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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 179 (159)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 179
Page 179

Drive-ins Mentioned

Compton Drive-In Theater, Compton, CA

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 179

AN UNUSUAL ASSOCIATION of theatre name sign and attraction board by Wagner has been developed for the Auto-Vue Drive-In, Spokane. Wash.

Martin, Tenn. SUNSET DR. Exec: W. F. Rufi'in Th. (M9-Ct -D7)

Memphis. Tenn. BELLEVUE DR. Exec: Kemmons Wilson and Assoc. (M10-C750-D7)

Memphis. Tenn. LAMAR DR., 89 Beale St. Exec: Malco Th. Ct. (M10-0500-D7)

Memphis. .Tenn. SKYVUE DR.. 2855 Park Ave.

Exec: Harold Roth. 944 Sterick Bldg. (M10-C750-D7)

Memphis. Tenn. SUMMER DR.. 5150 Summer Ave. Exec: Kemmons Wilson and Louis Weaver. (M10-CG70-D7)

Paris. Tenn. SUNDOWN DR. Exec: I. W. Boden. (M9-C200-D7)

Union City. Tenn. STAR LIFE DR. Exec: A. B. Garrett. (M9-Ct -D7)

Waverly. Tenn. LAKE DR. Exec: Nathan Flexer. (M9-C316eD7)


Michigan lshpeming. Mich. EVERGREEN DR. Exec: Evergreen Enterprises. (M7-0360-D7)

Rapid River. Mich. B & D DR. Exec: Frank Chivers. (M7-C450-D7)


Baileys Harbor. Wis. SKYWAY DR. Execz' (M7-CZIO-D7)

Butler. Wis. VICTORY DR. Exec: Delft Th.. Inc. (M7-01000-D7)

Delavan. Wis. LAKES DR. Exec: J. Sikes and R. Lawler. (M7-0600-D7)

Elm Grove. Wis. DRIVE IN. Bluemound Rd.. P.0. Box 285. Exec: Phil Smith Ct.. Boston. Mass. (M7-ClOOO-D7)

Fond DI! Lac, Wis. LAKE PARK DR... 51 W. Scott. Exec: Standard Ct. (M6-C5IO-D7)

Franklin. Wis. TWIN 41 OUTDOOR TIL. Hwy. 41. Exec: L. F. Gran. Standard Theatres CL. Milwaukee 3. Wis. (M7-02000-D7)

Fndonia. Wis. AIRPORT DR. Exec:'

(M7-C' -D7) Genoa City, Wis. HLWAY DR.. Highway 73. Elem. (M7-C' -D7)


Green Bay. Wis. STARLIGHT DR., Cass near Becker's Corners. Exec: S. A. Karatz. Badger Outdoor Thea. Ct. (M7-0600-D7)

Janesville. Wis. 26 OUTDR. Hwy. 26. Exec: S. A. Karatz. Badger Outdoor Thea. Ct. (M7-C450-D7)

Keno-ha. Wis. KENO-FAMILY DR., Hwy. 42. Jet. T. Exec: C. J. Pappas. (M7-CBOO-D7)

Madison. Wis. BADGER OUTDOOR TIL. Rt. 1. Exec: Ralph Green, J J: M Enterprises. Inc. (M7-0650-D7)

Manitowoc. Wis. LAKEVIEW DR. Exec: Roger Reinert. Algoma. Wis. (M7-C400-D7)

Marinette. Wis. 84 OUTDOOR TH. Exec: S. A. Karatz. Badger Outdoor Thea. Ct. (M7-CdOO-D7)

Neenah. Wis. 41 OUTDOOR TIL, P. 0. Box 10. Exec: S & M Theatres Ct. (M7-C500-D7)

Oshkosh. Wis. 44 OUTDOOR TH. Exec: S & M Theatres Ct. (M7-CEOO-D7)

Racine. Wis. MID CITY OUTDOOR TIL. Hwy. 42. Exec: L. F. Gran. Standard Theatres Ct.. Milwaukee. (M7-0859-D7 plus 500 seats)

Schufield. Wis. HIGHWAY 29 DR. Exec: Marathon Outdr. Th. Co. (M7-CBOO-D7)

Sheboygan. Wis. STARDUSK DR. Exec: Ted Gamble. (M7-C450-D7)

Sommers, Wis. MIDCITY DR. Exec: Ted Gamble. (M7-C765-D7)

Stevens Point. Wis. 51 OUTDOOR DR.. Hwy. 51, 407 Division St. Exec: S. A. Karatz. Badger Outdoor Theatre Ct. (M7-C450-D7)

Stevens Point. Wis. PARK DR.. Rt. 1. Box 65. Exec: C. McLerky. (M7-C450-D7)

Sturtevant. Wis. RACINE OUTDOOR TIL, Box 222. Exec: Ralph Green. I & M Enterprises. Inc. (M7-0660-D7)

Wausau. Wis. MARATHON OUTDOOR TI-I.. Hwy. 29. Exec: Sig Goldberg. (M7-C500-D7)

Weyanwega. Wis. DRIVE IN. Exec: Albert Behm. Jr. (M7-0200-D7)



Albert Lea, Minn. STARLIGHT DR. Exec: Ben Friedman, Lea Amuse. Co. (M5-CBOO-D7)

Austin. Minn. AUSTIN DR.. 304 S. St. Paul. Exec: Ruben 5 Fields. (M5-C475-D7)

AN INTRIGUING DESIGN in attraction panels is shown in the Wayne! Master Muliple 41" board set up at the Compton Drive-In. Compton, Calii.

Backus. Minn. MARLOW'S MOBIL-IN TH. (Part able). Exec: John Rohr. Pine River. (MS-C. -D2)

Brainerd. Minn. GULL DR. Exec: Frank Manske. (M5-C400-D7)

Crosslake. Minn. MARLOW'S MOBIL-IN TH. (Portable). Exec: John Bohr. Pine River. (MB-C' D2)

Duluth. Minn. SKYLINE DR... Hwy. 53. Exec: Ted Mann, Rubenstein and Mann. (M5-C600-D7)

Fairmont, Minn. FAMILY DR. Exec: NashWaters Th. (M5-C500-D7)

Little Falls. Minn. AIRPORT DR. Exec: Lowell B. Smoots. (M5-C465-D7)

Longvilie. Minn. MARLOW'S MOBILJN TH.

(Portable). Exec: John Bohr. Pine River. (ME-C' -D2)

Mankato. Minn. KATO DR., Route 4. Exec: Pete Karalis, Triangle Thea. Ct... 2408 Byrd Ave., N. Minneapolis. (M5-C380-D7)

Marshall. Minn. STARLITE DR. Exec: Ray Killer. (M5-C300-D7)

Minneapolis. Minn. BLOOMINGTON DR... 78th St. btw. Portland and Cedar Sts. Exec: United Outdr. Th. (M6-CS50-D7)

Minneapolis, Minn. HY-7 DR., Hwy. 7. Exec: Sterling P. Jones. (M6-C750-D7)

Minneapolis. Minn. HILLTOP DR... 4711 Central Ave. N.E. Exec: Ed Sullivan. (MG-CSOO-D7)

Minneapolis. Minn. 100 TWIN DR. Exec: Al Alved. (M5-C638-D7)

Osseo. Minn. STARLITE DR. Exec: Minneapolis Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. (ME-CGSO-D'i)

Owatonna. Minn. III-WAY 65 DR.. Hwy. 65. Exec: Frank and Woempner. (M5-0350-D7)

Pipestone. Minn. SUNSET DR. Exec: Al Lee. United Theatres. (M5-CSBl-D7)

Redwood Falls, Minn. 71 DR. Exec: Buckley and Buckley. (M5-C450-D7)

Rochester. Minn. OUTDOOR TH., Hwys. 14 and 52. Exec: Ralph Green. North State Enterprises, Inc. (M6-0550-D7)

Rochester. Minn. ROCHESTER DR. Exec: Stanley B. Berg. (M5-CBBO-D7)

Saint Cloud. Minn. CLOUD DR. Exec: Pete Karalis, Triangle Theatres St.. 2408 Byrd Ave.. N.. Minneapolis. (MS-CSSS-D'l)

Saint Paul. Minn. MINNEHAHA DR. Exec: Minnehaha Dr.. Inc. (M5-C' -D7)
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 179