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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 196 (176)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 196
Page 196

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 196

It was not our intent to see how fast we could put up one drive-in theatre, but, rather, how quickly we could build 20. We started to design and set up the prefabrication plant on February 15, 1950, and on April 24, 1950, our first drive-in was opened to the public. The following drive-in theatres were constructed and in operation by July 31, 1950:

Azalea . . . . . Bainbridge, Ga. Bama . . . . . . Eufaula, Ala. Bel-Air . . . . . Calhoun, Ga. Cadet . . . . . . Milledgeville, Ga. Camellia . . . . Greenville, Ala. Cherokee . . . Dalton, Ga. Eagle . . . . . . Brewton, Ala. Fendley . . . . Andalusia, Ala. Jem . . . . . . . .Montezuma, Ga. M & T . . . . . . Canton, Ga. Melody . . . . .Thomson, Ga. Palms . . . . . . Escambia County, Fla. Phenix . . . . . Phenix City, Ala. Starlight . . .Cartersville, Ga.

THE PRE-IFAB PRODUCTION LINE was located in an old cotton warehouse that. provxded ample open areas. Top. left: Finished panels (or buildings coming oil the production line for numbering and later assembling as complete units. Top, right: Panels for one complete coniection-proiection

Sunset . . . . . Americus, Ga. Twi-Lite .. .Roanoke, Ala.

We later completed the Iris Drive-In, Griffin, Ga., the Fair Oaks Drive-In, Marietta, Ga., and remodeled drive-ins in Columbus and Fitzgerald, Ga., using the prefabricated buildings.

It was originally planned to open one drive-in per week until the program had been completed, but this was impossible because of bad weather. Some weeks we were unable to open any, and in others we opened two. The record construction time was set at the Bel-Air Drive-In, Calhoun, Ga. where the theatre was opened approximately 28 days after grading first started.


We feel that our prefabrication plant was highly successful because otherwise we could not possibly have constructed 20 drive-ins on an individual basis and

had them operating in a matter of a few weeks. Our prefab drive-ins cost between $100.00 and $150.00 per car, depending upon the type of surfacing used in each location. When all facts are considered, we are quite well pleased with the results of our prefab plan, especially in view of the current restrictions on amusement construction, which would have prohibited us from building in many, many locations, if we tried to build all 20 drive-ins on an individual basis, because of the time element involved.

Another advantage lies in the fact that the prefabs were designed so that they may be readily moved to another location, if desired, with a minimum of expense and effort. To date. we have encountered no serious maintenance problems whatsoever on our buildings, so it appears that our prefab plan was a sound one from this point of View also.

building labeled and ready for shipment. Lower, left: Setting up sections ot screen tower which were precut at the factory and completely bolted together on the ground. Lower, right: First "pilot" attraction board to come 0!! the line is assembled in the plant for examination and inspection.

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 196