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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 262 (242)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 262
Page 262

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 262

Incidental Equipment and Supplies

A Detailed List of Small, but Important, Items Essential to Smooth Drive-In Theatre Operation

Although they both have a single objective-the presentation of a good motion picture performance in comfortable surroundings-the drive-in theatre operator achieves this goal by different ways and means than his roofed theatre brother. The former confronts a distinctly different set of problems, due to the very nature of his operation. The outdoor showman, for example, is, for the most part, serving patrons in automobiles, whereas the indoor theatreman opens his house to pedestrians. This feature, of course, is greatly responsible for the creation of sound arrangements, screen sizes, more powerful projection machines, etc., which are quite foreign to the conventional theatre. In short, the absence of a roof, ceiling, four walls, and a floor in a drive-in spells in itself the diEerence between it and an indoor operation.

The wide gap which separates the two types of theatres extends right down through the equipment and supplies which are needed for their respective operations. Although there may be some points of similarity, such as in the equipment and furnishings required for toilet rooms. there are some items which are iimusts" on the drive-in operatorls list of supplies which the roofed theatre operators supply list would never include. For example, due to its exposure to the elements, there may arise numerous occasions when drive-in ramp boys will require raincoats to protect them during downpours; by contrast, there is


Managing Director, Bellwond Drive-In Bellwood, Va.

BRIEF: Although they may be its basic components, many items other than, the obvious ones . . . such as speakers, screen, projection booth, etc. . . . are required to launch and maintain a drive-in operation . . . There is literally a myriad of other equipment and supplies . . . which run the gamut from flashlights to jeeps . . . required to keep the machinery of an outdoor theatre running smoothly . . . Due to their relatively incidental nature, such necessaries as raincoats and helmets are seldom thought of . . . but failure to have them on hand will cause a lot of unnecessary dmiculty when the need for them arises.

The following check list of specific and miscellaneous equipment and supplies . . . for every facet of a drive-in operation . . . has been, compiled by an experienced outdoor showman to aid others in keeping a full inventory on hand . . . A copy hung on the theatre office wall will serve as a constant remimler of the socalled Slittle thingsli to be kept in stock . . . lest they be forgotten.

little need for them in the roofed theatre because ushers, or doormen either, for that matter, seldom have occasion to venture outdoors. Other marked examples of the equipment and supplies required by the drive-in which have no place in

WHITTIER, PICO, CAME, owned by Pacific Drive-In Theatres. Not only the merry-go-rounds. swings. slides, teetertotter. and gymnasium equipment, but the big 68 loot wide screen and other expensive features necessary to 1225 cars. pose many problems that will require a lull kit oi miscellaneous supplies.

the conventional theatre will be noted in the following list.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Brooms Buckets, mop Can, trash Cleaner, floor Cleaner, window Disinfectant Handles, mop Incinerator Mops



Wagon, trash-hauling Wringer, mop

Maintenance and Repair

Brushes, paint Gravel, for fill Hammer


Iron, soldering Ladders, iiAll type Lawnmower


Neon, repairs, arrangements for Paint, general Paint, white, for poles Pliers



Scaffolding Screwdriver Shovels


Sprinkler, lawn Stepladder


Turpentine Wrenches

Toilet Rooms

Brushes, bowl Chair, ladies7 room Disinfecting, service for *Dispensers, paper towel Dispensers, toilet paper Dispensers, hand soap Disposals, sanitary napkin Mirror, ladiesi room Napkins, sanitary Paper, toilet Receptacles, paper towel and tissue Soap, hand Table, ladiesy room *Towels, paper *Waste container

*or a Hand Dryer


Extinguishers, fire Flashlights, baton type Flashlights, police type Kit, first aid


Bags, night deposit Bands, rubber

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 262