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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 220 (186)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 220
Page 220

Drive-ins Mentioned

Lincoln, Thomasville, PA

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 220

Soufll Dakota

(NOTE: See also Denver and Minneapolis Territories)

Lennox, S. D., TWI-LITE D. 1.. Hwy. 17.

Exec: Arden 'G. Davidson. (150) Winner, S. D., DRIVE-IN. Exec: Harvey Fast. (208)

Yankton, S. D., MOVIELAND D. I. Exec: M. Slaughter and Tom Butler. (300)


Delaware (NOTE: See also lVaxlll'ngton Territory)

Felton, Del., DIAMOND STATE D. I. Exec: Mrs. Millie Steel. (300) New Castle, Del.. BRANDYWINE D. I. (Wilmlngton), Route 13. Exec: M. Geller. (550)

Newport, Del., PLEASANT HILL D. 1., West Newport Pike. Exec: Robert P. Maclary. (600)

Wilmington, DeI., KERRY D. 1., 20th St. and Gov. Printz Blvd. Exec: R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr., 1007 Tatnall St. (526)

New Jersey

(NOTE: See also New York Territory}

Bridgeton, N. J.. BRIDGETON D. 1., Route 46. Exec: A and L Sablosky Ent., Norris Th., Norristown, Pa. (532)

Burlington, N. J.. BURLINGTON D. 1., Route 2:). Exec: M. J. Fox. 1015 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. (500)

Delaware Township, N. J., GARDEN STATE D. I. (Camden), Route 40. Exec: R. W. Paleece, Savar Amuse.. 4605 Westfield Ave., Camden.


Gloucester Heights, N. J., STARLITE D. 1., Rt. 45 and Nicholson Rd. Exec: Smith and Liggett. and A and L. Sablosky Ent., Norris Th., Norristown, Pa. (900)

Pleasantville, N. J., ATLANTIC D. 1., P. 0. Box 33. Exec: Walter Reade Ct. , New York, N. Y. (792)

Rio Grande, N. J., WILDWOOD D. 1., P. 0. Box 22. Exec: M. J. Fox. 1015 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia Pa. (716)

Vineland, N. J., DELSEA D. 1., Delsea Drive and Grant Ave. Exec: A and L. Sablosky Ent., Norris Th}, Norristown, Pa. (716)

Pennsylvania (NOTE: See also Pittsburgh Territory)

Allentown, Pa., AIRPORT D. 1.. Route 987. Exec: Milgram Ths. , % Avenue Th. , Philadelphia. (80:0)

Allentown, Pa., BOULEVARD D. I., 556 Union Blvd., Rt. 22, Exec: Milgram Ths., % Avenue Th., Philadelphia. (930 and 380 Seats)

Barnesville, Pa., COUNTRY VIEW D. I. (Lakewood). Exec: Luther Holt. (350)

Bartonsville, Pa.. POCONO D. I. (Stroudsburg), Route 611. Exec: Melvin Heinbach, St. Clair. (600)

Berlinsville. Pa., ROUTE 45 D. 1., Route 45. Exec: William D. Beck, Rt. 2. Walnutport. (500)

Bloomsburg, Pa., FAMILY D. I. (Esny, Scott Township). R. D. #5. Bloomsbury. Exec: J. Englc. Wilkes-Barre. (750)

Brandonvillc, Pa.. BRANDONVILLE D. 1.. Route 924. Exec: Melvin Heinbach, St. Clair. (300)

Burnham, Pa., BURNHAM D. I. (Lewistown). Logan Blvd. Exec: S. H. Rothcrmel. (500)

Cnrbondale, Pm, MID-VALLEY D. I. (Eyon Township). Exec: Comerford Ci... Scranton. (800)

Chambersburg, Pn., SUNSET D. 1., R. D. #2. Exec: Harold J. Komm. (500)

Clifton Heights, Pn., FAMILY D. 1.. 713 Baltimore Ave. Exec: A. and L. Salllosky Ent., Norris

Th., Norristown. (700) Coatesville, Pa.. COATESVILLE D. 1., Route 30. Exec: Milton Schosberg. (450)

Conshohocken, Pm, RIDGE PIKE D. I.. R. D. #2. Exec: A. and L. Szlblosky Ent., Norris Th., Norristown. (1000)

Dallas, Pm, DALLAS D. I. Exec: L. E. Groif.

215 Reynolds St.. Kingston. (850) Danville, Pa., ARROW D. I. Exec: K. and B. Th. 00.. Inc. (300) Dickson City, Pa., CIRCLE D. 1., Route 6. Exec: Albert Frangel, 40 Main St., Simpson. (700) Drums, Pa., HAZLETON D. 1., Route 309. Exec: Celeste Rossi. Jr.. Beaver Meadows. (400) DuPont. Pa., COMERFORD D. 1., DuPont Hwy. Exec: Comerford Ct., Scranton. (776)

Easton, Pa., EASTERN MEDINA D. 1., Route 22. Exec: A. Adlman, and Liggett and Florin, New York, N. Y. (825)

Eddystone, Pa.. CHESTER PIKE D. 1., Route 13. Exec: A. M. Ellis Th. Ct., Philadelphia. (700)

Emmaus, Pa., SHIMERVILLE D. 1., R. D. 1.

Exec: J. Christofaro. (275) Frackville, Pa., HI-WAY D. 1., Route 122. Exec: Paul Kerrigan. (702) Freeland, Pa., POPULAR D. 1.. Route 490. Exec: J. Lazo, 87 Laurel St.. Hazleton. (260) Gratz, Pa., SKY VU D. I. Exec: Eston. Artz and Carl. Spring Glen. (232) Greentown, Pa., WHITE BEAUTY D. 1., (Lake Wallenpaupak). Exec: Richard and Leonard Guccini. (200) Halifax. Pa., HALIFAX D. I. Exec: F. Schibe, Higgins and L. Leitzel. Klingerstown. (400)

Harrisburg, Pa., HARRISBURG D. 1.. Rt. 22 and Linglestown Rd. Exec: Paul Kerrigan. Frackville. (850)

Harrisburg, Pa., KEYSTONE D. 1., Route 422.

Exec: A. and L. Sablosky Ent., Norris Th., Norristown. (700) Harveyls Lake, Pa., HANSON D. 1. (Alderson). Exec: Nat Stralcy. Noxen. (400)

Harveyis Lake, Pa., SANDY BEACH D. 1. (Alderson). Exec: Sam Smolovitz, 189 Barney St.. Wilkes-Barre. (400)

Hazleton. Pa., LAUREL D. 1.. P. O. Box 315L. R. D. #1. Exec: Anthony Sacco. 32 First Ave. (400)

Hogestown, Pa., SILVER SPRINGS D. 1., (Harrisburg). Carlisle Pike. Rt. 11. Exec: R. J

Jones. Holly Th., Mt. Holly. (75o) Hummelstown, Pa., MIDWAY D. I. Exec: Elwood Whye. (2-08)

Hummels Wharf, Pm, NUWAY D. 1., Rt. 11-15, between Selinsgrove and Sunbury. Exec. M. L. Spiegelmeyer. (1000)

Lancaster, Pa., SKY-VUE D. 1.. Route 30 East. Exec: H. Chetercolf Th. Ct. (740)

Langhorne, Pa.. LINCOLN D. I. (Bensalem Township), Roosevelt Blvd. and City Line. Exec:

Neil Hellman. (925) Lebanon. Pa., KEY D. 1.. Lebanon and Reading Hwy. Exec: Comerford Ct.. Scranton. (500)

Lehighton, Pm, MAHONING D. 1., R. D. #1. Exec: A. M. Ellis Th. Ct., Philadelphia. (600)

Lewistown, Pm, MIDWAY D. I. Exec: Irving

Berney, Pastime Th. (400) Linden, Pa.. HARVEST MOON D. 1.. P. O. Box 3. Exec: C. F. Beck. (300) Lock Haven. Pa... PARK D. I. Exec: Blatt Bros. Ct., Pittsburgh. (450)

Matamoras, Pa., TRI-STATE D. 1., Box 569. Exec: Irving: Hulst, 7 Winchester Ave., Middle town, N. Y. (400) Moosic, Pm, OAKHILL D. I. Exec: Scavo Bros, Old Forge. (300) Mountain Top, Pa., SUNSET D. 1.. Route 309. Exec: V. Novinski and Assoc. (250) Mount Carmel, Pa., NATALIE D. 1., Route 54. Exec: Max Korr Ct.. Allentown. (600)

Muncy, P8,, STARLITE D. 1.. Rt. 202e-14. P. D. Box 237. Exec: C. Darris and R. Brehm, Renova. (550)

New Oxford, Pa.. CROSS KEYS D. 1., Lincoln Hwy.. Box 25. Exec: H. C. Bondurant, P. O.

Box 58, Gettysburg. (450) Newton Luke. Pa., IDEAL I). 1., Route 70. Exec: J. E. Cerra. Carbondale. (435) Newville. Pm. NEWVILLE D. 1.. Carlisle-Shippensburg Rd. Exec: Don Mowery. (500) Orefield, Pn., SHANKWEILER'S D. I. Exec: W. F. Shankwciler. (274)

Orrtana, Pm, CALEDONIA D. 1., Hwy. 30, Rt. 1. Exec: H. C. Bondurnnt. P. 0. Box 58, Gettysburg. (400)

Philadelphia, Pa., SOUTH CITY D. 1.. Broad St. and Pattison Ave. Exec: Charles Goldfine. (1200)

*Nat included in analysis or .rtatistirs.

Pine Grove, Pa., PINE GROVE D. 1.. R. D. #2. Exec: Eston. Artz, Spring Glen. (300)

Pottsville, Pa" POTTSVILLE D. 1., Rt. 122 Mill Creek Rd. Exec: Charles Poorman. 640 Mauch Chunk St. (550)

Reading. Pm, MT. PENN D. I., P. O. Box 965. Exec: Jay Emanuel Ths., and Fabian Ths..

Philadelphia. (750) Saylorsburg, Pa.. SAYLORSBURG D. I. Exec: Stanley and Raymond F. Mackes. (300)

Sayre, Pa.. VALLEY D. I. Exec: J. Ryan. (600)

Schuylkill Haven, Pa., RENNINGER D. 1., Route 122. Exec: C. Swade, 48 S. Lehigh, Frackville.

Shnmokin, Pa., SHAMOKIN D. 1. Exec: W. S. Finch. (200) Springhouse, Pan ROUTE 309 D. I. (Mont gomeryville), Box 164. Exec: V. C. Smith, 840 Cooper St., Camden. N. J. (550)

Strinestown, Pa.. STRINESTOWN D. 1. Exec: G. W. Poe, Jr., R. D. #1, Manchester. (150)

Tamaqua, Ps., VALLEY D. 1. (Hometown), Route 2. Exec: Petrole Bros. (500)

Temple, Pa., READING D. I.. Berkley Rd., Rt. 222. Box 408. Exec: Jay Emanuel The., and Fabian Ths., Philadelphia. (844)

Thomasville, Pa., LINCOLN D. 1. (York Co.), Rt. 30. Exec: H. J. Halliwell, C. Smyth. E. M.

Thorne. (750) Tunkhannock, Pm, STARLITE D. 1. (Eatonville). R. D. #5. Exec: Marvin Sands. (250)

Waynesboro, Pa., RED RUN D. 1. (Rouzerville). P. O. Box 527. Exec: W. R. Saunders. 207

First Federal Bldg., Wooster, Ohio. (500) Wellsboro, Pa., "Y" D. I. Exec: Larry Woodin, Arcade Th. (300)

West Chester, Pa., 202 D. I. (Painterls Cross roads). General Delivery. Exec: Isaac L. Lenz. (500)

West Milton, Pa., SILVER MOON D. 1., Rt. 15 between Lewisburg and West Milton. Exec: Frank

W. Royer. (600) West Wyoming, Pa., MOONLITE D. 1., 1190 Shoemaker Ave. Exec: James Rizzo. (421) Williamsport, Pa., LYCOMING D. I., 21 Washington Blvd. Exec: Albert L. Shafer. (800) Williamstown. Pa., TEMPLE D. 1., Tower CitYLykens Rd. Exec: John Shabe. (300) Wysox, Pa., WYSOZ D. I. Exec: Marvin Sands, Tunkhannock. (400) York, Pa.. STONY BROOK D. 1. (East York), Route 30. Exec: Vernon Smith. (825)



(NOTE: See also Philadelphia Terrimry)

Aliquippa. Pm, GREEN GARDENS D. 1.. Hopewell Township. Exec: James and Joseph Taylor. and Bert Stearn, Cooperative Th. Service, Pitts burgh. (350)

Altoona, Pa.. ALTOONA D. 1., Route 36. Exec: Earl Beckwith, Blatt Bros. Ths., 1705 Blvd. 0! the Allies, Pittsburgh. (700)

Altoona, Pm, SUPER 220 D. I. Exec: Grance Outdoor Ths., and Bert Stearn, (lo-operative

Ths., Pittsburgh. (600)

Baden, Pan ABC D. 1., Rt. 88, P. O. Box 142. Phil Smith Ct., Boston, Mass. and Louis Hanna,

Hanna Th. Service, Pittsburgh. (750) Baree (Huntington Co.), Pa., TWIN CITIES D. I. Exec: Bob Handy. (0630)

Beaver, Pa" TUSCA D. 1.. Box 122. Exec: Dr. Lewis H. Urling, and Vincent Corso, Star Distr. Agy., Pittsburgh. (500)

Beaver Falls, Pm, HI-WAY 51 I). 1., Route 51. Exec: John Wincek and Ralph Tate, 226 Meyer Ave., New Castle. (500)

Beaver Falls. Pa., SPOTLIGHT 88 D. 1., Route 88. EXec: Ralph Felton, 1025 Rose Ave., New Castle, and Louis Hanna, Hanna Th. Service.

Pittsburgh. (600) Bedford. Pm. MOONLIGHT D. I.. R. D. #2. Exec: AI Burtnett. 113 W. Pitt. (350)

Belle Vernon, Pa., SUPER #71 I). 1.. Rts. '71 and 711. Exec: Danny Costello. and Vincent Corso. Star Distr. Agy.. Pittsburgh. (700)

Bridgeville, Pm, EL RANCHO D. 1., Route 28Exec: Romeo Chianpini. 800 Michigan Ave.. Jeanette, and Vincent Corso, Star Distr. ARV-Pittsburgh. (750)

Butler, Pa., BUTLER I). 1.. Route 68. Exec: A. B. Caldwell, and Louis Hanna, Hanna ThServicc. Pittsburgh. (350)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 220