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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 257 (237)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 257
Page 257

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 257

regard premiumseextras to be given away to patrons, not sold.

On the other hand, drive-in exhibitors in favor of slight charges for rides argue that they should be a source of revenue to the theatre, particularly because of the high initial investment required to purchase the equipment and the appreciable expenses of operation, insurance, maintenance, and supervision. Furthermore, they feel that in order to be able to provide a variety of rides sufiicient to meet the demands of children, they must have the money to expand their purchases.


It has been conclusively proved that drive-ins with recreational facilities similar to those described above, plus such other diversions as pony rides and animal or bird exhibits, attract a good crowd to the theatre before the show actually starts. Some patrons will come a couple of hours early just to allow their children to enjoy these activities before the performance goes on, although they certainly may continue to play or use the rides in well-lighted and supervised areas after dark. This earlier opening hour increases attendance at the first show, and there are more parking spaces available for second-performance patrons.

Furthermore, children who come to an outdoor theatre early to take advantage of the recreational facilities offered will have a beneficial eifect on refreshment stand sales. Exercise will inevitably make them hungry, So they will want something to eat, even though they may have already had dinner before leaving home. For this reason, it is often wise to locate the refreshment stand near the playground, ana in some cases a separate stand may be set up or portable service units used. This increase in refreshment sales will often make up, in part at least, the additional cost of running the recreation area.

Finally, the drive-in operator who has installed recreational facilities of any type should be aggressive in promoting them. He should advertise them forcefully in his newspaper copy, handbills, direct mail pieces, etc. Properly exploited, they can draw children and their parents to the drive-in in the same way that a magnet draws steel.


ALWAYS I-{IT'WITH YOUNGSTERS is the speed boat ride above b King Amusement Co. BELOW: Another luddxe nde )5 the big red fire engine manufactured and distri uted by Overland Amusements.

CIRCUMVENTING THE PLAYGROUND at the Reading Drive-In, Reading. Pa., is a small (rain which can hold a sizeable number 0! children in its cars. Note the operator's realistic engineer's head gear.
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 257