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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 226 (192)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 226
Page 226

Drive-ins Mentioned

Creek, Ston, VA
Boston, Sout, VA
Broadway Open Air Drive-In, Henrico, VA
Acres, Newport News, VA

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 226

Fannyille, Va., FARMVILLE I). I. Exec: Neigh borhood Tns.. Richmond. (4W) Floyd. Va.. PINE TAVERN MOVIE PARK. Exec: L. Branscome. (150} Fredericksburg, Vn., PITTS D. I. Exec: Benj. T. Pitts Ct. (546) Fries, Va.. HESTERS D. I. Exec: W. H. Hester.

(225) Front Royal, Va., PITTS D. I. Exec: Benj. T. Pitts Ct., Frederickshurg. (500) Galax, Va., AIRPORT D. I. Exec: R. F. Jones.

(200) Galux. Vn., MIDWAY D. 1., Route 22]. Exec: R. F. Jones. (300)

Galax, Va., STAR D. I. Exec: Cecil Curtis. (300) Gate City. Va.. SUNDOWN D. 1., Gate City

HWY., Rt. 6. Exec: Sundown Th. (200) Gordonsville. Va., GORDONSVILLE D. I. Exec: E. L. Orndulf. (100)

Hampton, Va., LUST D. I. (Hilton Village), P. O. Box 143. Exec: Sidney Lust Ct., 711 14th

St. N.W.. Washington, D. C. (760) Harrisonbutg, Va., HARRISONBURG D. 1., Box 685. Exec: R. L. Bean. (300)

Harrisonburg. Va.. ROTH D. I. Exec: Valley Entr., 1336 New York Ave., N.W.. Washington.

D. C. (300) Hillsville. Va., HILLSVILLE D. I. Exec: M. P. Newman. (2513) Kenbridge, Va., K and T D. I. Exec: Kendig and Tanner. (200) Keysville, Va., KEYSVILLE D. I. Exec: W. L. Torytiess. (1:30)

Lawrenceville, Va., LAWRENCEVILLE D. I. Exec: Valley Entr., 1336 New York Ave.. N.W..

Washington. D. C. (150) Lexington, Va., LEE D. I. Exec: R. Perdue.

(220) Louisa. Va., DICKS D. 1., R.F.D. #2. Exec: R. G. Robertson. (100) Louisa, Va., TALLEY HO D. I. Exec: H. C. Talley. (200) Lynchburg, Va.. AMHERST D. I. Exec: Neighborhood Ths.. Richmond. (495) Lynchburg. Va., HARVEYTS D. I. Exec: R. L. White. (500) Manassas, Va., PITTS D. I. Exec: Benj. T. Pitts Ct.. Fredericksburg. (200) Marion, Va., SKYVIEW D. I.. P. O. Box 693. Exec: W. Branscome. (280) Martinsville, Va., CENTRAL D. I. Exec: Mrs. F. W. Carper. (200) Martinsville, V3,, FRIENDLY D. 1. Exec: Cecil Ward. (300)

Martinsville, Va., MARTINSVILLE D. 1., Hwy. 220. Exec: W. A. Davis, F. B. Davis, and S.

B. Terry. (300) McClure, Va., LEE OPEN AIR 1). 1., Route 64. Exec: William Southern. (100) New Canton, Va., ARVONIA D. I. Exec: W. D. Browning, Jr. (100) New Castle, Va.. LYNN D. I. Exec: Jerome Abbott. (150)

Newport News, Va., GREEN ACRES AUTO PARK, Box 461, 39th St. and Aberdeen. Exec: Gordon Bros. (500)

Norfolk, Va., NORFOLK D. 1., Virginia Beach Blvd., Rt. 58. Exec: Fabian CL. 1501 Broad way. New York, N. Y. (800) Norfolk, Va., WILDER D. I. Exec: Wilder Ct.. Colley Th. Bldg. (650) Orange. Van. ORANGE D. I. Exec: Wally Johnson. (100) Patrick Springs, Va., PATRICK D. I. Exec: Cecil Ward. (230) Pearisburg, Va., PARK D. I., Box 147. Exec: Linden Hurst. (300) Petersburg. Va., BLUE STAR D. I. Exec: Kent Benson. (250) Petersburg, Va.. PARK D. 1., 2400 E. Bank, P. O. Box 813. Exec: W. R. Saunders. (500)

'Petersburg, Va., PETERSBURG D. I. Exec: F. K. McKinnish. (175*Closed)

Portsmouth. Va.. AUTOPORT D. I. Exec: George

Davis. (675) Radford, Va., HI WAY D. I., Rt. 11. P. O. Box 842. Exec: C. A. Lucas. (416) Richland, Va., GUYiS D. I. Exec: F. G. Flaue nery. Jr. (300) Richmond, Va., BELLWOOD D. I., Rt. 1, Box 1896. Exec: Neighborhood The. (1000)

Richmond, Va.. BROADWAY OPEN AIR D. 1.. 4116 Grove Ave. Exec: E. H. Dreylinger. (504)

Richmond, Va., DIXIE D. 1., 219 E. Main. Exec:

Childress and Childress. (355) Roanoke, Va., LEE H1 D, 1., Rt. 11, Lee Hwy. Exec: J. R. Francis. (600) Roanoke, Va.. NORTH 11 D. 1., Peters Creek Rd. Exec: R. C. Saunders. (400) Roanoke, Va., SHENANDOAH D. 1. Exec: L. I. Theimer. (300) Roanoke. Va.. STAR CITY D. I. Exec: Warner and Chance. (250) Roanoke. Va.. TRAIL D. I. Exec: G. A. Mundy.

(250) Rocky Mount, Va., FAIRGROUND D. I. Exec: Cecil Ward. (200) Rocky Mount, Va., STAR VUE D. I. Exec: J. B. Allman. (200) Rural Retreat, Va., HILAND D. I. Exec: C. E. Dalton. (150) Sandston, Va., RICHMOND D. 1., Williamsburg Rd. Exec: J. J. Kimmel. (500) South Boston. Va.. HIWAY 501 D. 1., P. 0. Box 409. Exec: E. R. English. (200) South Boston, Va., MOONLITE D. 1., Route 58. Exec: G. H. Vaughan. (100) South Hill, Va., OAK D. I. Exec: G. V. Jenkins and C. W. Gregary. (-7)

*Stuney Creek, Va., STONEY CREEK D. I. Exec: Allen C. Fish. (200gClosed)

Stuart, Va., SKYVUE D. I. Exec: C. F. Branscome. (150)

*Stuar'tsvine, Va., STUARTSVILLE n. I. Exec: R. M. Smith. (16mm. Film)

SulTolk. Va., PLANTATION D. I. Exec: Cecil Houck. (500)

Suffolk, Va., SUFFOLK D. I. Exec: Valley Entr., 1336 New York Ave. N.W., Washington,

D. C. (300) Tazewell. Va... SUNSET D. I. Exec: T. 1). Field. (200) Troy, Va.. HUNTERS D. I. Exec: .I. T. Robinson, Jr. (100) Van Sant, Va., VAN SANT D. I. Exec: J. J. Kraft. Jr. (300) Vinton, Va., DIXIE D. 1.. P. O. Box 157. Exec: E. C. Greasy and W. A. Bohon. (275) Virginia Beach, Va., BEACH D. I. Exec: Allen Soble, Franklin. (*) Warrenton, Va., WARRENTON D. I. Exec: Benj. Pitts CL, Fredericksburg. (150)

Warwick, Va., ANCHOR D. 1., Jefferson Ave. N. of Main St., (Cncsten.eld r. U.l. Exec: un known. (350) Wayncsboro, Va., SKYLINE D. 1., 326 King Ave. Exec: Newbold and Kessling Ct. (407)

West Point, Va.. WEST POINT D. 1.. P. O. Box 201, Rt. 30. Exec: J. B. Cowles and M.

Pilcher. (350) Williamsburg, Va... STOCKADE D. I. Richmond Rd. Exec: Cecil Houck. (350) Winchester, Va.. ROYAL D. 1., Box 359. Exec: E. E. Ours. (300) Winchester, Va., WINCHESTER D. I.. Siler Star. Rt. Exec: Ray J. Becker. (300) Wise, Va., MULLINS OPEN AIR D. 1.. Rt. 23. Exec: Earl B. Mullins. (75) Woodstock, Va., SHENANDOAH D. I. (Edinburg). Rt. 1. Exec: Teddy Shull. (300) Wytheville, Va., SUNSET D. 1. Exec: Convern Dalton. (200) Yorktown, Va., YORK D. I., P. O. Box 463. Exec: M. V. Hogge. (200)

West Virginia

(NOTE: See also Cincinnati and Pittrbnrgh Tcrrilmirx)

Bartow, W. Va., BARTOW D. I. (Frankl. Exec: Gray Barker, Box 981, Clarksburg. (200)

Bolivar, W. Va., FORT D. I. Exec: E. F. Lane.

P. O. Box 761, Martinsburg. (A) Burlington, W. Va., BAKERIS AIR PARK. Exec: D. S. Baker. (200) Marlington, W. Va., BUCKEYE D. I. Exec: Charles J. Eib. (200)

Martinsburg, W. Va., PINE GROVE D. 1., Williamsport Pike. Exec: Harry Aikens, Clear hrook. Va. (275) Martinshurg, W. Va.. SKY VUE D. I., P. 0. Box 652. Exec: Mrs. S. D. Murphy. (400)

Moorefield, W. Va., MOOREFIELD D. 1., Rt. 220. Exec: James Miley, and Gray Barker, Box 981. Clarksburg. (200)

*Nuf inrlmlrd in nszym or .rlafixffrx.



with a Total Capacity of 1,354, 706 Automobiles

This is +he PROVED RECORD cafegorically lisled in +he preceding pages and resulting from a careful checking 0+ "grass roots" level in each of lhe 3l Dislribul'ion Areas. Higher lolols have been claimed, and have been broadcaer lhrough the wire services and general press. Furlher analysis provesI however.

+hai' such folals result from: (I) duplication resulting from similarity of names. and indefinileness of rural postal addresses. and (2) ihe acceptance of slate license applicaiion folals without deleting proposed ones which were never built, unsuccessful ones now closedI and I6mm.-equipped ones.



1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 226