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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 259 (223)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 259
Page 259

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 259

somewhere along the wall in addition to powerful electric fans that circulate the air. Besides, special neutralizing cleansers can be used in the water closets to strengthen the ventilating job.


Why not have sound-deadening ceilings in your restrooms-especially the busy ones where large groups of people congregate during the intermission or after the feature movie is over. Soundabsorbing ceilings help make the atmosphere so restful and relaxing that they will be more than appreciated by your patrons.

When Winter comes youill want to have delightfully warm restrooms. So it might be well for you to check your restroom heating units. If boilers are used to heat the whole building, then perhaps youill want to have the radiators recessed in the wall to save valuable space. On the other hand, you may prefer to enhance your restrooms by installing recessed convectors because of their attractive, smooth-front panels.

Arrangement of Fixtures

Your restrooms are often crowded? Then try to arrange the trafiic flow so that there will be a minimum of confusion during the busy hours. You can accomplish this by grouping the water closets together in one section and the lavatories (wash basins) in another.

Install the service sink and cleaning tools in a compartment at one end of the row of water closet stalls. This makes it convenient for the attendant to have the cleaning equipment handy and yet neatly hidden away out of sight.

Large mirrors are always welcome in these rooms. But youill be wise not to place the mirrors directly above the lavatories in the women's restroom. Put them, instead, in another part of the room so that the women wonit be tempted to linger at the lavatories after washing their hands to comb their hair and put on lipstick.

Restroom traffic is thus speeded up and loose hair wonlt clutter the lavatories or clog the drains.

A ledge or shelf for pocketbooks and packages should be placed above the


Selecting Suitable Fixtures

If youire smart, youlll keep your eye on maintenance costs when youire planning your remodeled restrooms. So why not start cutting these costs immedii ately by installing wall-hung toilets and Wash basins? They save time by being so easy to clean in a hurry. And they allow the restroom attendants to hose or mop the lioor from wall to wall quickly without bumping into any dirtcollecting pedestals, lavatory legs, or other iixtures-to-floor projections. Have the toilet compartments themselves also wall-hung for greater efficiency.

Donit forget to have foot-operated fiush valves on your water closets, too. For, as you probably realize, women especially donit like to touch any handles with their hands when flushing the Water closets.

You'll be wise to insist on the finest quality water closets, tooeones with


strong flushing actions and a generous water area. Because, if theres one thing you donit want, its the nuisance of having water closets that donit stand up to hard use and are constantly in need of service and repairs.

So youire guaranteed to be pleased with your investment if you install the kind of water closets that are designed for long, hard service.

Selecting Toilet Seats

There are several kinds of toilet seats to be considered. Probably one of the most satisfactory is the open-front type, made of a heavy composition material molded over a hardwood core. Another well-wearing seat consists of a hardwood core covered with a thick, hard rubber surface.

Usually these seats are available in white or black, although sometimes they can be purchased in colors to match the water closets.

New Women's Urinals

And while were on the subject of water closets for your womenis restroom, how about putting in some of the new womenis urinals? Theyire designed, you know, especially for restrooms which receive much public use. Theyive made a big hit with women everywhere because they're so hygienic and sanitary. The secret of their success lies in the fact that you donit have to touch them when using them. "Best improvement in restroom equipment in years," is what the women are saying


A SMALL SUITE oi rest rooms (right) can be smartly modern through built-in waste recepMales and shelves. Note the positioning of: (A) napkin receptacles, (B) napkin dispensers. (C) recessed lowal dispensers and waste receptacles. and (D) small utility shelves inside toilet partitions. Larger facilities (below) are an expansion oi the same (home where greater need exists and the necessary space is available.

about 'these urinals. Then, too, these fixtures have no seat on them. So theyire easy to clean in a jiffy. And restroom attendants surely appreciate this advantage. Being so sanitary, these vitreous china urinals help keep the restroom tidy and clean. They are therefore welcomed by fastidious women everywhere.

Choosing Lavatories

In selecting lavatories, you will be delighted with basins made of genuine vitreous china, for they give the restroom a certain air of luxury that attracts people. Besides, they usually retain their good looks for an exceptionally long time, and this means a lot when you consider the replacement costs involved in selecting other types that donit wear so well.

But whatever kind of basins you choose for your restrooms, be sure that the faucets have combination fittings so that the hot and cold water can be mixed before coming out. Its a good idea, too, to equip the faucets with metal aerators to prevent the water from splashing.

Toilet Stall Equipment

In your women's toilet compartments, why not hang a sanitary napkin dispenser? This makes it more pleasant and convenient for the women patrons than having one in the more public secs tion of the restroom. Then, too, include a closed metal disposal can for the used napkins.

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 259