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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 187 (167)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 187
Page 187

Drive-ins Mentioned

Auto View, Spokane, WA
Duwamish, Seattle, WA
Land, Kennewick, WA
King, Alderwood Manor, WA
Stockton Motor Movies, Stockton, CA

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 187

Btateline. Cal. TAHOE DR.. Hwy. 40. Exec: William Garren. (M6-Caoo-D7)

Stockton. Cal. 99 DR., R. R. #2, P. O. Box 1283. Exec: Michael Naify, T. and D., Jr. Enterprises Ct. (M12-C750-D7)

Stockton, Cal. STOCKTON MOTOR MOVIES. Clayton Ave. and Hwy. 50. Exec: Blumenfeld Ct. (M12-0887-D7)

Susanville. Cal. LASSEN AUTO MOVIE. Exec: T & D, Jr. Enterprises. (M12-C350-D7)

Tracy, Cal. SHOW BOAT DR. Exec: Show Boat Th. Corp. (M12-0500-D7)

Twainharte. Cal. AMERICAN LEGION OPEN AIR. Exec: D. L. Finney, adjutant. (M12-0500-D7)

Ukiah, Cal. STATE DR. Exec: Redwood-Midland Th. (M12-C465-D7)

Vallejo, Cal. CRESCENT DR.. County Rd. off Hwy. 29, P. O. Box 266. Exec: Western Dr. Th. (MlZ-CG40-D7)

Vallejo Cal. VALLEJO MOTOR MOVIES. Exec: Syufy Entr. (M12-0850-D7)

Visalia, Cal. SEQUOIA AUTO THEATRE. Exec: Exeter Amuse. Corp. (M12-C500-D7)

Visalia, Cal. TULARE MOTOR IN. P.0. R.R. 6. Box 403. Exec: Robert L. Lippert Ct. (MIZ-C485-D7)

Watsonville, Ca]. STARLITE DR. Exec: Pacific States Amuse. (M12-C637-D7)

West Sacramento, Cal. EL RANCHO DR. Exec: Blumenfeld Ct. (MIZ-CGOO-D'?)

Williams, Cal. SUNDOWN DR. Exec: Ned Steel. Jr. (M12-C300-D7)

Woodland. Cal. SUNSET DR. Exec: P. Garrette. (M12-C390-D7)

Yaba City. Cal. TWO CITIES DR., 935 Market St. Exec: Guy Meeks. (M12-C600-D7)


Reno, Nev. MIDWAY DR. Hwy. 395 and S. Virginia Rd. Exec: Floyd Bernard. (M5-0250-D7)

Rena. Nev. EL RANCHO DR. Exec:* (MS-Ct -D7)


Klamath Falls. Ore. SHASTA DR. Exec: RedwoodMidland Ct. (M9-CGOO-D7)



Lewiston, Ida. AUTO VUE DR. Hwy. 99. Exec: Mildred Wall, Liberty Theatre Corp. (M7-C450-D7)

Lawiston. Ida. NATURVUE DR. Exec: L. Daugherty. (M7-0350-D7)

Moscow. Ida. AUTO TH. Exec: E. H. Metzgar. (M7-C465-D7)


Aberdeen, Wash. HARBOR DR. Exec: Wm. Forman. (M7-0380-D7)

Alderwood Manor, Wash. SNO KING DR., Hwy. 99. Exec: C. J. Rockey. 4634 - 14th Ave. S.. Seattle 8. (M7-6650-D7)

Bellingham, Wash. MOTOR VUE DR. Hwy. 99. Exec: Larson and Gillette. (M7-C460-D7)

Bremerton, Wash. RODEO DR. Belfair Hwy. Exec: Rodeo. Inc., P.O. Box 898. Port Orchard. (Ms-CSOO-D'l)

Centralia, Wash. TWIN CITY DR. Exec: Gamble Bros. (M7-C500-D7)

Fife. Wash. FIFE DR. Exec: Wm. Forman. (M7-C4v50-D7)

Kennewick, Wash. HI LAND DR. . Hwy. 410. Exec: Midstato Amuse. Corp. . P.0. Box 398. Walla Walla. (M7-0600-D7 )

Konnewick. Wash. PARK IN, Hwy. 410. Exec: F. M. Higgins. Higgins Amuse. 00.. Seattle. (rm-0425.07)

Midway. Wash. MIDWAY MOTOR IN, Hwy. 99. Exec: Ed Johnson. Spokane. (Miz-csoo-m)

Millwood, Wash. MOTOR IN. Hwy. 53. Exec: Lowell Thompson Motor-in Theatres. (M6-C750-D7)

Olympia. Wash. SUNSET DR. Hwy. 99. Exec: Johnson & Spracher. (M7-C480eD7)


R SMARTLY STYLED RAMP HOUSE is a notable addition to the Iadlities of the El Rancho Drive-In. San lose, Calif. The 163 Heywood-Wakefield chairs are covered with Lumile upholstery fabric. BELOW: The Skyline Auto Theatre. Morenci. Mich" lectures a specially designed Wagner Steel Panel Assembly.

Omak. Wash. VALLEY DR. Hwy. 97. Exec: A. J. Varrelman. (M7-0200-D7)

Othello, Wash. SUNSET DR. Exec: C. Pintbeiner. (MS-CIIE-D'I)

Seattle. Wash. AURORA MOTOR IN, Hwy. 99. 13500 Aurora Ave. Exec: Wm. Forman. (M12-C500-D7)

Seattle. Wash. DUWAMISH DR.. Hwy. 99. Exec: William Forman. United Theatres. Inc.. Smith Tower Bldg. (M8-C700-D7)

Seattle, Wash. SUNSET DR. Exec: Sterling Th. (M7-0800-D7)

Spokane. Wash. AUTO VIEW, 112th So. and Hwy. 19.5. Exec: C. Young. (M6-CdOO-D7)

Spokane. Wash. EAST SPRAGUE DR.. Spraguo Ave. Exec: Joseph Rosenfield. N. 226 Post St. (MS-CGOO-D'I)

Sannyside. Wash. STARLITE DR. Exec: Fay Honey. (M7-0400-D7)

Tacoma. Wash. AUTO VIEW DR. McChord Field. Hwy. 99. Exec: William Fox-man, United Thes tres, Inc.. Smith Tower Bldg., Seattle. (MS-CGOO-D'T)

Tacoma. Wash. STAR LIGHT DR... Hwy. 99. Exec: Wm. Forman. (M8-C500-D7)

Toppenish, Wash. TOP-HI DR. Exec: E. A.

Darby. (M7-C300-D7)

Union Gap, (Yakima) Wash. TOWER DR. Hwy. 97. Exec: Midstate Amuse. Corp. (M7-C425-D7)

Walla Walla. Wash. SKY VUE DR. Hwy. 410. Exec: Midstate Amuse. Corp.. P.0. Box 398. (M7-C400-D'1)

Wenatchee, Wash. AUTO VUE. Hwy. 10, P.0. Box 57. Exec: Charles Grieme. Grieme and Fasken. (MG-0260-D7)



Baltimore. Md. NORTH POINT DR.. North Point and Battle Grove Rds. Exec: Frank H. Durkee. Jr.. Durkee Enterprises Ct. (MS-CGOO-D'I)

Baltimore, Md. NORTHWOOD DR. Exec: J. C. Grant. (M8-Cll44-D7)

Beltsville. Md. SIDNEY LUST DR... Rt. 1. Exec: Sidney Lust Ct.. 711- 14th St., N.W., Washlngton. D.C. (M9-CG25-D7)
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 187