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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 322 (286)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 322
Page 322

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 322

New Introductions During 1951

Some Thumbnail Descriptions of Selected Products With Interesting Possibilities

BRIEF: Space permits only cursory presentations of some . . . and only those that seem to have unusual idea

value are here outlined . . . The objective in-this survey is to give the industry some recorded fact about available products and supplies that may not warrant the fuller analysis of specific surveys of their own.


Said to be an unbeatable attraction in drive-in recreation areas, each of the five waterproof boats included in this unit seats five passengers. The boats are powered by a one-horsepower standard electric motor with push button control and run in a tank 18' in diameter.

The ride is also available with six boats which operate in a 20' wide tank. Manufactured by B. A. Schiii' and Associates, the ride is distributed by National Theatre Supply.

Pony and Curt Ride

Reported to be a popular hit with children, this ride has eight durable castaluminum ponies and carts with an overall capacity of 16 passengers. Operating on a portable platform 20' in diameter, it is easy to assemble, dismantle, and operate.

The ride is powered by a 3A horsepower traction unit with push button control. The equipment is manufactured by B. A. Schiff and Associates and distributed by National Theatre Supply for use in drive-in theatres.

Waterproof Junction Boxes

New heavy-duty, weatherproof junction boxes made of non-corrosive cast aluminum, recently announced by the Stone Manufacturing C0,, are said to include a Variety of covers and fittings for universal use on almost any outdoor wiring or lighting job, including drivems.

The box itself has four hubs tapped j/a" IPS, is provided with or without mounting lugs, has a flat aluminum cover plate sealed with a heavy cork gasket, and a separate cast aluminum cover tapped 1/2" IPS to take standard lamp holders for the l50-watt, 200-watt, and SOD-watt outdoor weatherproof renector bulbs now available as standard stock from all major lamp bulb manufacturers.

Used with lamp holders as illustrated, and mounted on walls where buildings form boundary lines, the unit is especially effective for property-line lighting, for protective floodlighting of areas between buildings, for yard lighting, etc.

Weatherproof Cluster Lights

A new set of weatherproof cluster lights for outdoor protective lighting (such as around drive-ins), recently announced by Stone Manufacturing Company, and designed to conserve critical aluminum, is said to combine tough aluminum alloys that are precision diecast under tremendous pressure to provide greater structural strength with loss aluminum by weight than in conventional wiring troughs available for the same purpose.

A removable cast aluminum cover plate sealed with a heavy cork gasket provides quick, easy access to inside wiring and speeds up installation and the addition of supplementary lamp holders as well. Each box has six holes tapped 1/2" IPS to take from one to five standard lampholders for the 150-watt, ZOO-watt and 300-watt outdoor weatherproof reflector bulbs available as standard stock from all major lamp bulb manufacturers. According to the manufacturer, the lights will yield years of faithful service.

Two-Drink Unit

A new two-drink dispenser, called the Hafer Senior, recently was introduced by the Dallas Soda Fountain Company. It is a complete selfscontained unit which dispenses root beer, creamy or solid, and another soft drink, or plain carbonated water. Available as either refrigerated or ice-cooled unit, the Hafer Senior is designed to take up a minimum of floor space, measuring 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep, with a working height of 38 inches. The refrigerated

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 322