L. Love. (M12-C400-D7)

Snyder. Tex. STARLITE DR. Exec: Joe Love. (M12-C300-D7)

Stamford, Tex. H d: H DR. Exec: Hodge Ct. (M12-C300-D7)

Stephenville. Tex. STARLIGHT DR. Exec: J. J. Arthur. (MlZ-C300-D7)

Stephenville. Tex. TOWER DR. Exec: J. J. Arthur. (M12-C400-D7)

Sweetwater, Tex. MIDWAY DR., Hwy. 80. Exec: J. D. Wallace. (M12-C300-D7)

SweetWater, Tex. ROCKET DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley Ths. (M12-C400-D7)

Tahoka, Tex. DRIVE IN. Exec: Wallace Blankenship. (M12-C350-D7)

Taylor. Tex. TEXAS DR. Exec: Taylor Amusement Co. (M12-C400-D7)

Temple. Tex. SUNSET DR., Hwy. 36. Exec: Jake Webb. (M12-C300-D7)

Temple, Tex. TEM BEL DR., Hwy. 81, Belton Hwy. Exec: Skelton Bros. (M12sC300-D7)

Terrell, Tex. TERRELL DR. Exec: Robb and Rowley Ct. (M12-6350-D7)

Tuscola, Tex. JIM NED DR. Exec: Tom Tucker. (M12-Cl50-D7)

Tyler, Tex. CREST DR.. 2201 W. Bow. Exec: Interstate Theatres Ct., Dallas. (M12-C400-D7)

Tyler, Tex. ROSE DR. Exec: Rodgers and Arthur. (M12-C475uD7)

Tyler, Tex. STARLIGHT DR., Kilgore Hwy. Exec: C. D. Loon. (M12-0225-D7)

Uvalde. Tex. GAY 90 DR. Exec: Video Ind. Ct. (M12-C350-DT)

Uvslde. Tex. STARDUST DR. Exec: J. C. Dunn. (M12-C450-D7)

Vernon. Tex. CACTUS DR. Exec: G. C. Hamm. (M12-0370-D7)

Vernon. Tex. EL RANCHO DR. Exec: J. L. Groves. (M12-C400-D7)

Victoria, Tex. TEJAS DR. Hwy. 295. Exec. R. Frels. (M12-C300-D7)

Waco. Tex. CIRCLE DR.. 2112 LaSalle St.. Box

1715. Exec: Ezell and Associates Ct.. Dallas. (M12-CGO3-D7)

Waco. Tex. JOY DR. Exec: Joy N. Houck and E. C. Houck. (M12-C'700-D7)

A STRIKING DISPLAY PANEL with a Wagner frame and multi-hued letters

Waco, Tex. W'ACO DR., Hwy. 81. Exec: Lone Star Theatres, Inc. (M12-0250-D7)

Waco, Tex. WESTVIEW DR.. Hwy. 6. Exec: Ed Newman. (M12-CSOO-D7)

Waxahachie, Tex. ELLIS DR. Exec: Robb 8: Rowley-United Ct.. Dallas. (M12-C400-D7)

Weatherford, Tex. JONES DR., Hwy. 180. Exec. C. H. Jones. (M12-C385-D7)

Wichita Falls, Tex. FALLS DR., Hwy. 277, Sheppard Field Access Rd. Exec: Bullington, Lee and McMahan. (M12-C400-D7)

Wichita Falls. Tex. OPEN AIR DR., Hwy. 287. Exec: Bradley and Bradley. (M12-0220-D7)

Wichita Falls. Tex. SCOTTIE DR., Henrietta Rd.

Exec: Bullington. Lee and McMahan. (M12-C400-D7)

Wichita Falls, Tex. SEYMOUR ROAD DR., Box 2527. Exec: Charles W. Weisenburg, W. F. W. Theatres. (M12-C650-D7)

Wichita Falls, Tex. SKYWAY DR., Hwy. 79. Exec: Lin Harrington. (M12-C350-D7)

Winters, Tex. FIESTA DR. Exec: Hodge Ct. (M12eC300-D7)

Yoskum, Tex. SUNSET DR. Exec: Cole Theatres. (M12-C350-D7)

Ysleta, Tex. BRONCHO DR. Exec: E. Abraham. (M12-C550-D7)



Alamosa, Colo. SKI-HI DR. Exec: Gibraltar Ent. (M8-C400-D7)

Boulder, Colo. MOTORENA DR., P. 0. Box 671. Exec: Irving Gilman. (M8-CSOO-D7)

Brighton, Colo. KAR-VUE DR. Exec: E. K. Menagh. (M8-CSSO-D7)

Canon City. Colo. SUNSET DR. Exec: George McCormick. (M8-CZ75-D7)

Colorado Springs. Colo. EIGHT ST. DR. Exec: Westland Th. Ct. (M8-C700-D7)

Colorado Springs. Colo. NORTH SIDE DR. Exec: Paul Rothman and Cy Lee. (M8-C400-D7)

Colorado Springs, Colo. STARLIGHT DR., P. O. Box 241. Exec: Paul Rothman. (M8-CdBO-D7)

Cortez. Colo. ARROYO DR. Exec: Owen Maxey. (M8-CEOO-D7)

Delta, Colo. SKYLIGHT DR. Exec: Max Storey. (M8-C350-D7)

Denver. Colo. EAST DR., 12800 E. Colfax Ave. Exec: John Wolfberg. Denver Drive-In Theatres Ct.. Broadway Theatre. Denver. (M8-C750-D7)

Denver. Colo. MONACO DR.. 40th Ave. and Monaco Blvd. Exec: Lem Lee and Paul Rothman. (M8-C750-D7)
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 173