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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 202 (182)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 202
Page 202

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 202

A TYPICAL NIGHT VIEW indicates the necessary economv oi painted signs and wooden boxofiice; but the arrangement is orthodox, and powerful floodlighting provides the area with a festive atmosphere.

DOUBLING IN SERVICE are all men and equipment. The panel truck carries the Onan generators to supply power ior lighting, proiection and sound, and on its roof the large sound horns. It also tows the special projection room and confection stand trailer. After unhitching the trailer in place, the truck

in carrying the two Onan 3kw generating plants, pulling the trailer, and providing a mount for speakers. The screens themselves are permanently installed on location. A neat, compact outfit for easy setting-up and taking-down has been perfected.

Upon arrival at locations, the truck is unhitched and used to hold the central speaker, set up directly under the screen for each performance. The truck can then be driven easily through the Woods to the location of the electric plants.

Two medium-size power units, instead of one large one to handle the entire load demand, were selected because the Onan units are quite easy to handle, and may be loaded and unloaded with ease, thereby leaving the truck free for the speaker assignment and odd hauling jobs.


The set-up as a whole is smooth, efficient, and well planned. Such operational perfections, are, of course, necessary, for performances in diH'erent locations every day and simply donit permit clumsiness. Thus, from the first week in June until the first week in October, the Mobil-in theatres bring the entertainment of movieland to the people of vacationland.

drops the generators at a point far enough removed so their noise won't interfere. and then parks under the screen tower where it becomes a stand for the sound horns. Ramp boards are checked before each show and a

well placed nail returns them to service.


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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 202