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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 327 (291)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 327
Page 327

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 327

areas, homes, air conditioning duct systems, etc. Connections may be made to a wide variety of existing alarm and automatic extinguishing systems.

Plaster Finish Point

A new type of oil base sand texture paint, available in eight Washable colors from Sicca Soya Paint Company, is said

to hide defects in ceilings that are checked and cracked. It ' is further claimed that one coat of the paint will hide wallpaper that is firm and tight on the wall and produce a beautiful plasticlike finish.

The paint may be easily applied with no messy mixing required. It is recommended for use in theatres where a smooth plaster finish is desired, such as in rest rooms.


A powerful new cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer named iiVipi, recently was placed on the market by Hysan Products Company.

A combination of the highest quality soaps for effiicent cleaning without injury to polished surfaces, and ortho benzyl Chlorophenol for thorough deodore izing and disinfecting, "Vipi, can be

'diluted with water, and used in a one to 40 solution.

"Vip" is efiicient on walls, doors, and any surface where germs, dirt, and odors combine, the company claims.

As a shampoo for rugs and carpeting,


ffVip" is said to kill mildew, and prevent fungus growth, while bringing out natural colors, and leaving carpeting soft and lustrous. The manufacturer offers a free sample of the new product.

Me'l'al Nailing Sysfem

A system for nailing to metal to support gypsum board materials used for suspended acoustical ceiling tile and for furring in masonry wall construction has recently been announced by The Mid-West Acoustical & Supply Co. It is said to afford architect and contractor

new simplicity of erection which provides greater economy for the user. All parts of the system are incombustible, while closeefitting joint and end clips are reportedly designed to eliminate breathing and ghost marks.

Basic parts of the system are a nailing channel and annular nails. The channel utilizes an inverted V-shaped nailing course with the sides at 45-degree angles. Nailing efficiency is said to be greatly increased, as off-center nails are guided from any point within the wide nailing course into the groove where they are strongly anchored. A constant spring tension at both sides of the nailing groove, in conjunction with the 50-degree angle of the nailing course walls, provides extra grip and support.

The simple five-part METL-LOCK System includes nailing channel in handy 1:! lengths, snap-on channel splicers, wire spring clips for tying channel to carrying members, gypsum board joint and end clips, and three types of annular nails, including butt joint nail for flushjointing, gypsum board, button-head, and fiat-head nails.

The system is designed for use with equal versatility for: thermal and sound insulation materials; ceiling and wall boards of vegetable fibre, glass fibre, gypsum, perforated or plain asbestos board; plaster board of gypsum; and as nailable concrete inserts.

Protective Coating

A new protective coating for both exterior and interior use manufactured by Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation and distributed by Plastic Coating Cor poration, is said to combine the advane ing cleans easily, can be washed repeattages of superior protection, durability, economy, and distinctive beauty. Based on versatile Vinylite resins, the new coatedly, withstands the strongest washing compounds, and is resistant to fumes and to most acids and alkalies.

The new coating is particularly suited for inside and outside protection of homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments,

schools, theatres, etc., and is applied with conventional spray equipment.

Air Freshener

A new air freshener and deodorizer, that comes with a compact, eiiicient dispenser ready, and easy, to install, has recently been marketed by Hysan Produets Company.

The unit is designed to end indoor smells by neutralizing odor-laden air the scientific way with chemical reaction. According to the manufacturer, there is no temporary masking and no costly equipment to buy.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 327