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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 303 (281)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 303
Page 303

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 303

facturers have licked this problem with several construction innovations built into water coolers. One of these in an anti-squirt orifice which makes it impossible for prankish youngsters to squirt water from the bubbler by placing their fingers over the bubbler orifice. Such action now results in the water so restricted running meekly out the two holes in the side of the orifice and down the drain.

The two rather unpleasant surprises of being hit in the face with a high stream of water when releasing the bubbler valve, or, equally bad, finding a mere trickle of water coming from the bubbler, have been eliminated through the use of an automatic stream height regulator. This regulator assures a. proper stream of water at all times, regardless of changes in the city water pressure which might be caused by a heavy draw of water in other parts of the building.

The third feature in this triple-threat attack against water spillage is the anti-splash ridge which is designed as an integral part of the water cooler top. The water striking this ridge is immediately broken up into small rivulets which run safely down the drain.

Special Attachments

Theatres which have a large attendance of children have found the nfountain accessory" an ideal solution for providing drinking water for youngsters who are not quite tall enough to drink from a standard size cooler. This small size fountain draws cold drinking water from the reservoir in the water cooler and can be used in conjunction with any standard size cooler which has a remote connection on the back.

As shown in the accompanyingillustration, the child-size unit can be mounted directly on the side of a standard cooler at any desired height, or, if preferred, may be mounted on an adjoining wall. An anti-squirt orifice and automatic pressure regulator are also built into this smaller bubbler to prevent splashing.

If, in spite of the many aforementioned convenience and safety provisions which have been made for water cooler bubbler operation, theatre operators find that some of their elderly, bespectacled, or other patrons do not understand or See clearly how the bubbler works, spigot outlets may readily be installed that in no way interfere with the operation of the bubbler and permit water to be drawn from both simultaneously.

These extra water outlets, for which paper cups, rather than glasses, are provided in theatres for sanitary reasons, are generally available in three different typeshpushbutton, platform, and pushback. The first of these, the Hpushbuttonfi is operated by a slight push on the button valve while the paper cup is held under the outlet. Water is drawn from the nplatform" type by placing a glass or paper cup on the platform to open the valve and allow the water to flow. Lastly, the ifpushback" type is operated by pressing the container against a cradle which releases the water valve when pressure is brought against it. This type of outlet is not overly suitable for theatre applications because of the pressure required to release the valve;


PUSHBUTTON OUTLETS permit the use: to fill a

cup with a minimum at hand action or contact.

paper cups would, of course, crumple when forced against the cradle. All things considered, the ffpushbutton" type is probably the most desirable for theatre installations because paper cups may easily be used with it, and its operation is extremely simple.

Even though the use of any sort of. spigot attachment creates a paper cup

PLATFORM OUTLETS are activated by pressing down. They have soda fountain application.

disposal problem, many theatremen may well find that its installation pays extra goodwill dividends in pleasing those patrons who, for one reason or another, prefer to draw a drink in a paper cup rather than from a bubbler. The cost of adding a cup filler to an electric water cooler already equipped with a bubbler is nominal, so if the individual theatre operator feels that such an addition is well worthwhile, he would not be amiss in making it.

Uninterrupted Service

In addition to incorporating such convenience features as those listed above, present day electric water coolers are virtually trouble-free in operation and carry liberal guarantees. For example, all of the 10 different models manufactured by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation are powered by a completely hermetically sealed refrigeration system. This hermetically sealed system consists of the motor-compressor, condenser, and water storage evaporator, all connected together in one continuous sealed cycle.

The system is charged with oil and refrigerant, after which all joints are brazed or hard soldered. Dirt and moisture cannot penetrate this sealed system, and, as it is performance-tested before leaving the factory and cannot be tampered with in the field, the user is assured of trouble-free uninterrupted service.

These coolers are covered by a fiveyear guarantee plan which consists of a one-year guarantee on the complete cooler and an additional foureyear guarantee on the hermetically sealed refrigeration system. Thus, the user is covered for five years on the complete refrigeration systemsthe heart of any water cooler.

Water Cooler Standards

The Water Cooler and Drinking Fountain Manufacturers Association, in cooperation with the industry and the National Bureau of Standards of the U. S. Department of Commerce, have established uniform methods of testing, rating, and prescribing standard equip ment for self-contained mechanical refrigerating water coolors. These criteria have been assembled and promulgated by the National Bureau of Standards under the designation of Commercial Standard 08127-45.

Compliance with this standard by water cooler manufacturers requires that the coolers meet the safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and further prescribes various manufacturing requirements and sanitary provisions which must be incorporated into the cooler. Manufacturers who comply with the standard are authorized to label their coolers as being built in accordance with CSlZ7-45. The purchaser of a water cooler hearing this proud label may rest assured that it embodies the finest in materials, workmanship, and every other quality which contributes to fidelity of performance.

Selection of Sizes

It is important in selecting a water cooler to obtain one with sufficient cooling capacity to serve the number of
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 303