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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 240 (205)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 240
Page 240

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 240


SCREEN TOWERSvrPre-fabricated

SENIOR SPEAKER H Most steel construction. Three tYDGS *advanced in electronic and D I Beam ' TH *Rigid FY'Ame- All

provide housing space in base, for sotrage. omces or living,r quarters. All DIT-MCO towers designed and

mechanical design. This unit

features amplitude and faith

fu] reproduction of sound c built-in strict conformance to

heretofore unknown in .m 0 American Institute of Steel. Cont struction specifications. Built to

III-2 "ir speaker. Transfor- withstand 90 mile gales with ample

factor of safety. Get prices and "00 h . I] . particulars 0n DIT-MCO towers in o m impecante. I before you buy. A PICTURE IS ; ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SCREEN: A SCREEN IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE TOWER.

mcr tapped for 2500 and

SCREEN COATING 7Ameri a's Finest DriveIn Theatre Screen Paint. High titanium content the Whitest known white pigment. Produces a nong'lossy flat surface to give unexcelled picture projection. Black masking also available.

CONCESSION BUILDING SPEAKER W Designed for near ceiling: mountingr and grill slanted so as to bringr sound down rather than 'tomary "blare in {hr Beautiful design

ru ,cd construction > unparalleled reproduction.

J U N I 0 R S P E A K E Re Speakers illustrated above or at right may be had to re

place any make of speakers you are now using.

AMERICA'S FINEST $515111? -LIGHT HXTUREST FPY post Oi fence mounting. Panels exit,

RAMP IDENTIFICA- arrow right or left to be installed TION AND DRIVE). at exit end of each ramp to 'speed

WAY FLOODLIGHT up emptying: of drive-in; also opaque

panels for lighting entrance or exit *The one and Only driveway. Panels reading "MENS" original patented or ELADIES" available.

STANDEE SPEAKER n For coverage of your playground and walkin patrons! seating. for rear ramps. for trucks and for overflow crowds. Cast aluminum housingsr 6" x 9" waterproof speaker. withstands weather and abuse. Transformer impedance 2300 and 7500 OHM taps. Can be pre set to any desired volume. tamper proof. The ideal speaker for the purpose.

ramp light serving a 3 way purpose ramp numeral > full sign

and driveway Flood light. CENTER AISLE LIGHT

> Make it easier for patrons to get to and from conces on stand by properly marking ramps .ii u-mcr aisle.

ENTRANCE and EXIT LIGHTS (In the right is illustrated the on the left is the huge double small Entrance or Exit fixture.

. This fixture 20" x 15" x 6" face Entrance or Exit fixturei . . and glass panels for it are avail , V .4; V n . . , m. . r 40, K 1') A 6 t These afe 'Wafl able reading Entrance or EXIt able in single or double iace With with aFmWS painting right 0,. :4 15s panels reading Entrance or left. Specially worded panels for

Exit Mld with arrows right or this Fixture are also available. Double face fixtures are furnished .[p t # .lllld with 2 mounting brackets; single (I'm (w'u (UL [ace fixtures with one.

left. Specially worded panels are

PORTHOLE BLOWERS i Projection Porthole Blower. The DIT-MCO projector lens protector liceps dust. min and insecis from enterin projection port. A. . urcs (-li-an. flawless projection. Eliminates need for optiv cal e'lass in pm'tholc opening. Should be standard equipment in every Drive-In. In indoor theatres it pi. . tic-ally eliminater greasy lipstick and rouu'r- lint coming: from handlwi'chii-l's and (*lvansing tissi ,s. This are forms a coatingr on

coatvd looses which is almost im-

possihlc to remove.

CONCESSION LIGHT irinstall a concession light on all sides of your concession stand. Make It ivisy for your patrons to find! ()thur special pancls aVailahlv.

PROGRAM TIME SCHEDULE HOLDER Saves (:ashicr's time in answering patrons' questions as to show time. A convenience to patrons. Also available for wall mountingr in booth, concession stand or manager's OillL't'. SOIISIlJtUEILtJd] oi' (t'mllcal'tll prcsdiirornl to with- Nee-Seal Burial Wire F. an( I V LL'H r0. ' i I' r .' " '

'H I h "11 O'HH'IL *"LUU Service Savers (Carry Out Trays)

desk or wall mounting. BOXUFFICE TICKET . t and CHANGE MAKING SPACE L()(IK.# VleDlnhltb - Replacemeni Koiled Kords 1h? :1 Um'num Replacement Speaker Cords

Colvlers ticket Ollfflllling inhlgoxoiiice window in TFMHD INN"!Iioclietsv: ((liihubowloicliedl 'piac: at Iz-l't makes it Replacement Speaker Uml's loaves nd can only be op(-Iii-d from inside l'IlSHlMem Hm'" Playground EquiPme"+ hoxoilicu. Mailo for any sizo opi-ning. Mailv of Steel and Fibre Drag Brooms I Steel Speaker Posts Atomic Jef Lump House Blowers

heavy plastic. Locks of aluminum. Sketch . givinrz opening si 0 must accompany order. MLO gig], SPEAKER OPEN G GRILL Plastic disks l'mckvi '5. "'1' with oii'set louvr( pvrniits perfect hearingr yvt Milo: Dmvldos u pi'cvvnts cold :1 from rushing into ticket wnlo Stun 0" booth. For any 5 .8 round spcakor opening, which to Shuldi easily Hitachi-d. (:"l he NANNY attached to any rung. Thi- INT-MFG Safety Wood Ladder is America' s Finest. Ideal for changing marr [11100 letters, etc.


Division of


(Pronounced DifoMa-Co) 505 W. 9th Street

Kansas City 5. Missouri Telephone: HArrison 8007 - B484 ,


Tu [mil/1,110 inquiry I'P lbr 11/7011, [III-air mull/017 1/7? ru/Imn and page munbrr.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 240