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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 313 (291)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 313
Page 313

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 313

:heatre "Better Tlrun Ever".

Ibetter than ever" Box office...

Beuutify your theatre now!

ROBERT J. MURPHY, 20th Century Theatre, Buffalo nWe at 20th Century sincerely believe Novelty Scenic Studios is deserving of all the compliments bestowed upon the com pany. We are happy to say in the years that the company has been catering to our needs that its work has been of the finest."

B. E. NELSON, Nelson Theatre, Mount lackson, Va. "Novelty Scenic Studios' technical knowledge in the theatre line of work has been oi great benefit to me."


Dtels and other Public Institutions NEW YORK 23, NEW YORK


A. O. Buomn, architect, Neighborhood Theatre, Inc., Richmond, Va. (34 theatres)"We are happy to say that Novelty Scenic Studios has been doing work for Neighborhood Theatre, Inc., ever since the founding of this company some 20 years ago. Its services and materials have been highly satisfactory."

EDUARDO G. GONZALEZ. San Iuan, Puerto Rico (Exporter)

"We are extremely well pleased with the technical counsel and excellent cooperation we have received from Novelty Scenic Studios in the past."

WESTOVER THEATRE Richmond. Va. A. O. Budina. Architect

CONSTANTINE I. BASIL, president, Basil Enterprises, Inc., Bullalo, (l0 theatres)"It has been our pleasure to know and deal with you for a good many years, and at this time would like to say we have always been very satisfied with your treatments in design of fabrics and paintings."

DAN Wsmssnc, City Opera House, Frederick, Md. "As usual you did a line installation job and your selections of material and colors resulted in something really outstanding. We are amazed and immensley pleased

with the result."

A Partial list of Organizations and People Served. . . .

Neighborhood Theatre Ch. Richmond.Va.

Wielland & Lewis Ct.. Atlantic City. N. J.

University of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Hyde Park, N. Y.

Convention Hall. Atlantic City. N. J.

Public Auditorium. Cleveland, Ohio

Civic Auditorium. Kalamazoo. Michigan

Nathan Yamins Ct.. Fall River. Mass.

Wisper & Wetsman Theatres. Detroit. Mich.

Shea's Buffan Theatres. Buffalo. N. Y.

Randforce Amusement Co.. New York. N. Y.

Brandt Circuit. New York. N. Y.

Weinstock Circuit. New York. N. Y. Morris Mechanic Theatres. Baltimore, Md. Keith-Albee Theatres. Huntington. West Va. Community Circuit. Cleveland. Ohio City Investment Management Corp.. New York. N. Y.

Associate Theatres. Cleveland, Ohio

Scoville. Essic & Reif. Ct.. Cleveland. Ohio

A. M. Ellis Circuit. Philadelphia. Pa.

Dipson Theatres. Buffalo. N. Y.

Basil Theatres. Buffalo. N. Y.

Orteon Theatre. Mexico City. Mex.

His Maiesty's Theatre. Johannesburg. So. Africa

Skouras Theatres. New York. N. Y.

Famous Players Canadian Corp., Toronto. Canada

20th Century Theatre. Buffalo. N. Y.

Strand and Cataract Theatres. Niagara Falls. N. Y.

Park Theatre. Tampa, Fla.

Loyal Order of Moose. Johnstown. Pa.

lnterboro Circuit. New York. N. Y.

Prudential Playhouses. New York. N. Y.

Ted Vermes Theatres. Cleveland. Ohio

and many others.

Stage Curtains Etched Glass

and Plaster Asbestos Curtains Curtain Track Stage Rigging

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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 313