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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 258 (222)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 258
Page 258

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 258

Modern Restroom Recommendations

Comfort, Sanitation, and Beauty Count Heavily In the Profitable Operation of Any Showplace

You may have the best movie in town and your seats may be the most com< fortable for miles around. But if your restrooms are unsanitary and untidye or too small to accommodate the crowds, you are risking a substantial loss of customers by creating ill-will.

After all, your patrons feel that it is really your duty to provide airy, attractive restrooms and will resent it if your restrooms are small, old-fashioned, and ill-smelling.

Time was when restrooms were a hushhush subjectenever to be mentioned in polite company. But that day is long since past, and the restroom topic bobs up in even the most guarded conversations.

You theatre owners had better watch out. For if your restrooms arenlt up to snap, word soon gets around. And that word can really hurt you. Because once people get the idea that you are not interested in providing them with clean, comfortable restrooms, your reputation really takes on new meaning. For overnight you turn into a tight-fisted operas tor whols interested only in salting away profits for yourself with nary a thought for the comfort and health of your patrons.

How many times have you heard an irrate woman coming out of a dingy theatre restroom mumbling something like: uIf it weren't for the fact that this place has good movies, lid never come here. Have you ever seen such a filthy, repulsive restroomim Then, likely as not,


Public Relations Department American Radiator 8: Standard Sanitary Corp.

BRIEF: Careful attention to the equipment, furnishing, decoration, and maintenance of retiring rooms is a matter of prime concern to theatremen everywhere . . . All the efforts expended to attract patronage may well be in vain . . . if the prevailing restroom conditions are in any way odensive . . . and not up to the most rigorous standards of comfort and sanitation.

Detailed here are the special considerations involved in powder rooms aml meals rooms . . and some generally applicable recommendations for lighting, soundproofing, selecting fixtures, planning color schemes, and providing washroom supplies.

Included are some valuable suggestions for conducting an intensive restroom improvement program . . . or planning the sanitary facilities of new theatres.


she'll add, tiltls high time that manager took some of the money heis coining and spent it on improving the sanitary facilities around here."

Make your restrooms your best rooms. Your patrons will surely appreciate it and the public good will toward you and your theatre will shoot upwards.

We might begin by taking a good,

LADIES' BEST AND TOILET ROOMS present a real opportunity for the decorator's ability, but future maintenance is a dominant consideration. Colorful tile. and wall-hung fixtures and partitions help.

critical look at your restrooms. Lets start with the womenls powder room. First of all, is it attractive? Rather, does your wife think it is? If the answers a strong NO or, at most, a feeble yes, then its time for action.

Maybe youlll want to enlarge your restroom area to provide space for additional toilets and wash basins. If you decide to knock out a wall to make the room larger, then it may be that you will want to start from scratch with all new fixtures, modern walls and floor, and an up-to-date color scheme.

Waterproof Floors and Walls

Chances are youlll want to begin by covering the floors with new terrazzo, tile, marble, or plastic, depending on the structural characteristics of your building. Any of these materials makes excellent, easy-to-mop surfaces designed to withstand hard daily use.

For your restroom walls we would suggest waterproof material such as tile, structural glass, or durable plastic. The initial expense of putting up this type of Walls will be higher than the cost of adding a fresh coat of paint. But youlll be glad you have it in the long run. For the extra good looks and easyto-clean features of this modern kind of walls are well worth the increased initial cost of installation. Besides, there is never any need later on to paint the walls.

Good Lighting

Youlll be thanked if you provide ample lighting in' your public restrooms, too. Not the brilliant, glaring type, but the kind thatls bright enough to show up details of grooming, yet restful for tired eyes. Modern lighting recessed in the ceiling or in a molding is especially effective for the overall lighting. Be sure, though, that the lights for the restroom proper are sufiicient to light the inside of the toilet compartments also. For too often one finds a welllighted restroom with toilet compartments in an almost blackout condition because the doors shut out the light from the ceiling or walls.

Spot lights over the mirrors are always welcome, too, especially among the women patrons who like plenty of light for their make-up activities.

Insist on lots of ventilation for your restrooms. For your patrons will certainly be grateful for airy, fresh-smelling toilet rooms. Too often public restrooms are close, foul-smelling dens that give the impression of being nothing but disease-breeders.

Good Ventilation

Of course, an ideal ventilating arrangement provides windows to the outside

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 258