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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 251 (215)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 251
Page 251

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 251

All sizes of Wagner aluminum leH'ers are sloHed wifh uniform spacing i so +ha+ ANY and ALL sizes can be used on Wagner Frames. This is an exclusive pafenfed feaiure. Wagner SloHed Aluminum LeHers Cannof ,

freeze +o +he sign. i:

Wagner aluminum leH'ers are available in +he widesl' variefy of colors. finishes and sl'yles of +ype and in more sizes fhan offered by any ofher line. Solid color cove leHers are made in 4". 8", I0"I l2". I6". 24" and 30" sizes. Colored or aluminum cove edge leHers are made in 4". 8", l0". l2". I6". 24" and 30" sizes. Gofhic leHers are made in 6", 8". l0" and I2" sizes. and pos+er leHers are made in 8" and I0" sizes.


These minia'rure frames mounf on slandard Wagner Frames oi 7-inch bar spacing and provide for The easy forming of unifs of less imporfanf words wifh 4-inch leHers. They save space. permii befier use oi space and make word-plafes unnecessary. Flex-Word Uniis are exiremely flexible. The 4-inch leHers can be sfaggered in +hree lines. or lwo sfraighf lines can be used in a space ihaf ordinarily accommodafes one row of IO" leHers. Flex-Word Frames are available for eifher sfraighf or curved aHracfion boards. Two or more Flex-Word Frames can be buffed iogeiher fo handle long words.

Wagner Flex-Word Frames are available in horizonial lengfhs of 8",

l2", I6", 20" and 24".


For indoor fheafre use. They pick up indirecf Iighfing. appear +0 be lighled. Jewel-like everlasfing colors go all +he way +hrough. Canno+

chip or scale. Shock- Drilled for mounfing with nails or screws onfo any cove. sill or ofher wood foun- i

I, I, u H dafion, these mounfing sfrips can be placed on fop of a wood surface and The 3

' PrOOf' 4 I 6 ' 8 I '0 leHers moun+ed in fhe "sfandee" posifionl or fhe s'rrips can be fasfened on fhe

and '7" sizes in red. blueI green. amber and block. underside of a wood surface and fhe lefiers used in suspended posifion. l . In determining fhe Ienglh of mounling sirip needed for any number of Wagner Transparenf Plashc Colored LeHers are leH'ers, esiimaie as follows: for 4-inch leH'ers, allow 4 inches of space on ihe

mounting strip for each leHer' which permiis proper spacing. Allow 4 inches

l u u- ( eaglly adap+able +0 any arrangemenf or condi of space befween words. For IO-inch leHers, allow I0 inches of space on fho i

fions wifhin +he fheafre by using s+ainless s+eel sfrip for each leHer. and I0 inches of space belween words.

mounfing ships designed for {his flexible use. Mouniing sfrips come complefe, including necessary aHached clips for holding leHers in posifion, drilled and ready for ins'rallafion.

These IeHers occupy such small space fhaf fhey

can be sef up on ledges, and many ofher places SW, 7%,

where no o+her display equipmenf could possibly be used. No special wiring is necessary and no 2 1 8 s. H o Y n e A v e n u e alfera+ions are required. c H I c A G o 1 2 IL L.

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 251