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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 148 (114)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 148
Page 148

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 148

SECTIONAL DRAWING shows the virtual elimination of waste space of any nature in the structural plan. Except under the heavy front section, excavation is held to a minimum. yet all areas are generous.

THE LARGE FOYER features on one wall a live floral set, back of glass, and flanked by two gigantic oil murals depicting Hamlet as representative of drama and a Jungle Girl to symbolize lighter entertainment. On the opposite side a neatly trimmed. sign-less confection stand is countersunk into the natural walnut wood veneer surface. Bestful built-in benches and the zodiac clock complete the effect.


treated. The boxofflce, extending out from the left wall of the outer lobby, features a handsome panel of teakwood below three service windows,


As one enters the foyer through the doors of the outer lobby, an attractive built-in candy stand is to the right and a large flower display window is to the left, each highlighted by the characteristic teakwood trimming. Flanking the flower display window are two oil murals, one of Hamlet, signifying drama, and one of a ffjungle girl? to symbolize light entertainment. The walls are of natural walnut of beautifully matched grain. The floor is of light grayish-blue rubber tile, and the ceiling is surfaced with ivory colored acoustical tile. On the wall opposite to the flower display window and murals is an artistically designed clock in etched glass, with signs of the Zodiac for the 12 months substituting for numerals. Commodious modern sofas of navy blue contribute much to the simple beauty of the room. Perforated metal aprons conceal the Iluorescent fixtures mounted along the walls, just under the ceiling, and provide dramatic indirect lighting.


Designed in accordance with the best acoustical principles,'the auditorium has concrete outer walls and ceiling, with the inside of the concrete structure covered by a framework of acoustical materials set in staggered and tilted sections to avoid parallel surfaces. In order to obtain an evenly distributed damping, the acoustical materials for attenuation of the middle and higher frequencies have been distributed along the rear wall and on the forward surfaces of the staggered Wall sections. The natural wood panels on the lower part of the side walls are especially constructed for the attenuation of the low frequencies. In this manner, an evenly distributed damping of the whole sound frequency spectrum has been attained for the auditorium.

A distinctive feature of the stadium type balcony is the row of love seats, partially enclosed in pairs by the balcony rail in front and by a low partition in back, and comprising a novel kind of mezzanine. Such an arrangement, just one row and in front of the regular balcony seats, is ideal for small theatre parties or for groups of two couples attending the theatre together.

Rust-colored carpets cover the floors, blending perfectly with the heavy velour chair covering of Venetian red, and with the pastel blue stage curtain. Paneling throughout the auditorium is the same finely grained natural walnut used in the foyer. The proscenium arch is dramatically set off by a halo of indirect light. Along the side and back walls are mounted ingeniously designed modern lighting fixtures of natural brass and champagne-tinted glass which resemble graceful, long-stemmed flowers.

The air conditioning system renews the air in the auditorium from six to seven times an hour.

The auditorium is 109 feet long, from 41 to 62 feet wide, and from 18 to 26

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 148