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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 302 (280)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 302
Page 302

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 302

Public Service of the Water Cooler

An Indispensable Aid in the Creation of Goodwill ls Considered From a Sound Functional Viewpoint

The question, "Where can I get a drink of water?", arises in the minds of theatre patrons every day in every theatre in the nation, for, regardless of the section of the country, the type of theatre, or the makeup of the audience, a sizable percentage of the customers will want to quench their thirst some time before they leave the theatre.

The effort which the theatre management makes to provide a convenient source of properly cooled drinking water, entirely free from contamination of any sort, will be a major induence in form: ing the opinion which the patrons take with them when they leave the theatre. It should be remembered that even though soft drinks are available, there are many elderly patrons and small children to whom only pure water will appeal.

This problem of furnishing properly cooled drinking water can be quite easily and inexpensively solved through the


Refrigeration Specialities Department Westinghouse Electric Corporation

installation of self-contained electric water coolers. These coolers need only to be connected to city water and drain lines and plugged into an electrical out let; an inexhaustible supply of invitingly cool water is thus always available.

Hundreds of thousands of such coolers are now in service in every type of industrial, commercial, and institutional organizationemany have been on the job for more than 15 years.

Sanitary Features

While an electric water cooler is basically a refrigeration system, such as is used in a refrigerator or home freezer, it actually does much more than simply cool water. It provides, in addition, a spotless, sanitary reservoir, completely free from contamination, which delivers

SISTER SUE AND JUNIOR, TOO. can generate a thirst and the owner who places accent on public service must provide iacilities for both. Small tots need no assistance in drinking from this accessory.

the water in an appetizing stream merely by releasing the bubbler valve. Attractive in design and inviting in appearance the electric water cooler is an impressive sign of consideration for patron comfort.

The bright, sparkling stainless steel or vitreous china top is easy to clean and keep clean, while the chrome-plated, overhanging bubbler guard adds to the attractiveness of the cooler and prevents the lips of the user from touching the bubbler outlet. A large, non-clog drain serves the double purpose of providing greater cooling capacity by pre-cooling the incoming water, and assures the swift disposal of any foreign matter which might find its way into the drain.

For greater convenience, water coolers are now equipped with bubblers operated


BRIEF: Every theatre . . . which shrewdly aspires to be iia home away from homeli . . . must endeavor to provide . . . insofar as possible . . . all of the comforts to which the patron is accustomed in his own domicile . . . One of the most important of these is . . . of course . . . acoustaut supply of cool drinking water.

Self-contained electric water coolers are the most obvious . . . and the most practical . . . answer to the thirstquenching desires of the customers . . . Easy to install and operate . . . while guaranteeing a continuous supply of fresh water at little cost and trouble . . . these units go a long way toward making the patron glad that he came to the theatre where they are installed . . . As a matter of fact, efficient water coolers have come to be recognized as necessaries matching clean rest rooms in importance . . . on. the scale of services which the progressive theatre must provide.

Below are discussed such water cooler fundamentals as: sanitary features . . . elimination ofwater spillage . . . special attachments . . . uninterrupted serrice manufacturng standards . . . selection of sizes . . . locations . . . and drirc-iu theatre applications.

by a foot pedal, so that it is no longer necessary for the usm to rest his hands on the cooler top. Women theatre-goers, especially, appreciate this feature not only because it is more sanitary, but also because it means no more wet gloves. A foot-pedal-operated bubbler also allows the use of more rugged parts in the bubbler valve, thus assuring trouble-free service and longer life.

Elimination of Water Spillage

Of particular concern to theatre mam agement is the matter of water spillage which can become a problem with any type of liquid dispenser, if steps are not taken to prevent it. Water cooler manu THEATRE CATALOG 1950-51
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 302