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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 237 (217)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 237
Page 237

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 237

COLONIAL Madison, Tenn.

Opened April 27, 1950, the Colonial shows first and second-run pictures to a middle-class populace of 90,000.

Most impressive feature of the entrance is the highway side of the screen tower that is built to resemble a large southern colonial mansion. It is done in gray cement board with white columns.

A dual-type concession building, separate from projection booth, has cream tile walls trimmed in red, gray and red asphalt tile Iioor, and gray-white bar. Rest rooms are green, white, gray, and yellow.

Special features include a large holdout area and a playground under screen.


OWNER: Colonial Drive-In Theatres, Inc.

OPERATOR: Joe Hart & Charles Henritz.

ARCHITECT: Bryan & Dozier. CAR CAPACITY: 600.

COST OF BUILDING: $125,000. COST OF EQUIPMENT: $30,000. SIZE OF LOT: 13 acres.

Generators: Century Electric Co. In-Car Speakers: RCA.

Lenses: Kollmorgen Optical Corp. F 1.9. Playground Equip: American Playground Device Co.

Projection Lamps: RCA.

Projection Machines: RCA.

Reminders: GoldE Mfg. Go.

Sign & Marquee: Post Sign Go.

Sign Letters: Wagner Sign Service, Inc. Sound: RCA.

Supply Dealer: Monarch Theatre Supply Co.



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THE STRIKING COLONIAL FACADE and the attraction board at right are lzrilliantly lighted. at night. BELOW: The smart concession area has a picture window overlooking a spacious concrete patio outside.
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 237