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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 403 (381)

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition
1950-51 Theatre Catalog
1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 403
Page 403

1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 403

Ashoraft Arc Lamps

Strong Rectifiers

Northern Electric . ml/oice 0/ [Ee jAeab-e"



Powertronio Generators

Century Projectors




LA SALLE RECREATIONS, LTD. (Theatre Chair 81 Carpet Divn.), 945 Granville St., Vancouver. Telephones: Ma. 5034(Emergency Night) CE. 3929. PERSONNEL -President and Managing Director: S. A. Lechtzier. Vice President: M. R. Lechtzier. AREA SERVED-Entire Dominion of Can ada.

THEATRE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: MArine 7033*(Emergency Night) CE. 8390. PERSONNEL%wner: H. I. Howard. Sales and Service: J. Dibben. Counter Man: E. R. Petch. AREA SERVED-British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 65 Rorie St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 922-323. PERSONNEL-District Manager: D. E. Daniel. Salesmen: G. R. Steffens, R. H. Williams. Engineers: E. J. Blaney, L. B. Cogger. AREA SERVEDeWestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 185 Portage Ave., E., Winnipeg. Telephone: 925795. PERSONNEL a Manager: Charles Maybee. AREA SERVEDeManitoha, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern Ontario.

1. M. RICE 8: CO., 202A Canada Bldg, Winnipeg. Telephones: 9354-86-7 - (Emergency Night) 404906, 65885. PERSONNEme er: J. M. Rice. Manager: J. L. Rice. Salesmen: Edward Haugen, Charles Carphin, Howard E. Kinnear. Counter Man: W. Leckie. AREA SERVED-Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Western Ontario.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 10 Germain St., St. John. Telephones: 3303le(Emergency Night) 3-7327. PERSONNELeManager: J. E. Tagg. Service Engineer: C. L. Johnston. AREA SERVED#

New Brunswick.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 86 Charlotte St., St. John. Telephone: 3-2819.

PERSONNELeBranch Manager: J, Warr. AREA SERVEDeMaritime Provinces including Newfoundland.


MOTION PICTURE SUPPLIES, LTD., 22 Prescott St., Saint Johnis. Telephone: 5599. PERSONNEL-Managing Director: Derek Marshall. Products Sold: National Theatre Supply Line.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 76 Hollis St., Halifax. Telephones: 3-8211, 38212 (Emergency Night) 2-3379, PERSONNEL#District Manager: J. MeEwan. District Service Supervisor: C. J. Cilbert. AREA SERVED#Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Island and Province of Newfoundland.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 386-388 Victoria St., Toronto 2. Telephone: WAverly 6131. PERSONNELeDistrict Maw ager: C. C. Curran. Manager, Equipment Sales and Service: F. S. Hastie. Salesman: R. E. Ferguson. AREA SERVEDHOntario.

GAUMONT-KALEE, LTD., Head Oflice: 591 Yonge St., Toronto. Telephones: MIdway 1154-55-56. PERSONNEL a G e n e r a! Manager: Edward L. Harris. Sales Manager: M. Edson. Chief Engineer: H. Goldin. AREA SERVED-Ontario.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 104 Bond St., Toronto 2. Telephone: EL 9307. PERSONNEL - President: P. D. Brown. Supervisor Sound: C. Cuthbert. Supervisor Projection: T. C. Hoad. AREA SERVEDeOntario.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 277 Victoria St., Toronto. Telephones: ELgin 6209 --(Emergency Night) HOward 6026, Oxford 7001, New Toronto 4108-]. PERSONNEL* Manager: R. V. Shale. Salesmen: W. Bevan, A. Clanfield. Sound Division: W. MacDonald, Counter Men: R. Kroetch, M. Denliy. Shipper: C. Rasherry. AREA SERVED Ontario.


THE ROBERT SIMPSON CO., LTD., Spo cial Contract Division, Toronto. PERSONNELeManager, All Branches: L. E. Wicklum, Salesman, Toronto: E. W. Bryant. Montreal: J. F. Davies. Halifax: K. C. Watson. Winnipeg: ]. C. C. Hood. Regina: R. L. Hillier. Calgary: P. J. Nutt. Edmonton: R. A. Harris. Vancouver: L. Ruddell. AREA SERVED-Dominion of Canada.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 4040 St. Catherine St., W. Montreal 6. Telephone FItzroy 9663. PERSONNEL-Head 0f}ic%Vice-President and General Manager: F. E. Peters. General Sales Manager: Lloyd C. Pearson. Supervisor, Sales Information: W. N. Lewis. District OfficeeMana Ker, Theatre Department: P. L. Keppie. Salesman: A. Lalurniere, B. H. Lavall.

GAUMONT-KALEE, LTD., 1200 St. Alexander St., Montreal 2. Telephone: UNiversity 4739. PERSONNEL-Branch Manager: A. B. White. AREA SERVED-Eastern Canada.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 288 St. Catherine St., W., Montreal 18. Telephone: Plateau 3438 (Day and Night). PERSONNEL-District Manager: H. H. Burko. Sound Engineer: W. K. Reason. Salesmen: R. Bousquet, W. Mason. Office Manager: L. J. Davis. AREA SERVED-Quebec, East ern Ontario.

RCA VICTOR CO., LTD., 1001 Lenoir St., Montreal 30. Products Sold: RCA Theatre and Sound Equipment.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 1299 Blvd. Charest, Quebec, P. Telephone: 7-3572. PERSONNELeSalesman: J. M. Cote.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 2300 Dewdney Ave., Regina. Telephone: 9144-2. PERSONNELeSales: R. R. Huston. Service Inspector: L. B. (logger.

Supply Dealers of the Rest of the World

Comprehensive Listing of Names, Addresses, Personnel, Products, and the Areas Served


RADIO-FILM. 11 Rue Docteur-Trolard, Algiers. PERSONNELeManai/rer: Mr. Darmon. Products Sold: National Theatre SupMy Line.


Rue Michelet, Westrex Corp. line. COUNTRIES SERVED

--Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

WESTERN ELECTRIC CO. (FRANCE), 47 Algiers. Products Sold:


CIA COMERCIAL CONDOR, Sarmiento 2149, Buenos Aires. PERSONNEL-Carlos Clucksmann. Products Sold: National Theatre Supply Line.

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1950-51 Theatre Catalog, 9th Edition, Page 403