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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 386 (364)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 386
Page 386

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 386

According to the manufacturer, the kit comprises a lightweight, sturdy aluminum carrying case designed for maximum portability and ease of handling. A slideout drawer at the top contains a nylon spotting brush and bone spatula for applying chemicals and serves as a handy place to carry cloths and other tools.

The main compartment of the case is equipped with dividers and accommodates a dozen or more chemical containers. Many of the containers are equipped with shaker tops for ease in applying the chemicals. A spotting manual, complete with charts and detailed instructions, is included with a variety of chemicals for every cleaning need.

Upholstery Shampoo Scrubber

A new upholstery shampoo scrubber, by Holt Manufacturing Company, is said to be a boon for upholstery cleaners. The cleaning solution is fed through the brush, and flow is accurately controlled by the operator. The safety switch and control lever are located in the brush head. An automatic heavy-duty, bronze suction pump feeds the brush.

The brush is on an eight-foot iiexible shaft and is detachable for easy carrying, The whole machine, light but sturdy, weighs only thirty-five pounds, according to the manufacturer.

Dust-Control Formula

A new time-saving, dust-control method of floor care through use of a special liquid formula has been announced by the West Disinfecting Company, after more than a year of actual field testing on a large commercial scale in industrial plants and all types of buildings and institutions.

The West company claims management has found the use of the compound has resulted in: reduction of costly dust damage to precision machinery and instruments, and to materials and products during manufacturing operations and storage; less absenteeism, because it provides a cleaner, healthier atmosphere; the economical restoration of floors to their original beauty; a substantial reduction in maintenance costs.

The product keeps the air free from dust because it is scientifically formulated for the multi-purpose preservation of fioor surfaces, enhancement of floor beauty, and the elimination of dust, thus helping prevent the spread of the harmful bacteria and viruses. It is reported not only to remove dust from doors, but to leave an antiseptic film which inhibits the growth and multiplication of the bacteria present. A surface-sealing film holds down subsequent dust.

This sealing action is of particular value in connection with new concrete and wood areas, which, unless properly treated, give off dust long after they are laid. It has been noted that when these untreated areas are of considerable size, they exude so much dust that they

have clogged air-conditioning ducts and

put the systems out of commission.

The new formula is economical and easy to apply with one gallon covering 4,000 square feet of floor surface. It is said to be stainless and clean to use with a rag, mop or by spraying and that door maintenance cost reductions up to 50 per cent have been realized.

The hand at right was rubbed over an ordinary untreated floor, while the other was rubbed across a section treated with the new liquid.

Flashlight Battery

A new industrial Hashlight battery, recently announced by the National Carbon Division of the Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation, features an entirely new type of construction. The container, formerly made of zinc, is now made of carbon with a zinc power vane as the center element. The old-type construction consisted of a zinc can container and a carbon rod center electrode.

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Unlike the zinc container of the old cell, the carbon is said to be inert to electrolytic action and hence will never perforate, irrespective of battery age or degree of discharge. It is also claimed the new battery will not swell, stick, or jam in the iiashlight.

The new battery should be of particular interest to theatres in that its service life is considerably longer. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the new battery is completely interchangeable with all standard size dashlight batteries so that no change need be made in lamps or cases.

Anti-Slip Floor Finish

A new self-polishing fioor finish, certified anti-slip by Underwritersi Laboratories, Inc., has recently been announced by the R. M. Hollingshead Corporation. The product, said to be applied and cared for like wax, although it has no wax in it, is reported to polish and dry itself to a hard lustrous finish which can be dampmopped or buffed and does not become sticky, even in hot, humid weather.


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A completely non-infiammable water emulsion product, the new finish is claimed to be resistant to heat or cold and not subject to contamination. The finish is suitable for use on all types of doors and may be applied like wax with a mop; a drying period of only 20 to 30 minutes is required. The resultant lustre may be maintained for long periods by sweeping or butting as necessary, while worn portions may be recoated from time to time without coating the whole floor.

Heavy-Duty Stair Treads

Two new types of heavy-duty stair treads, recently developed by American Mat Corporation, are said to assure long wear under heaviest traffic.

Produced from especially tough cord and rubber compounds, these treads reportedly cushion every step and, at the same time, provide an excellent non-slip surface. It is claimed that these new treads are furthermore unusual in that they are available not only in black, but also in red, green, blue, and mosaic at no extra cost.

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 386