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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 308 (272)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 308
Page 308

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 308


CENTURY has more desirable features than any other equipment. You will find no "gadget improvements" on CENTURY equipment-everything is scientifically arrived at--to give you full dimensional reproduction of picture and sound, with trouble-free operation.

HIGH EFFICIENCY MECHANISMS. CENTURY proiectors require almost no maintenance. They contain fewer parts (10 gears where others require up to 23) in simple arrangement so that stress and wear are at a minimum. Fewer gears and shafts mean less trouble, lower maintenance, less vibration, sharper pictures . finer proiection.

CLEAN, TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION. CENTURY has reduced lubrication headaches. There are no oil sprays or oil baths to mess up film and projection room. Oil-less bearings and glass-hard steel gears rule out bindups.

MAXIMUM LIGHT PROJECTION. CENTURY design fully utilizes the advantage gained from the use of highpower arc lamps and high speed lenses.

5W . . . CENTURY WATER-(OOLED PROJECTOR APERTURE (opilionai) Water cooled plate absorbs

This exclusive CENTURY development reduces destructive heat on y 7 0mm hem film and equipment; film distortion and focusing trouble are mini- i t mized; more illumination on the largest screens. Produces sharper and more brilliant pictures with no loss of light or wasted power. With CENTURY water-cooled proiectors you get more light from a 90 ampere arc than from other proiectors using l80 ampere arcs and

heat filters! \ / 7,

/ SUPER-EFFICIENT OPTICAL SYSTEM. CENTURY proiectors give NMLGHEOSSI duem'ohec' ,s you maximum screen illumination. With 4-inch diameter lenses they a 50' m9 go" '6" provide pictures of increased brightness and appealwn even the largest screens.


No air blowers


CENTURY sound systems are designed to meet your needs-present and future. They give you the best that modern science can offer.

UNIT PRINCIPLE DESIGN. Each CENTURY installation can be selected to meet the physical or financial requirements of any theatre or drive-in.

AWARD-WINNING SOUND QUALITY. CENTURY sound reproducers feature the famous hydro-fiutter suppressor, exclusivelyewinner of an Academy Award because it is a "fundamental improvement in film drive" and "results in improved quality in the theatre". [Citation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). CENTURY sound has unusually high fidelity due to the low flutter obtainable with CENTURY sound reproducers.

SIMPLIFIED OPTICAL SYSTEM. CENTURY sound reptoducers employ a highefficiency straight-thmugh optical system. No mirrors or prisms to fog or tarnish. Amplification requirements and noise interference are reduced.

CENTURY W3 Amplification System with A.C. Exciter Supply

CENTURY W5 Amplification ' CENTURY W5 System - 200 -- 400 watts Amplitlcation System with (Duo power Amplifiers D.C. Exciter Supply

MECHANICAL ADVANTAGES. Quick threading; oil-less bearings; interchangeable unit construction, simplified service; standardized design for use with any standard make of proiector or pedestal. *ud Mounled

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 308