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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 131 (97)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 131
Page 131

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 131


OWNER & OPERATOR: Augustin Batista.

ARCHITECT: Arellano y Batista. SEATING CAPACITY: 1,890.

Carpets: Alexander Smith & Sons. Chairs: American Seating Co. Generators: Hertner Electric Co. Lenses: Kollmorgen Optical Corp.

Projection Lamps: J. E. McAuley Mfg. Co., Peerless Hy-Candescent.

Projection Machines: International Projector Corp., Simplex X-L.

Screen: Walker-American Corp.

Sound: International Projector Corp.

Supply Dealer: National Supply S. A.


Situated in Havanais nTimes Square? the downtown capitol area, the Payret is identified as a theatre only by its simple marquee; the facade of the large concrete building conforms to the Continental architecture of adjacent buildings.

A bronze statue symbolizing ttlllusion" is attached to the marble wall facing a main dining room and snack bar. Walls of the lobby are imported Italian marble.

Side walls of the auditorium have been decorated with sculptures of the nine muses. The ceiling is made of steel with a Bunite coating, and has 12 unique half-cones, each containing outlets for air conditioning and spotlights.

The stage has a remote control panel and two lifts; a small one in front and one in the rear with an area of 330 square feet.

Owner Augustin Batistals purpose was to build the .finest theatre possible, and expense was no object.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 131