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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 185 (151)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 185
Page 185

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 185


Class B equipment includes projectors, sound equipment, speakers, plumbing fixtures and extension cord. All of these items that utilize steel, copper and aluminum, are not charged against theatre construction. For example: A new gasoline station being built today does not have charged against it the huge gas tank which goes underground. This tank is delivered as 'a complete unit to the site and installed in the ground. Many oil companies have been able to build service stations because these storage tanks, representing several tons of steel, are not charged against the actual construction of each project.

Therefore, it is possible that the prefabricated steel screen tower, which is delivered to the job ready to be set in place, could also be interpreted to be

in the Class B category.

In Class B equipment, the manufacturer of the article has to make it under his allotment of steel, copper, and aluminum. The manufacturer, of course, has to obtain his materials through normal channels. If he is furnishing items for a project which rates a priority, he asks for an extension of the priority. If the manufacturer has some fabricated articles that can be used for a drive-in theatreeand he canlt use them anywhere elseevthen, of course, it is his privilege to sell them to the drive-in theatre owner, but he cant ask for a priority in order to replace the material.

With these facts firmly established in your mind, and with a few expediencies to be outlined below, you could easily build a drive-in in compliance with tightened restrictions.


one in Portland, Indiana. Note the efficient, cost saving screen tower' and the well-planned placement of the roadside attraction board.


Wooden Speaker Posts

If the NPA decided that the steel posts for your speakers are not Class B material-then you will have to build the speaker posts out of wood, as follows:

Take two 2 x 4ls the proper length (approximately 6'8") and have the lumber company rout out a half-round on one of the wide sides of each 2 x 4. These two 2 x 4ls can then be nailed together to make a post with a hole up the middle for the wires. Then obtain from a hardware or automotive supply store, a circular saw of 2%" diameter. By using the saw on one end of the post, you can cut a nub that is 2%" in diametereor just right for the drivein theatre junction box. Then, take an ordinary saw and cut the waste oif around the top of the post so that the junction box can slip on and be attached to the round end produced on the end of the post. Incidentally, this makes a better looking post than the round pipe post. It stands up better,

can be painted various colors or striped; or different sides may be painted contrasting colors.

Wooden Screen Tower

If your local compliance bureau decides that a prefabricated steel tower is not Class B material (or, if someone places a complaint with them), you will, of course, have to build the tower of wood.

The Wood tower can be just as strong as any steel tower, if as much money is spent on it, and if it is properly designed and built. In many cases, a wood tower will stand up even better. There are many plans available for wood towers, or any competent architect can design one. Prefabricated Wood tOWers, up to any usable size, are also available.


The biggest and most troublesome problem in building a drive-in theatre today is the very short copper allowance. This will be a real and serious

THE HOLLYWOOD INFLUENCE ON DRIVE-IN STYLING for modern concession stands is evident in the Tower Drive-In Theatre at Elwin,- Ohio. It is attractive and, best oi all, within restrictions.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 185