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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 176 (156)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 176
Page 176

Drive-ins Mentioned

Bel-Air Drive-In Theater, Versailles, IN
Skyway, Louisville, KY
National Hi Way, Richmond, IN
Marionair, Marion, IN

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 176

DEEPLY FLUTED COLUMNS ON THE SCREEN TOWER of the Bel-Air Drive-In, Versailles, 1nd,. give it an impressive appearance that is carried on in the eye-catching attraction board. BELOW: Ample seating for walk-in patrons is provided at the 2.300-ccr Theutuir Twin Drive-In. Indianapolis. Ind.

Jeifersonville, Ind. THEATAIR DR. Exec: A. E.

Campbell Ct. (M7-0500-DT)

Knox, Ind. MELODY DR., Rt. 3. Exec: J. R. Hand. (M7-CaOO-D7)

Kokomo, Ind. KOKOMO DR., Hwy. 54. Exec: Alliance Theatres Ct. (M7-C500-D7)

Lafayette, Ind. EAST DR., Hwy. 26. Exec: Fourth Ave. Amuse. Ct. (M7-C450-D7)

Lafayette, Ind. WEST SIDE DR. Exec: Fourth Avenue Amusement Co. (M7-0500-D7)

Lawrence, Ind. LAWRENCE DR., Pendleton Pike, P.O. Box 202. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston, Mass. (M7-CIOOO-DT)

Linton. Ind. LINTON DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-0300-D7)

Lozonspnrt, Ind. SKYLINE DR., {P.O. RR. 17. Exec: Alliance Theatres Ct. (M7-C600-D7)

Madison, Ind. SKYLINE DR. Exec: Louis Chowing. (M7-C400-D7)

Marion, Ind. HIGHWAY DR., 26th St. and Bypass. Exec: Ralph Marcuccilli. (M7-CG40-D7)

Marion, Ind. MARIONAIR DR., 620 W. 3rd St. Exec: Alliance Th. Ct. (M7-CSOO-D7)

Manlnsville, Ind. AIRPORT OUTDOOR TH., 990

8. Lincoln St. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-C280-D7)

Martinsvillc, Ind. DRIVE IN. ExeczS (M7-CS -D7)

Muywood, Ind. MAYWOOD DR. Exec: Melvin E. Cox. (M7-0500-D7)

Mechanicsburz, Ind. MAPLECROFT DR. Exec: Charles F. Morrison, 1250 Waldemere St., Indianapolis. (M7-C400-D7)

Monticello, Ind. MONTICELLO DR., P. 0. Box 222. Exec: A. L. Taylor. (M7-0400-D7)

Mooresvills, Ind. TEMPLETON'S WHEEL IN mu Hwy. 67. Exec: Orval Templeton. (M7-C300-D7)

Muncie, Ind. MUNCIE DR. Exec: Y and W Management Corp. (M7-CEOO-D7)

Muncie, Ind. SKI HI DR. Exec: Y & W Management Corp. (M7-C600-D7)

New Castle, Ind. SKYDROME TH.. Spiceland Rd. Exec: Marcus-Wolf and Mendelssohn. (M7-C600-D7)

Oakland City, Ind. OAKLAND DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-C350-D7)

Osgood, Ind. BELLAIRE DR. Exec: Carl Rief. (M7-C300-D7)

Portland, Ind. BEACON DR. Exec: Richard Norton. (M7-0500-D7)

Princeton, Ind. PRINCETON DR. Exec: T. Mendelessohn. (M7-0500-D7)

Richmond. Ind. NATIONAL HI WAY DR. Exec: Robert. Hudson. (M7-C480-D7)

Rockville. Ind. FAMILY DR. Exec: Forrest Sanger. (M7-C300-D7)

Salem, Ind. NEW DR. Exec: H. R. Blankenbaker. (M7-C500-D7)

Scottsburg. Ind. MOONGLO DR. Exec: Atkins & Hoffman. (M'LCBOO-D7)

Seeleyville, Ind. CORRAL DR., Hwy. 40. Exec: F. O. Hillgoss. (M7-CSOO-D7)

Seymour. Ind. STARDUST DR. Exec: C. Messy. (M7-0525-D7)

Shelbyville, Ind. SHELBY DR. Exec: T. Mendelssohn. (M7-0500-D7)

Sullivan, Ind. SULLIVAN DR. Exec: Y & W Management Corp. (M7-0850-D7)

Tell City, Ind. STARLITE DR. Exec: E. L. Ornstein. (M7-C420oD7)

Terre Haute, Ind. EAST SIDE AUTO TIL, RR. 5. Exec: Marcus-Wolf and Mendelssohn. (M7-0600-D7)

Terra Hlute, Ind. TERRE HAUTE DR., N. La!ayette Ave. Exec: T. Mendelssohn. (M7-C600-D7)

Veedersburg. Ind. 41 DRIVE IN. Exec: Joe Million. (M7-0335-D7)

Vincennes. Ind. ALLISON DR., St. Rd. 50 W. Exec: Alliance Theatres Ct. (M7-C550-D7)

Wsnsw, Ind. DRIVE IN. Exec: Maller Circuit. (M7-CGOO-D7)

Washington. Ind. EAST DR. Exec: Switow Circuit. (M7-CS -D7)

Winchester. Ind. AIR LINE DR. Exec: M. Make. (M7-C500-D7)


Bardstown, Ky. GYPSY DR. Exec: J. N. Burnett. (M7-C400-D7)

Bowling Green. Ky. LOST RIVER DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell. (M7-0600-D7)

Bowling Green, Ky. SUNSET DR., P.O. Box 894. Exec: Warren Ent. (M7-C400-D7)

Elizabethtown, Ky. STARLITE DR. Exec: Sudekum Ct. (M8-C400-D7)

Glasgow. Ky. BREEZE DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-0250-D7)

Glasgow, Ky. STAR DR. Exec: Affiliated Ct. (M7-0563-D7)

Hopkinsville, Ky. B k W DR., Hwy. 49. Exec: George Edwards and Shelby McCallum. (M7-C382-D7)

Horse Cave, Ky. TWIN CITY DR. Exec: L. B. Bail and Bill Thompson. (M7-0550-D7)

Lebanon, Ky. DRIVE IN. Hwy. 49.' Exec: C. C.

Sims. (M7-C300-D7) Louisville, Ky. KENWOOD DR. Exec: Wilbur Fields. (M7-C700-D7)

Louisville. Ky. PARKWAY DR.I P.0. Box 480, Rt. 5. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-CG80-D7)

Louisville, Ky. PRESTON DR. Exec: S. J. Switow. (M7-C770-D7)

Louisville. Ky. SKYWAY DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-C780-D7)

Louisville. Ky. TWIN DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-01900-D7)

Madisonville, Ky. SUNSET DR. Exec: Sudekum Ct. (MB-CSOO-D'Z)

Pendleton, Ky. LAKEVIEW DR. Exec: A. E. Campbell Ct. (M7-0200-D7)

Saint Matthews, Ky. EAST DR., Hwy. 31. Exec: Floyd Morrow. (M'I-CSOO-D'l)

Shively, Ky. DIXIE DR., Hwy. 60. Exec: Floyd Morrow. (M7-CS70-D7)

Springfield, Ky. BELLE VISTA DR. Exec: Ball & Wheatley. (M7-CS70-D7)



Rogers. Ark. TWIN CITY DR., P. 0. Box 135, Hwy. 17. Exec: Roy Stewart. (M9-C400-D7)

Springdale, Ark. 71 DR. Exec: Commonwealth Theatres Ct., Kansas City. Mo. (M7-CSOO-D7)

Sulphur Springs. Ark. BIG SOMBRERO DR. Exec: Mrs. J. B. Covertson. (M9-C300-D7)


Muscstine, Ia. I-IILLTOP DR. Exec: Palisades Investment Co. (M7-0500-D7)


Abilene, Kan. TRAILS END DR. Exec: H. F. Strowig & Sons. (M7-0810-D7)

Anthony. Kan. STAR-VUE DR. Exec: Mrs. Hazel Droz, Anthony. Kan. (M7e0300-D7)

Arkansas City. Kan. 166 DR. Exec: Fred Munson. (M7-C400-D7)

Atcllison, Kan. FRONTIER DR. Exec: Charles

Potter. 1102 E. 47th St.. Kansas City, Mo. (M7-C300-D7)


Exec: Cuba. Plympton, B. K. Lippit. (M7-CIOO-D7)

Chsnute, Kan. NEOSHO DR. Exec: Ray Walsh, Mainstreet Theatre. (M7-0860-D7)

Clay Center, Kan. SKY LINE DR. Exec: K. H. Ehret. (M9-C325-D7)

Coifeyville, Kan. TAL'S DR., Cline Rd. Exec: Tal Richardson. Box 136. (M9-0360-D7)

Colby, Kan. COLBY DR. Exec: Don Phillips. Colby Theatre. (M7-0260-D7)

Concordia, Kan. CONCORDIA DR. Exec: A.

Schneiderman, 221 W. 18th St., Kansas City 8. Mo. (M7-Ctoo-D7)

Dodge City. Ken. BOOT HILL DR. Exec: Glen A. Cooper. (M7-0400-D'1)

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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 176