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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 261 (225)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 261
Page 261

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 261

might insist on linen towelseeither individual ones or a machine-operated roller towel. After all, if you can afford them, clean cloth towels are usually more popular than paper towels.

Whatever your choice of towels is, however, donit forget to provide a container for the used towels. If your restrooms are large enough to warrant a big used towel bin, a hamper with a swinging lid is perhaps best for proper towel disposal. It may be that your restrooms are small, though, requiring only a small wet towel container. Waste baskets can be used for this, although its wise not to use Wire baskets because they sometimes tend to make the room look sloppy when theyire filled with paper. You might want built-in towel dispensers and waste receptacles made in one unit. Theyire very neat and space-saving, too.

After all this talk about towels, you might prefer automatic electric hand driers. These machines operate at the push of a button and turn off when the drying job is finished. They help keep the restroom tidy, too, because they eliminate the need for towels of any kind.

Added Comforts

Now your women patrons will be delighted if you provide comfortable stools or chairs and a dressing table for them in front of the mirror. They will appreciate having hand mirrors on the table or counter top in front of them so that they can check the back view of their hair before going outside. You can attach these mirrors to a chair if youlre afraid of having them stolen.

Theylll bless you, too, if you install full-length mirrors in the restroom where they can see whether their slips are showing and whether their stocking seams are straight.

Large, hard-to-break ash trays. are a "must" where smoking is permitted. So are Waste baskets, too.

And when it's at all possible in the larger theatres, an attractive lounge furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas, distinctive lamps and tables, should adjoin the restrooms to provide a quiet place forirelaxationiaway from the bustle of the outside lobby.

In your restroom improvement campaign, youill be rewarded for your efforts in the increased goodwill of your patrons and the realization that you are thus contributing to the progress of public health and sanitation.

CHECKLIST FOR RESTROOM MODERNIZATION 1. Floors: Are they waterproof, easy-toclean, long-wearing? Suggested coverings: terrazzo, tile, or plastic material.

2. Walls: Should be waterproof and easy to clean. Tile, structural glass, or plastic makes attractive and long-lasting walls.

3. Ceilings: Are most useful in an off-white shade to reflect light and give restrooms large, airy appearance.

4. Lighting: Does it brighten up the inside


is h

MEN'S FACILITIES showing an interesting use oi floor and wall tiles and modern wall-hung fixtures.

of the water closet stalls as well as the restroom proper? Donit forget to have special lights for your table mirrors.

5. Ventilation: Should supply a steady flow of fresh air with electric fans and outdoor windows if possible.

6. Sound eifects: Avoid restroom noise by sound absorbing ceilings.

7. Location: The handier the better. If possible, don't make people walk up or downstairs from the " lobby to reach the restrooms.

8. Color: Feature attractive color schemes, using fixtures and Walls as starting points. If your restroom is large, stick to conservative colors. Otherwise, play up dramatic use.

9. Fixtures: Should be wall-hung for greater sanitation. Wall-hung fixtures are easy to clean and facilitate wall-to-wall cleaning of the floor without hindrance.

Lavatories: Made of vitreous china, they retain good looks and longWearing qualities indefinitely.

Water Closets: Must have strong iiushing action and large water area. Toilet seats should have open


Urinals: For women as well as for the men. Made of vitreous china, they speed up restroom trafiic and help promote sanitation and tidiness.

10. Arrangement of Fixtures:

Group the water closets together in one section and the lavatories in another.

11. Restroom Supplies:

Should be plentiful. That means generous amount of towels, soap, and other equipment.

12. Adjoining Lounge:

Is desirable if your restroom facilities are large enough. Furnish it with comfortable sofas and chairs, attractive tables and lamps.

13. Miscellany:

Place mirrors away from the lavatories so that women wonit spend too much time at lavatories. Put a dressing table with chairs in your womenis restrooms. If smoking is permitted, donit forget to provide large, hard-to-break ash trays.

LADIES' FACILITIES always should include luxurious make-up shelves and large built-in mirror sections.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 261