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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 206 (172)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 206
Page 206

Drive-ins Mentioned

Beckley Open Air, Beckley, WV
Auto, Alliance, OH

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 206

Whitesburg, Ky.. ELINDA-ANN D. I. Exec: Art V. Phillips. (300 and 300 Seats)

Winchester, Ky.. SKY-VUE D. 1.. 156 N. UpperExec: J. B. Johnson. and J. E. Head. (350)


(NOTE: See also CIPL'PIHHd Territory)

Aberdeen. 0., RIVERVIEW D. I. Exec: John R. Poe. (350)

Allensburg. 0.. ROSELAWN AUTO D. I. Exec: J. Henry Davidson. Assoc. Ths.. Lynchburg. O.

(300) Athens, 0., VALLEY D. I., P. O. Box 42. Exec: Frank Nolan. (500) Belpre, 0., BELPRE D. I.. P. O. Box 241. Exec: Fred Clemens. (400) Burlington, 0., AUTO-IN. Exec: W. E. McCoy.

(400) Byesville, 0., C AND B D. I.. Exec: George Brown. Brown and Coines. (288) Cambridge, 0., CRUISE IN, Rt. 40 West. Exec: Si Francis. Jr. (350) Celina. 0., LAKE D. I. Exec: Chakeres Ct.. Springfield. (300)

Chillicothe, 0.. DEL AIR D. 1., Box 58. Exec: Fred N. Robertson, and Jack Needham. (400)

Chillocothe, 0.. MOONLIGHT D. 1.. E. Main at Renick. Exec: B. Cook and E. Payne. and Jack Needham. (450)

Cincinnati, 0., AUTO-IN. 500 Rosemont Ave. Exec: Jerome J. Kunz, and Theatre Owners Corn. Cincinnati 10. (400)

Cincinnati, 0., TWIN D. 1., Reading Rd. and Tennessee. Exec: Rube Shor, 1632 Central Pkwy. (17100)

Circleville. 0., STARLITE D. I. Exec: Harley E. Bennett, 294 Cherry St., Chillicothe, and

Jack Needham. (300) Coalton, 0., TOWN AND COUNTRY D. 1.. Route 75. Exec: Frank Nolan. (300)

Columbus, 0., CCC AUTO 1). I., 1395 Harrisburg Pike. Exec: F. Yassenoif and Harold Schwartz. (400)

Columbus, 0., EAST MAIN D. 1.. 5000 E. Main St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles, Midwest Booking. (700)

Columbus, 0., EAST SIDE I). I., 236 N. Roosevelt Ave. Exec: F. Yassenoif and Harold Schwartz. (400)

Columbus. 0., LINDEN AIR D. I., 1651 Wyandotte Rd. Exec: W. Queen, 2112 Washington Ave. (450)

Columbus, 0., NATIONAL D. 1., 3750 W. Broad St. Exec: F. Yassenoff, 319 E. Town St., Colum bus 15. (500) Columbus, 0., RIVERSIDE D. I. (Dublin). Exec: F. Yassenotl' and Harold Schwartz. '(4-00)

Columbus, 0., SCIOTO D. I., 3050 Riverside Dr. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles, Midwest Booking. (500)

Columbus, 0., SOUTH D. I., 319 E. Town St. Exec: Milton YassenoiT. (550)

Columbus, 0., WEST BROAD D. I., 4030 Broad St: Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles. Midwest Booking. (500)

Dayton, 0., BELMONT AUTO 1). 1.. RR. #12, Box 57. Shakertown Pike. Exec: Max Millmuer.

(450) Dayton, 0.. DAYTON I). I.. 2700 Valley Pike. Exec: M. J. Gordon. (500) Dayton. 0.. MIAMI D. I.. 6500 W. 3rd St. Exec: M. J. Gordon. (690) Dayton. 0., SALEM I). I.. 3815 Salem Avc. Exec: Fred Krimm. (400) Dayton, 0., SHERWOOD I). 1.. 5405 W. 3rd. Excc: Sam and Allen Levine. (500)

Dayton. 0., SKYLINE D. I.. P. O. Box 25. Sta. D. Exec: W. C. Walters. Pres. Skylinc. Inc. (400)

Dent, 0.. DENT AUTO I). 1., Harrison Ave. Exec: Jcromc J. Kunz, and Theatre Owners )orp.. Cincinnati 10. (300i

Eaton, O.. CRUISE-IN. Exec: L. Clcmmcr. (400)

Excello, 0., DIXIE CRUISE-IN (Mirldlctown). Exec: Rube Shor, 1632 Central Pkwy.. Cincin nati. (400) Fuirborn. 0.. SKYBORN I). I., P. O. Box 225. Haddix Rd. Excc: Del Kinsel. (450)

Eorcstville. 0., FOREST I). I.. 7940 Bt-cchmont. bxcc: R. Shor. 1632 (Tcntral Pkwy., Cincinnati.

(600i Frederick, 0.. MILLERS GROVE I). I. (West Milton). R.F.l). #6. Exec: Millcr Bros. (350)

"NH! inrlmimf in mmIixrix m- .vmltlvlil'x.

GaIIipolis, 0., KANAUGA D. I. ExeCI Harry

Wheeler. (4:00) Greenville, 0., SPEEDWAY AUTO D. I. Exec: Fred Krimm. (500)

Hamilton, 0., OUTDOOR D. 1.. Old Oxford Rd. Exec: Marc Cummings and Ben Cohen. (400}

Hamilton. 0., RAMONA D. I. Exec: George

Turlukis. (1000} Jackson, 0., GROVE AUTO D. I. Exec: Henry ,Stagmiller. (140) Lancaster, 0., SKYVIEW D. I., E. Main Pike. Exec: Carlos Crumm and E Pulliam. (400) Lebanon, 0.. OLD FORT D. I. Exec: J. H. Davidson, Assoc. Th5. (314) Lucasville, 0., SCIOTO BREEZE D. I. Exec: R. 0. Lewis. I (350) Marietta, 0.. STARLITE D. I. Exec: J. B. Steadman. (350) Miamisburg, 0., CRUISE-IN, S. Dixie Hwy. Exec: L. Clemmer. (350i

Milford, 0., MOTOURAIN. Chillicothe Pike. Box 236. Exec: A. N. Fessel, and Theatre Owners Corn. Cincinnati 10. (600)

Montgomery, 0., MONTGOMERY D. I.. Montgomery Rd. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., Boston. Mass. and Theatre Owners Corp.. Cincinnati 10. (600)

Mount Healthy, 0., MT. HEALTHY D. I. (Cincinnati), 900 Compton. Exec: J. Vlachos. (575)

Mount Holly, 0., STARLITE D. I. Exec: Jerome

Jackson. (300) Newark, 0., VALLEY D. I., P. O. Box 790. Exec: Floyd Price. {350)

New Chicago, 0., SUNSET CRUISE-IN (Dayton). Germnntown Pike. Exec: J. E. Crissman.

(300) New Westville, 0., JAMES AUTO D. I. Exec: Si L. James. (400) Piqua, 0., PIQUA D. I. R.R. 3, Box 58A. Exec: Fred Krimm. (400) Saint Henry, 0., STARLITE D. I. (Cassella). Exec: Feltz Bros. (300)

Sheridan. 0.. STARLITE D. I. Exec: Dr. W. E. Day. and Theatre Owners Corp., Cincinnati(10.)

Sidney, 0., SIDNEY D. I. Exec: V. Schwartz. and Tri-State Booking,r Serv., Cincinnati 10. (350)

Six Mile Turn, 0., STARLET D. I. Exec: Dor man Law. (200) South Zanesville. 0., SKYWAY D. 1., R.D. #1. Exec: Roy Waller. (450) Springneld, 0., MELODY CRUISE-IN. National Hwy., E. Rt. 40. Exec: Chakeres Ct. {350) Springfield. 0., SKYHIGH I. Exec: Sam Levin. (450) Springiield, 0., STARDUST D. I. Exec: Sam Levin. (1375) Stockton, 0., ACME AUTO D. 1., HamiltonCarthage Rd. Exec: Mark Cummins. (400) Troy. 0.. TROY DIXIE D. I. Exec: Moe and Elizabeth Potasky. (400)

Urbana, 0., SALEM AUTO D. I. Exec: Guy Spangler, and Theatre Owners Cox-1).. Cincinnati

10. (350) Wapakoneta, 0., MIDWAY I). I. Exec: V. Schwartz. (300)

Washington Court House, 0., CCC D. I. (Jasper Mills). Exec: J. Henry Davidson, Assoc. Ths..

Lynchburg. (350) Wheelersburg, 0., DRIVE-IN. Exec: Herb Ochs.

(500) Wilmington, 0., WILMINGTON I). I. Exec: Chakeres Ct., Springfield. (500) Woodlawn, 0., WOODLAWN I). I. (Cincinnati), Springfield Pike. Excc: Nat Kaplan. (550)

Worthington. 0., NORTH-HI I). I. (Columbusl. Exec: A. Sugurman. (40077Undcr Construction)

Xenia, 0.. OLD TOWN AUTO 1). I. Exec: Marc

Cummings. and Ben Cohen. (500) Xenia, 0., XENIA AUTO 1). I. Exec: Dean Dennis. and Jack Nccdham. (400)

Znnesville, 0., MAPLE AUTO I). 1., 2800 Manlc Ave. Exec: Erma Bocdcher, and John Woodward. (380)

Zunesville. 0., OLD TRAIL I). I. (Bridgcvillc). Excc: C. E. Huprich, 1956 Normandie I)r1ve. Zancsvillv, and Tri-Statc Booking Service. Cincinnati 10, (160)

West Virginia

(NOTE: 50c ulxu Pittsburgh and H 'xthiln/Inn Tcrritm irx)

Beckley, W. Va., BECKLEY OPEN AIR I). I. Exec: F. Clemens. (350)

Bluefield, W. Va.. SKYWAY D. I. Exec: S. J. Switow. M. Switow and Sons Ent.. Louisville,

Ky. (600) Branchland, W. Va., LINCOLN D. I. Exec: Mrs. D. Brown. and R. Phelan. (240) Ceredo, W. Va., CEREDO D. I. Exec: Abe Hvman and I. Silverstein. (30:0)

Crab Orchard, W. Va., CRAB ORCHARD D. I. (Beckley), P. O. R.F.D., Harvey. Exec: E. R.

Harvey. (4001 Craigsville, W. Va., CRAIGSVILLE D. I. Exec: Arden A. Richards. (2125) Cucumber, W. Va., CUCUMBER I). I. Exec: Cecil Ward. (110) Elkview, W. Va., ELKVIEW D. I. Exec: Ray Phelan, Elk Valley Ths.. Clendcnin. (300) Gassaway, W. Va., RIVERSIDE D. 1.. P. O. Box 171. Exec: James Dul'Iield. (250) Glen Jean. W. Va., MOUNTAIN AIR D. I. Exec: E. J. Butfa. (350i Hinton, W. Va., GREENBRIER D. I. Exec: Mrs. R. D. Williams. (175) Hugheston, W. Va., ARENA D. I. Exec: John Thabit. (350) Huntington, W. Va.. EAST OUT DOOR D. I. Exec: A. Hyman. J. S. Silverstein. (1000i Iaeger, W. Va., IAEGER D. I. Exec: Marshall Whaley, Jr. (142) Lewisburg, W. Va., WALNUT HILL D. I., Route 219. Exec: D. Wenkley. (400)

Logan, W. Va.. MONITOR D. I. Exec: Mrs. L. MacLain, Monitor Drive
Madison, W. Va., MADISON D. I. Exec: W. B. Rose. and Theatre Owners Corn. Cincinnati 10,

Ohio. (300) Man, W. Va., MAN D. I. Exec: A. W. Cook. (400)

Mason City, W. Va., MASON CITY D. I. Exec: Ross Filson, and Tri-State Booking Serv.. Cm cinnati 10, Ohio. (250) Nettie, W. Va.. NETTIE D. I. Exec: C. L. McClung. (21o) Oak Hill. W. Va., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: J. C. Newbold. (400)

Parkersburg. W. Va.. MUR D. I.. 3930 Murdoch Ave. Exec: L. Wetzcl and Lilly Schneideruand Tri-State Bookingr Serv., Cincinnati 10. Oh(1g)1.6)

Parkersburg, W. Va., STARLITE D. 1.. Pike St. and Gibson Rd. Exec: C. W. Johnson and Lilly Schneider, and Tri-State Booking Serv.. Cincin> nati 10, Ohio. (600)

Pineville, W. Va., PINEVILLE D. I., Exec: John Lambert. (250 -Under Construction)

Princeton, W. Va., ANITA D. I. Exec: R. .Perdue. (2001

Rand, W. Va.. TRAIL D. I. Exec: R. Shor. F. Price, and. E. Custer. and Tri-State Booking Serv., Cincinnati 10. Ohio. (500)

Rupert, W. Va., SUNSET AUTO D. I. Exec: R. A. Callison, and Theatre Owners Corp., Cincinnati 10. Ohio. (290)

Saint Albans, W. Va., VALLEY D. I., Winfield Rd. Exec: R: Shor. F. Price and E. Custer. and Tri-State Booking Serv.. Cincinnati IO. Ohio.

(400) Spencer, W. Va., AIRPORT I). I. Exec: Joseph Giboncy. (200) Welch, W. Van. STARLANI) I). I. Exec: Lloyd Rogers. (400) Whitesville, W. Va., VVHITESVILLE I). I. Exec: Jur Th. Ct. (400) Williamson, W. Va.. GOODY AUTO 1). I. Exec: I-I. Bank. (400)


Ohio (NOT/5: Sn: a/m ('I'Hrlmmli 'I'rzlimry)

Akron. 0.. ASCOT I). 1.. 8 State Rd. Exec:

Edward J. Rabb. (400) Akron, 0.. AUTO VOICE l). I. Excc: H. Horstemcicr. 2108 Payne Ave.. Cleveland. (76)

Akron, 0., GALA l). I. lSawym'wood). 224 E. Waterloo Dr. Exec: Jamcs Ramiconc, Box 239.

East Akron. (500: Akron, 0., CTARLIGHT I). I.. 511 W. Tunculoosa. Exec: Edward J. Rabi). (350) "Alliance, 0., PARK AUTO I). I.. Rd. (=2, E. State Rd. Exec: M. Barck. (430 Closed) Andover, 0.. SHANE l'). 1.. Mill; Topper Ave. Excc: Frank Slavik. (2:00)


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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 206