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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 260 (224)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 260
Page 260

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 260

You may want to have individual toilet tissues rather than rolls of toilet paper in your restroom compartments. Many building managers feel that people tend to waste the paper if its on rolls. Whatever kind of paper you use, though, its well to have it contained in metal dispensers that hinge onto the wall rather than being built into the wall. This allows for replacement with newer models of dispensers as time goes by. 0

Women will appreciate it if you provide a utility shelf inside the toilet compartment for their purses and packages. The most convenient type folds down to act as a lock on the compartment door as well as a place for packages-where they will not be forgotten and left behind.

Men's Restrooms

A word about your menis restrooms. They don't need to be so lush, perhaps, as your womenis power rooms. But insist on quality plumbing fixtures that will assure you years of efiicient service. When selecting urinals for the men, we might recommend the individual wallhung models as being about the most satisfactory upon the sanitary point of view. While the urinals may be situated out in the open, don't forget to provide closed compartments for the regular water closets.

Play Up Color

Your women customers will bless you if you select colored fixtures for their restroom, for these days color is becoming more important all the time as part




of interior decorating schemes. And the soft pastel water closets and basins now being made appeal to womenls color awareness and give the restroom a certain individuality and luxury all its own. Besides, striking color schemes can be worked out, using colored fixtures to blend or contrast with the walls of the rest room. Quite attractive, for instance, are peach fixtures against a background of delicate blue walls. A most appealing color scheme features lavatories and water closets in a warm Corallin shade -a cheerful peach tonesagainst pale aqua tinted walls. Contrasting color highlights in the way of toilet compartment stalls and fioors in a deep turquoise shade create a dramatic impression. Maroon is another popular shade to use as a contrast to peach fixtures. For a more neutral eifect, try grey walls as a background for the Corallin fixtures.

No matter what color scheme you decide upon, though, you might as well settle for off-white ceilings, for they help reflect the light over the entire room and make it seem extra bright and spacious.

Maybe you prefer white fixtures in your restrooms. If so, youlll not be sorry if you feature pale lemon-yellow walls. Yellow is always a warm, welcome color that appeals to almost everybody. Bottle-green compartment stalls and floors make a pleasing contrast to the walls and also to the white fixtures. Green and yellow, you know, are usually safe bets as color choices because theylre found so much in nature and are always so fresh-looking.

Some of you no doubt prefer ivory

fixtures for your restrooms. This being so, then why not feature stalls and floors in a chocolate brown or terra cotta color against grey-blue walls? This makes a delightful color combination.

You theatre owners who have large restrooms should keep to conservative color schemes; its the smaller restrooms that are best suited to the more daring effects, colorwise.

Incidentally, men arenit so color conscious as women. In fact, they usually prefer tan, ivory, or white fixtures in their restrooms.

Lots of Soap and wafer

Your patrons will appreciate it if you provide a generous supply of hot water. You will want to regulate it, though, so that it wonit ever be too hot for safety, for, with little children using your restrooms, its well to take every precaution against dangerous accidents.

As far as the soap goes (and some of it doesnt go very far)-you should have a plentiful supply-whatever type you use, whether its liquid soap, suds coming out of a dispenser, or soap powder.

Towel Talk

Keeping an ample towel supply can be another problem. But it need not be. For there are several types of restroom towels on the market these days that are economical and eiiicient. It may be that you prefer individual paper towels -or perhaps you find a roll of perforated paper towels to be most economical.

On the other hand, if you donit mind laundry costs and replacement bills, you

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A TYPICAL FLOOR-PLAN plus three elevation sections. portrays the interesting use of irregular outlines to accomplish a modem men's toilet and lavatory room. Wall hung partitions and fixtures pose no future maintenance problems and all needed facilities are housed in a small area.

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 260