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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 323 (287)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 323
Page 323

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 323

dispenser is equipped with a Kelvinator Hermetically Sealed Unit, and the head of the ice unit holds up to 30 pounds of crushed ice. A convenient, fullyinsulated drawer holds 65 pounds of ice, to eliminate the danger of running out of ice during peak loads. The syrup containers hold one gallon of syrup. Water and syrup are pre-cooled before carbonation.

Incinerator for Drive-Ins

Drive-Ins are continually faced with the problem of disposing of the refuse

that litters the grounds after the occu-l

pants of from 500 to 1000 cars have parked and eaten in one area from two or three hours.

One solution to this problem is offered by the incinerator recently introduced by Plibrico Jointless Firebrick Company, Chicago, the Plibrico Standard Rubbish Destructor. The incinerator is specifically engineered for the rapid burning of dry rubbish, and is erected in four standard sizes, rated at 500, 1200, 2200, and 3500 pounds per hour.

Canned Barbecue

Canned barbecued pork recently was introduced to the market by Castleberryis Food Company, prominent producers of southern canned meat specialties and the first government-inspected canner to process barbecue on a wide commercial basis.

Cooked over open pits of oak and hickory coals for the traditional southern barbecue flavor, Castleberry's Pit-Cooked Barbecued Pork is available in 29-ounce and number 10 cans to meet the needs of large and small locations. It is ready to serve after heating.

Well suited to the requirements of drive-in snack bars, this item is said to


be meeting with considerable success. National Theatre Supply distributes.

Automatic Cofeemaifer

Manufactured by Steel.Products Company, the recently anndupced E-Z Way

automatic coffeemaker uses liquid coffee concentrates, and connects to the water supply and electrical outlet as its installation site. A patented self-cleaning measuring and mixing faucet dispenses the same quantity for each cup, so that each cup is fresh and uniform. The E-Z Way is said to dispense up to 300 cups per hour. Advantages pointed out by the company are the elimination of handling hot water and waiting for coffee to brew, easy cleaning, less labor, and no waste of coffee. A safety feature is the absence of open flames.

Straw Slot Lid

Dixie Cup Company, recently announced a new printed straw slot lid for Dixie Cold Drink Cups to replace its plain tab lid. The straw slot is a Ushaped, liquid tight opening designed to meet the demand from drive-ins, theatres, and other similar customers concerned with the danger of drinks spilling. To insert a straw, the user simply presses in the slot with finger or straw. Printed on the new lid is an adaptation of Dixiels new Melody design, matching the design on the cup. All lids are treated

after the straw slot is cut, making them

. substantially spill-proof for use in the

normal manner.


Concession Attraction Sign

A new type of attraction sign, offered by National Theatre Supply to spotlight concession stands in both indoor and drive-in theatres, is a three-dimensional, full-color photograph of a pretty girl who seems to actually wink at the customers.

Each unit comes complete with shadow box and electric light. Two types of signs are available; one picturing the girl holding a box of popcorn and the other showing her with a cup of beverage. Both signs are available for immediate shipment and may be ordered from any of National Theatre Supplyis branches from coast to coast.

Ultra-Violet Lamps

A new line of high-intensity, longwave, ultra-Violet lamps, with important applications for dramatizing window and table displays and for activating fluores cent signs has recently been announced by Ultra-Violet Products, Inc.

When directed at certain substances the invisible "black-light" rays are said to cause fluorescence. When combined, by use of a flasher or other device, with ordinary itwhite-light" extremely dramatic effects are obtained with the lamps. It is even possible to use normally ffinvisible" pigments that come to life with startling clarity when exposed to the rays.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 323