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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 191 (157)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 191
Page 191

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 191

sequence of blooming fiowers all through the season. The grounds are frequently sprayed with insecticides to eliminate the annoyance of mosquitoes. and pests.

The Gratiot has 17 ramps on a spreading amphitheatre-type layout, providing space for 1,056 cars, with ramps spaced from 38 to 40 feet apart. The ramps are graded so that each car tilts down toward the front for better rear seat visibility. In-a-car speakers are installed in pairs, with the junction box standards at the front-door position for ease in handling. Drivers move their cars forward into position, and again forward to the next ramp for exit, so that the hazards of backing cars are entirely eliminated.


Another contributing factor in the profitable operation of the Gratiot is its well trained, courteous staH. Friendliness, courtesy and consideration are the keynotes of training and conduct for staff members, as the management realizes there is no better means of promotion than the right attitude on the part of employes.

The young men ushers and young women cashiers and ticket sellers always look smart and neat in their bright green and gold uniforms. Cashiers are trained to be alert and accurate, and the ticket sellers are taught how to be pleasant while working swiftly to keep traffic moving. The girls always have a cheerful greeting for any youngsters in cars, and even offer the service of windshield cleaning for any driver who desires this service.

Ushers, each with a flashlight, are stationed at regular intervals throughout the parking field, with one assigned to direct incoming traffic into the parking area, and the others assisting drivers to locate positions of their choice. After the cars are parked, the same ushers patrol the field to be of any desired assistance to patrons and to guard against deliberate destruction of property. Another usher and a special officer are posted at the exit to keep order in outgoing traffic. An usher is assigned to the playground to operate mechanical equipment and to aid small children in using the various playground devices.


Buildings and grounds at the Gratiot are kept sparkling clean by a staff of daytime custodians. These men clean the entire field each day, keep the restrooms and concession building tidy and sanitary, clean offices and locker rooms, and keep the boxofiices clean and the windows polished. It is the job of the custodians to make the Gratiot live up to its claim to the title of "Americas Most. Beautiful Drive-In."

The management of the theatre is constantly concerned about maintenance and improvement problems. A frequent check is made on the condition of all Speakers, and defective equipment is Dromptly repaired or replaced. Speaker posts and their concrete bases are regularly checked to make certain they are standing solidly and are free from Weather deterioration. Roadbeds and ramps also are examined for defects fre(Iuently experienced during the oper 1952 THEATRE CATALOG


ANIMATION can be important to all advertising, and the man-made waterfall on. His screen lower of (he Gratiof is a trade-mark that captures public attention all day long. It is colorfully lighted a! night.

ating season, and repairs are made immediately, thereby preventing the need for more costly repairs at the end of the season, when continued traffic would

have increased the extent of the damage.

All machinery and mechanical devices at the Gratiot Drive-In are inspected periodically to prevent any sudden me EIGHT SMABTLY UNIFORMED GIRLS act as cashiers and ticket sellers. Speed and service Whisks cars past the entrance gates without long- linos or annoying waits, and drivers appreciate it.

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 191