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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 183 (163)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 183
Page 183

Drive-ins Mentioned

Moonlite Drive-In Theater, Bedford, PA
Lincoln, Thomasville, PA

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 183

THE AREA UNDER THE SCREEN TOWER at the South Ci Drive-In. Philadelphia. Pm. has been handsomely heuutitied with a s 'lltully executed

Coatesville, Pa. COATESVILLE DR., Rt. 80. Exec: Milton Schosberg. (M8-C325-D7)

Collingsville, Pa. DRIVE IN. Exec: Oscar Shaffer. (MS-CZSO-DY)

Conshohocken, Pa. RIDGE PIKE DR., P.O. RD. 2. Exec: Sablosky Ct. (M8-CQSO-D7):

Dallas, Pa. DALLAS DR. Exec: L. E. Groff. 215 Reynolds St., Kingston, Pa. (M8-C500-D7)

Dickson City. Pa. CIRCLE DR.. Rt. 6. Exec: Albert Frangell, 404 Main St. Simpson. (MS-CSOO-D'Y)

Drums, Pa. HAZLETON DR.. Rt. 309. Exec: Celeste Rossi, Jr.. Beaver Meadows. (M8-C400-D7)

Dupont, Pa. COMERFORD DR... Dupont Hwy. Exec: Comerford Amuse. Co., Scranton. (M8<01200-D7)

Easton, Pa. EASTERNAMEDINA DR... Rt. 22. Exec: Eastern Medina. Drive-In Theatres, Inc. (M8-C500-D7)

Eddystone. Pa. CHESTER PIKE DR.. Rt. 13. Exec: Mel Fox Theatres Ct., Philadelphia. (M8-C700-D7)

Emmsus, Pa. SHIMERVILLE DR., RD. #1. Exec: J. Christofaro. (M8-CZ76-D7)

Espy. Pa. COLONIAL DR. Exec: Wm. E. Schmidt. (M8-C750-D7)

Frackville, Pa. HI WAY DR., Rt. 122. Exec: Paul Kerrigan. (M8-C350-D7)

Freeland. Pa. POPULAR DR... Rt. 490. Exec: Jos. Lazo, 87 S. Laurel St., Hazleton. (MB-C300-D7)

Harrisburg, Pa. HARRISBURG DR., Rt. 22 and Linglestown Rd. Exec: Paul Kerrigan. Frackville. (M8-C600-D7)

Harrisburg, Pa. KEYSTONE DR., Rt. 422. Exec: Sablosky Ct. (M8-C500-D7)

Harrisburg, Pa. SILVER SPRING DR., Carlisle Pik%Rt. 11. Exec: R. J. Jones, Holly Theatre. Mt. Holly, Pa. (M8-C750-D7)

Hatfield. Pa. SPEEDWAY OPEN AIR TH. Exec: Duke Wilcox (Closed). (Sit in stands)

Hazleton. Pa. LAUREL DR., McAdoo-Hazleton Hwy.. P.O. Box 315L, R.D. #1. Exec: Anthony Sacco, 32 First Ave. (M8-C400-D7)

Hummels Wharf, Pa. NUWAY DR. Exec: M. L. Spiegelmeyer. (MB-CGSI-D'i)

Lake Wallenpaupsk, Pa. WHITE BEAUTY DR., Greentown, P.O. Exec: Richard and Leonard Guccini. (M5-0200-D7)

Lancaster. Pa. SKYVUE DR., Rt. 30 East. Exec: Harry Chertcoff Theatres Ct. (UNC). (MB-CBOO-D'l)

Langhorne, Pa. LINCOLN DR., Bensalem Township. Exec: Neil Hellman. (MBeCQOO-D'i)

Lebanon. Pa. KEY DR., Lebanon and Reading Hwy. Exec: Sablosky Ct. (M8-C400-D7)

Lehighton, Pa. MAHONING DR., btw. Rts. 448 and 902. Exec: Max Korr. (MB-CEOO-D'l)

Lewistown, Pa. MIDWAY DR. Exec: Irving Berney. c/o Pastime Theatre, Lewistown. (MBvC400-D6)

Lock Haven, Pa. PARK DR. Exec: Blatt Bros. Ct., Pittsburgh. (M8-C450-D7)


Mahanoy City. PI. COUNTRY VIEW DR. Exec: Luther Holt. (M8-C350-D7)

Matamoras. Pl. TRI STATE DR. Exec: Irving Mulst, Middletown, N. Y. (M8-Ct' -D7)

Moosic, Pa. OAKHILL DR. Exec: Scavo Bros. (M8-C300-D7)

Mountain Top. Pa. SUNSET DR... Rt. 309. Exec: Vincent Novinski and Assoc. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Mount Carmel, Pn. NATALIE DR., Rt. 54. Exec: Max Korr. (M8-CGOO-D7)

Muncy. Pa. STARLITE DR., Rts. 202 and 14, P.0. Box 237. Exec: Chester Darrin and Roy Brehm, Renova, Pa. (M8-C720-D7)

New Oxford. Pa. CROSS KEYS DR., Box 25, Lincoln Hwy. W. of Cross Keys. Exec: R. L. McCool, DuBois. (M8-C450-D7)

Newton Lake. Pa. IDEAL DR.. Rt. 70. Exec: James Cerra. (M8-C435-D7)

Orrtana, Pa. CALEDONIA PARK IN, Rt., 30. Exec: H. 0. Bondurant. (M8-C400-D7)

Philadelphia, Pa. SOUTH CITY DR., Broad St. and Pattison Ave. Exec: Charles Goldtine (M9-01200-D7)

Pottsville. Pa. POTTSVILE DR... Rt. 122 Mill Creek Rd. Exec: G. S. Wolfe. (M8-ClOOO-D6)

Reading, Pa. MOUNT PENN DR. Exec: Jay Emanuel, Fabian Theatres Ct., P.0. Box 965. (MS-CIOOO-DS)

Schuylkill Raven, Pa. RENNINGER DR., Rt. 122. Exec: C. Swade and Murphy, 48 S. Lehigh, Frackville. (MS-CSDO-DG)

Shamokirl, Pa. SHAMOKIN DR. Exec: W. S. Finch. (M8-CZOO-D7)

Spring Glen, Pa. SKYVIE DRIVE IN. Exec: Artz and Carl. (M8-C550-D7)

Springhouse, Pa. 309 DR... Box 164. Exec: Mel Fox Theatres Ct., Phila. (MS-CSOO-D'?)

Strnudsburg, Pa. DRIVE IN. Exec. Melvin Heinbach. (M8-0600-D7)

SITUATED at the entrance to the Colonial DriveIn. Pittsburgh. Pm. is a Wagner attraction panel.

landscape mural. RIGHI': The modern proiection booth contains Simolex machines. The 1.200-car theatre is owned and operated by Chas. Goldhno.

Tamaqua, Pa. VALLEY DRIVE, P.O. R.D. 2.

Still Creek, Pa. Exec: Petrole Bros. (M8-C480-D'1)

Temple, Pa. READING DR.. Berkley Rd., Rt. 222, RC. Box 408. Exec: Jay Emanuel, Fabian Theatres Ct. (M8-C744-D7)

Thomasville, Pa. LINCOLN DR... Rt. 30, 11.1). 1 York Co. Exec: H. F. Halliwell, C. Smith. E. M. Thorne. (MB-C7 50-06)

Tunkhmnock, Pa. STARLITE DR.. P. O. R.D. 3. Exec: Marvin Sands. (M-7-C250-D8)

Williamsport, Pa. LYCOMING DR. Exec: Paul

Schaeifer (MB-CSSO-D'T) Wyoming, Pa. MOONLIGHT DR. Exec: Wm. Kopelo. (M8-ClOO-D7)

York. Pa. STONY BROOK DR., Rt. 30. Exec: Vernon Smith. (M8-CBOO-D7)



Albion, Pa. MAPLES DR. Route 18. Exec. John Trasovitch and P. Renale. (M6-C400-D7)


THEA.. Hopewell Township. Exec: Peter L. Kulik. (MG-035007)

Altoona, Pa. ALTOONA DR., Rt. 86. Exec: Earl

R. Blatt. Blatt Bros. Theatres Ct., Pittsburgh. (M6-C700-D7)

Altoona, Pa. SUPER 220 DR. Exec: Grance Outdoor Theatres. (MG-CGOO-D'i)

Baden, Pa. ABC DR., Rt. 88. P.O. Box 142. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston, Mass. (M6-C750-D7)

Beaver, Pa. TUSCA DR., Box 122. Exec: Dr. Lewis H. Urling. (MG-CSSO-D'?)

Beaver Falls. Pn. HI WAY 51 DR... Rt. 51. Exec: J. Wincek (M6-C500-D7)

Beaver Falls, Pa. SPOTLIGHT 88 DR.. Rt. 88. Exec: Ralph Felton. (M8-CGOO-D7)

Bedford, Pa. MOONLITE DRIVE IN. Exec: Al Burtnett, Moonlite, Inc. (M8-C330-D7)

Belle Vernon, Pa. SUPER 71 DR. Rts. 71 and 711. Exec. Theodore Grance (MS-CTOO-D'l)

Braddock, Pa. SUNDAY DR.. Rt. 40. Exec: PennMar Amuse. Co. (MG-CZBO-DG)

Bridgeville, Pa. EL RANCHO DR. Rt. 28. Exec: Romeo Chiappini, 800 Michigan Ave., Jeannette. Pa. (M6-C750-D7)

'll , P . FICKS DR. Exec. Moody & Dick5.22278" e a (M6-C400-D7)

Butler, Pa. BUTLER DR. Rt. 68. Exec: A. B. Caldwell ' (MB-CSSO-DG)

Butler, Pa. GEIBELS DR.. Rt. 68. Exec: J. Geibels (16mm.). (MG-CZOO-DG)

Csrmichsels, Pu. SKY VIEW DR., Rt. 88. Exec: L. Stuler. (MG-C350-D7)

Cnrrolltown. Pa. HIWAY DR. Exec: John M. Ridilla. P. 0. Box 150, Latrobe. Pa. (M6-C300-D7)

Chicora. Pa. CHICORA DR. Exec: Blatt Bros. (M6-C350-D7)
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 183