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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 326 (290)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 326
Page 326

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 326

use was introduced by the Talk-A-Phone Company.

The new Talk-A-Phone CL Series offers a flexible combination from which incoming calls may be anSWered from a distance of up to 40 feet from any master station or sub-station, and in which master stations may talk with each other, sub-stations may be called selectively, or exclusively to any master station, and any master may be used privately or non-privately at the users option. A

Coin Counter-Wrapper

A new coin counting and wrapping machine that quickly counts and wraps pennies, nickels, and dimes, called the "Rap-AaCoinii recently was announced by Henderize, Inc.

Measuring six inches long and three inches high, fiRap-A-Coin" is a handoperated machine which zips coins into tubular paper wrappers of the kind that are supplied by banks.

In operating the machine, the user simply inserts the desired tubular wrapping for pennies, nickels, or dimes into the end of the corresponding tube. Coins are stacked on edge in the tube until it is filled, giving the user the correct count automatically and the coins are then quickly fitted into a wrapper with a plunger.

"Rap-A-Coin" is made of die-cast aluminum, and is finished in brown baked enamel.

Vertical Window Blind

An entirely new type of vertical blind has been placed on the market by Youngstown Industries, Inc.

The device, made with colorful, threeinch wide adjustable panels of Celanese fabric, is highly adaptable for home, ofiice, store, and institutional installations where it can be used economically and effectively for window coverings, partitions and backdrops.

Movement of vertical louvers is controlled by a hidden lever which operates

quietly to regulate light, ventilation, and privacy.

The vertical design is said to greatly reduce the collection of dirt and dust, and when cleaning is necessary all that is required is to slip off the fabric panels, wash and replace them while still wet. No ironing or pressing is ever needed.

Phone Silencer

A new type of phone silencer, which is said to snap onto any telephone transmitter easily, has recently been made available by the Hush-A-Phone Corporation. It is claimed that the plastic unit weighs only five ounces, provides office quiet, conversational privacy, and better hearing in noisy places by keeping surrounding noises out of transmitter.

The company also has available a silencer for dictating machines. Both of the silencers might well prove of value to theatre executives who wish to phone or dictate silently without employes overbearing what is said.

Aluminum Scattolds

Designed for use on overhead and sidewall jobs such as painting, cleaning, electrical work, repairing, and remodeling, a new line of aluminum scaffolds is said to have awakened keen interest among theatre maintenance men,

The scaffolds, manufactured by the Patent Scaffolding Co., Inc., are equipped

with casters to give them complete mobility. Two major types are available *sectional rolling and sectional ladder scaffolds. The hrst type has base dimensions of 4'6" by 6', while ladder scaffolds are 24" wide.

In turn, aluminum sectional rolling scaffolds are available in two typeS* with an inside stairway or with a vertical ladder built into the frame. The complete assembly includes working platforms, guard rails and adjustable, ballbearing casters equipped with double locking brakes. Extra protection to maintenance workers is supplied by casters that adjust to compensate for uneven ground or door surfaces.

Normally, one man can erect or dismantle an aluminum rolling scaffold. In spite of their strength, the individual frames are light and easily handled. Interchangeability of parts simplifies erection, and components lie fiat for storage or transportation.


Fire Protection System

A new fire protection system, recently placed on the market by Fireye Corporation, is said to present a revolutionary development in fire detection because it actually ifseesil fire without depending on heat, smoke, or other indications, according to the manufacturer.

Reported to operate on an ingenious photoelectric principle, the unit provides complete coverage throughout a room or fire zone and detects even the smallest fires while ignoring extraneous light of any intensity, such as the sun or artificial illumination.

The device offers a unique self-monitoring feature to furnish complete assurance that the equipment is operating and is in constant readiness to detect fire. An electrical pulse of sufficiently low intensity to prevent a fire alarm indi 'ation is continuously applied through all circuits. The loss of this signal from any wiring or component failure will actuate a relay to give a distinctive trouble warning.

The system is designed for ease of installation in industrial and commercial

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 326