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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 171 (137)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 171
Page 171

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 171

type. Decorative panels produced by the "Artlay" method have all the advantages of the more familiar Formica in pearl and linen patterns. They are unharmed by boiling water, fruit acids, alcohol and all ordinary cleaning alkalies. They will not crack or craze, and will resist cigaret burns. A damp cloth removes soil and stains from the smooth, non-porous surface.

Various Applications

Formica is often used on the counter of the ticket booth because of its good wearing qualities. Coins sliding across the surface of a Formica counter plate will. not dim its beauty or wear it thin. Formica is used in many theatres to panel the ticket booth, entrance, and foyer doors. Many interesting decorative patterns are possible through the inlay method described above. Kick and push plates on doors are serviceable and attractive when fashioned from Formica sheeting.

The sharp rise in the sale of candy and other refreshments at the theatre has directed more of managements attention to the appearance of the stands where these goods are dispensed. The more attractive they are, the more sales punch they pack. Formica presents an ideal finish for these refreshment stands. Children crowding around it may smudge it, but will not harm the surface with their fingers or shoes. Here again, Formica assures low ups keep because it can be cleaned with the wipe of a damp cloth.

Ease of cleaning and attractiveness, also suggest the use of Formica on the lobby side of the standee rail, where sticky hands and popcorn seasoning pose a real maintenance problem. Here also is a kicking area of real magnitude, where a tough, wear-resistant product is mandatory.

If any value at all is placed on the furniture in the lounge, it is the better part of wisdom to use cigaret burnproof Formica for table tops and other horizontal surfaces. Careless smokers leaving cigarets on the edges of tables can permanently disfigure ordinary wood tops, but not tops of Formica.

The "Vanii'ory"

Perhaps the greatest advance in recent years in functional decorative surfaces has been made in the restrooms. In these rooms, where cleanliness is rated of utmost importance by moviegoers, Formica toilet stalls and doors, and Formica ttVanitorics" are well up to the most rigid standards of sanitation and good looks. One of the biggest improvements in the washroom since toilets were mchd indoors, the Formica ttVanitory" is an attractive, single unit which embodies several built-in wash basins and soap dispensers, and yet gives the users plenty of space to put things. It makes the wash basin easy to Clean and keep clean. The handsome appearance of the ttVnnitory" ins spires tidinoss, In powder rooms, especially, the unit is most wolcmncd and appreciated by women patrons.

in the theatre as (\lsmvhvrc, \vhm'OVcr decorative and highly protective sure faces are required, Formica satisfies the needs of beauty and long-range


THE FLORAL MOTIF of the above was interlaminate-prinled with but! linene Formica veneer.

economy. Theatres are being planned, redecorated and remodeled, with an increasingly appreciative eye to the needs and desires of that all important personage, the patron. Fundamentally, he hasnlt changed much since the days of Theda Bara and Valentino; he still wants a good nights entertainment for his money. But standards of comfort, sanitation and theatre appearance have

SIMILAR TREATMENT also produced this door. both lectured in the Festival of Britain. 1951.

climbed steadily over the years, and the patron has justification in demanding more than just a good picture on the screen. With scores of other products developed to make the theatre a more pleasant place to visit, Formica is playing an important part in bringing theatres up to the high standards of today, and making them look as modern as tomorrow.

A CLEAN RESTROOM 15 OF PRIME IMPORTANCE to any theatre. Formica Vanitory and Formica toilet stalls and doors make the room attractiVe and clean. A minimum of maintenance is required.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 171