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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 245 (225)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 245
Page 245

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 245

roll warmer and combination hot dog steamer and bun warmer. The deep fat fryer (see Fig. 5), in which french fried potatoes are prepared, is located at the right. As a general rule, a counter model fryer is used in operations of this type, but there are a variety of floor models available on the market also.

The right half of this two-station stand (one station will normally handle about 250 cars) is similar to the left side with the displays above the back bar and the drink cabinets built into the front counter.

The popcorn production unit is situated at the extreme right of the stand. A larger commercial two-pound popper (see Fig. 6), mounted in the top of the stand to allow full working room under the unit, has been used in this installation; the entire section has been enclosed in glass. The corn pan is heated with a perforated section for screening the duds from the popped corn. Such an arrangement takes up little space, yet permits maximum popping capacity with ample working room and facilities for handling a large volume of popcorn. All packaging is done in this locatibn and distributed to the two stations for serving to the customers.

Cigarettes are handled in a vending machine outside the stand. This is a short-profit item, and by using such a machine absolute control is maintained over the stock with the customer serving himself. A reasonable profit can be made in this way with very little attention and no overhead.

Condiment stations are located on the three posts at the front of the stand. The general flow of traiTic is not interrupted, and yet there is capacity enough to handle all the customers. Waste receptacles are also located at these same positions.


It is obvious from the foregoing discussion of a typical refreshment stand operated under a station system that a compact overall layout and a practical equipment installation scheme are absolutely essential. If a concession area is to be run successfully by this method. In view of the fact that each attendant is called upon to handle several varieties

Figure 5. A DEEP-FAT FRYER can be of the counter type shown here and can deliver a large Supply of the always profitable "trench-tries."


of foodstuifs, merchandise should be readily accessible to each individual station, so that employees are not compelled to waste precious time running from one end of the stand to the other to fill orders.

For example, as seen in the stand described, hot dog steamers and coffee brewers should be within easy reach of each station attendant so that he may serve these commodities in as rapid a fashion as possible. Nevertheless, while maximum compactness should be sought in any refreshment stand plan, ample working room must be allowed, lest personnel efficiency be hampered by crowded quarters.

Equally, if not more, important in the successful operation of a station system type of refreshment stand is the staff. Since this kind of vending is primarily based on individual service with a farreaching degree of responsibility bestowed on each attendant, the importance of the human element can never be discounted under any circumstances.

Inasmuch as every employee must, in the majority of cases, perform the multiple tasks of food preparation, service, and collection of funds, it is imperative that he be highly skilled and completely trustworthy. In addition, he must be endowed with a pleasant personality and the ability to handle customers tactfully and fairly in seeing to it that each is served in his proper turn in line.

Pride in ones personal appearance and surroundings is still another characteristic which management must insist upon in every applicant for a refreshment stand job. Unless its personnel possess qualities such as those outlined above, the operating efficiency of the stand will be seriously impaired.

Once he has hired first-class help, the drive-in operator must see to it that

Figure 4. A COMBINATION HOT DOG STEAMER and bun warmer stores a large supply of both for rapid customer service at peak hours.

they are properly trained in the fine arts of preparing, serving, and selling food. In other words, particularly in the case of a station system type of operation, a refreshment stand can only be as lucrative as its employees are competent. Failure on the part of management to hire high-type personnel and train them properly may well spell the difference between profit and loss.

Figure 6. A TWO-POUND COMMERCIAL POPPER insures top popping capacity for even a large drive-in. It can be built into the counter unit.
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 245