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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 205 (171)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 205
Page 205

Drive-ins Mentioned

41 Outdoor, Hammond, IN
Gardens, Covington, KY

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 205

Salter: Depot, S. C., SALTERS DEPOT D. 1.,

Box 11. EXec: E. T. Leverette. (150) Saluda, S. C., SALUDA D. I. Exec: J. H. Ridgell. (150) Simpsonville, S. C., 'VILLI D. I. Exec: M. B. Goodenough. (200) Spartanburfz, 's. C., PINE STREET EX. 1). I. Exec: N. E. Belmont. (3'00) Spartanhurg, S. C., ROXY D. I. Exec: R C. Saunders. (200) Spartanhurg, S. C., SCENIC D. I. Exec: Wade McManus. (394) Spartanburg. S. C., STARLITE D. 1., Route 7. Exec: T. A. Little. (250) Summerville, S. C., SUMMERVILLE D. 1., Hwy. 64. Exec: L. H. Ayers. (200) Sumter, S. C., SUMTER D. 1., P. 0. Box 941, Hwy. 521. Exec: John J. Motley. Jr. (150) Sumter, S. C., SUNSET D. 1., Box 375. Exec: J. A. Morrissey. (200) Taylors, S. C., BELMONT D. I. Exec: N. E. Belmont. (150)

Union, S. C., UNION D. 1., Hwy. 92. Exec: H. H. Everett, Everett Entr. Ct.. Charlotte.

N. C. (225) Walterboro, S. C., WALTERBORO D. I., Hwy. 17. Exec: E. B. Funderburk. (280) Ware Shoals, S. C., HILL'S D. I. Exec: Louis Hill. (150) West Columbia, S. C., HALL'S D. I. Exec: Harold Hall. (300) Winnsboro, S. C., WINNRIDGE D. I. Exec: :W. Brown. (200)



(NOTE: She alto Des Moincs and Saint 1.0111,: Territories)

Aurora, 111., AURORA D. 1., Rt. 31, Exposition Park. Exec: Charles and R. Lamb, Oregon Th.,

Oregon. (400) Aurora, 11]., HI LITE 30 D. I., U. S. 310, Joliet Rd. Exec: Dr. R. J. Krzysowski. (500)

Bloomington, 111., PHIL KRON D. I., 1720 S. Main St. Exec: Ken Phillips and Peter Kronas.

(716) Buckley, 111., BUCKLEY D. I. Exec: Walter E. Swanstrom. (100) Champaign, 111., TWIN CITY D. 1., N. Market St., Rd. C. Exec: J. W. Barr. (758)

Chicago, 111., ABC D. I. (Posen). 147th and Western. Exec: ABC Theatrical Ltd., C. B. Atkins, VP. (800)

Chicago, 111.. CHICAGO'S DOUBLE D. 1., Nr. 76th and Mozart. Exec: M and R Amuse... 1777 Howard St. (1800)

Chicago, Ill., HARLEM AVE. D. 1., 4101 N. Harlem Ave. Exec: Essaness Ths. Corp., 540 N. Michigan. (1030)

Chicago, 111.. SUNSET D. I. (Skokie), Touhy and McCormick Blvd. Exec: Jerome and Raymond Marks, Martin Rosenfield. (1350)

Clinton, "1., FAMILY D. I. Exec: Frank Stewart, Stewart Entrs., Inc., Rivoli Ths., Danville. (400)

Danville, 111., DIXIE D. 1., Dixie Hwy. N.. Box 296. Exec: Gale Lancaster, and Afliliated Ct..

932 Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. (450) Donville, Ill., SKY-WAY D. 1., 16 Dodge. Exec: Jack Butler. (1500) Decatur, lll., DRIVE-IN. 2500 N. Jasper. Exec: Kerasotes This. Ct., Springfield. (954) Decatur, lll., OUTDOOR D. I. Exec: Kerasotes The. Ct., Springfield. (750) DeKalb, 111., DE VAL D. I. Exec: Valos The. CL, 220 S. State, Chicago. (448) Elgin. "1., STAR VIEW D. I., R. #4. Exec: Starview Outdoor Th., Inc. (500) Elmhurst, Ill., SKI-HI D. 1., Roosevelt and Butlcrneld. Exec: Louis Jelinek. (450)

Erecport, ll1.. COMET D. 1., P. O. Box 636. Exec: Steven Bcnnin, Lincoln Th., Lincoln. (564)

Galeshurg, Ill.. GALESBURG D. I. Exec: R

Lawler, 105 Biltmorc, Peoria. (450) Grays Lake, [1]., FAMILY D. 1., Rts. 83 and 120. Exec: Held and Nelson. (800) Hoopeslon, Ill., SKY WAY I). I. Exec: Jack Butler, Family Amuse. Co., Danvillc. (400)

Joliet, Ill., BEL-AIR I). I. Exec: H and E Balaban CL, 190 N. State, Chicago. (1000)


Joliet, lll., HILL TOP D. 1.. 1800 Maple Rd. Exec: H and E Balaban CL, 190 N. State,

Chicago. (623) Kankakee, 111., 54 D. 1.. Rt. 54. Fair St. and Greenwood. Exec: Alvin Levine, Pres., "54" Drive-1n Th. Corp. (500) Kewanee, 111., WANEE D. I. Exec: Rud Lohrenz. Wanee Ths. (375)

La Grange, 111., 66 D. 1.. Box 257, Rt. 45. Joliet and La Grange Rd. Exec: Philip Smith CL, Boston, Mass. (1156)

La Salle, 11]., IVY-WAY D. 1.. Route 6. Exec: Alliance The. Ct., 231 S. La Salle St., Chicago.

(500) Lincoln, III., BENNIS AUTO VUE D. I. Exec: Steve Bennis, Lincoln Th. (300)

- Lincoln, 111., LINCOLN D. 1. Exec: W. H. Mc Kee, P. 0. Box 244, Terre Haute, 1nd. (475)

Macomb, 111., FORT D. l. Exec: W. W. Allen and Earl J. Williams, Earl Th., Knoxville. (350)

Mcl-Ienry, 111., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: R. J. Miller. (750)

Morton Grove, Ill., MORTON GROVE D. 1.. 9500 N. Waukegan. Exec: N. S. Barger. (600)

Newport Twshp., 111., SKOKIE D. I. Exec: Wayne

Smith and Frank Glenn. (700) Norris, 111., HILLCREST D. I. Exec: E. Turkey and A. F. Stockburger. Norris Th. Ct. (506)

Oak Lawn. 111., STAR LITE D. 1.. 95th and Ridgeland. Exec: E. Cooper, Pres.. and .1. Booth, Starlite Drive-In, Inc. (1200)

Oak Lawn, 111., TWIN OPEN AIR D. 1., 87th and Cicero. Exec: N. S. Barger. (2000)

Oregon, 111.. PINES D. I. Exec: Russell and

James Lamb, Oregon Th. (303) Pekin, 111., PEKIN D. I. Exec: E. V. Youngblook, W. H. McKee, Al Byrd. I (500) Pekin, 111., STAR-LITE D. I. Exec: Kerasotes The. Ct., Springfield. (700) Peoria, 111., BELLEVUE D. 1., Rt. 116, 210 7th St. Exec: Abner Klein. (996) Peoria, 111., PEORIA D. 1., W. Glen Ave. Exec: Ralph Lawler, 105 Biltmore. (681) Pontiac, 111-, PONTIAC D. I. Exec: T. E. Lally.


Prairieville, Ill., MIDWAY D. I. (Dixon). Exec: John Kontos, L. G. Rorer, Prairieville Th. Corp., % Sterling Th., Sterling. (400)

Riverdale, Ill., FOUR SCREEN D. I., 745 W. 138th St. Exec: Essaness Ths. Ct., 540 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago. (1200)

River Grove, 11]., NORTH AVE., D. I., 1901 River Rd. Nr. North Ave. Exec: Essaness Th5. Ct., 540 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago. (1000)

Rockford, 111., LIN'S AIR D. I. Exec: Howard A. and C. W. Lindroth. (424)

Rockford, Ill., RIVER LANE D. 1.. Rt. 173, Box 866. Exec: Bill Dubinsky, River Lane Amuse.

Corp. (690) Rockford, 111., ROBIN D. 1. Exec: H and E. Balaban Ct., 190 N. State, Chicago. (726) South Chicago Heights, 111., SAUK TRAIL D. I. (Steger). Exec: Jack Cooney. (500) Streator, 111., STREATOR D. I. Exec: Alliance Ths., 231 S. La Salle St., Chicago. (400)

Urbana, 111., FAMILY D. I. Exec: Frank Stewart, Stewart Entrs.. Inc., Rivoli Th., Danville. (564)

Waukegan. 11].. HIGHWAY OUTDOOR D. I. Exec: Highway Amuse. Entr., Inc. (628)

Waukegan, 111., WAUKEGAN OUTDOOR D. 1., U. S. 41 and Washington St. Exec: Henry C. Rhyan. (772)


(NOTE: See (1le Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and 511111! 1.171111: Territories)

Dunlap. lnd.. MIDWAY AUTO D. 1. Exec: Phillip Mocilnikar, Pres., Midway Drive-In Th.

Co., Inc. (600) Gary, Ind., STARLITE I). I. Exec: Joseph Finnerty. (950)

Gritlith, Ind., RIDGE D. 1., Ridge Rd. and Cline Ave., Box 175. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston, Mass. (630)

Hammond, lnd.. HAMMOND 41 OUTDOOR D. 1., Rt. 41, Calumet and Sheffield. Exec: IndianaIllinois Ths., Inc., 1307 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5. Ill. (1000)

Hammond, Ind., MOONLITE D. I. Exec: Peter McKeone, Tri-Statc Drive-In Corp. (1000)

La Porte, lnd., DELUXE D. I. Exec: Joe Mil lion and Assoc. (485) La Porte, Ind., STARLIGHT D. 1. Exec: Crescent Ilrivcsln Th. Corv- (-l

MIChlgan Cilyp Ind-, 212 OUTDOOR D. 1.. Rts. 12 and 20. Exec: Indiana-Illinois Ths., Inc., 1307 S. Wabash Ave.. Chicago 5, III. (600)

Osceola, Ind., STAR LITE I). 1., Route 20. Exec: Louis Cochovety, Avon Ths.. South Bend. (400)

Rolling Prairie, Ind., COMET D. I.. Route 1. Exec: Keith McDaniel and Robert Wiley. (400)

South Bend, Ind., MOONLITE D. 1., W. Chinpewa Ave. Exec: Louis Cochovety, Avon Ths. (1000)

South Bend, Ind., SOUTH BEND AUTO D. I., Rt. 2, 4903 W. Western Ave. Exec: G. Brenner, South Bend Drive-In Th., Inc. (650)



(NOTE: See also Chicago, Indianapolis, and Saint Louis Territories)

Lawrenceburg, Ind., POPULAR AUTO D. I.

Exec: William Statlander. (275) Vevay, Ind.. ALPS D. I. Exec: Charles R. Scott. (400)


(NOTE: Scc also Indianapolis, Memphis, and Saint Louis Territories)

Ashland, Ky., TRAIL D. I. Exec: Frank Nolan.

(225) Bonneville, Ky., MOONLITE D. I. Exec: Robert R. Reynolds. (150)

Burnside, Ky., LAKEVIEW D. I. Exec: H. E. Otto and J. T. Pollard, and Theatre Owners

Corn, Cincinnati 10, Ohio. (500) Carrollton, Ky., RIVERVIEW D. I., Box 179. Exec: R. L. Gaines. (350) Corbin, Ky., CORBIN D. 1. Exec: Ray Mullins.)


Covington, Ky., DIXIE GARDENS D. 1.. Dixie Hwy. Exec: Willis Vance, and Theatre Owners Corp.. Cincinnati 10, Ohio. (700)

Cumberland, Ky., AUBURN D. I. Exec: A. L. P.

Carder. (2257Under Construction) Danville, Ky., STARLIGHT D. I. Exec: Joe Marshall. (396 and 84 Seats) Dayton, Ky., RIVERVIEW D. I. Exec: W. X. Bressler. (400) Elkhorn City, Ky., BREAKS D. 1. (Praise). Exec: J. E. Belcher. (175) Florence, Ky., FLORENCE D. I. Exec: Tom Hill. (600) Frankfort, Ky., STARWAY D. I. Exec: Morrow and Janecky, and Floyd Morrow. (400) Georgetown, Ky., BLUE GLASS D. 1., Rt. 25. Exec: Mark Cummins, and Ben Cohen. (400)

Harlan, Ky., HARLAN D. I. Exec: George Combs, and Tri-States Booking Serv., Cincinnati

10, Ohio. (3010) Harlan, Ky., WAYNE D. I. Exec: Dr. B. F. Wright, James and Hugh Martin. (600)

Hazard, Ky., GRANDVIEW D. 1., Box 705. Exec: Eugene H. Combs, and Richard M. Johnson, Lincoln Hotel Bldg. (300)

Jackson, Ky., MEADOWVUE D. 1., P. 0. Box 135. Exec: John Robinson and William Northrup, and Theatre Owners Cox-1)., Cincinnati 10. Ohio.

(300) Middlesboro, Ky., REDA D. I. Exec: Don Reda. (400) Monticello, Ky., STARLITE I). I. Exec: Ed. Campbell and Pete Dawson. (300)

Nicholasville, Ky., LEXINGTON D. 1., R.R. #1. Exec: J. E. Head, V.P., J. B. Johnson Enter prises, Inc. (400) Paintsville, Ky., CAIN D. I. Exec: W. T. Cain, Jr. (400) Pikevillc, Ky., PIKEVILLE D. I. Exec: Childers and Powell, and J. Bressler. (300) Prestonhurg, Ky., CLIFF I). I. Exec: Jack Asher.

(350) Richmond, Ky., REDA D. I. (Formerly Lake Carlisle). Exec: Don Reda. (400) Somerset, Ky., FAMILY D. 1., P. O. Box 151. Exec: Raymond L. Edwards. (400) Stanford. Ky., DAVIS I). 1., Route #4. Exec: H. C. Davis. (200)

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 205