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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 339 (303)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 339
Page 339

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 339

Asheraft Arc Lamps

Strong Rectifiers

Northern Electric . ml/oice 0/ [Ae jAealre,,



Powertronic Generators

Century Projectors






PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 839 Davie St., Vancouver 1. Telephone: Tallow 7633. PERSONNEL - Branch Manager: S. G. Wilson.

THEATRE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: MArine 70334(Emergency Night) KE 3427R. PERSONNEL$wnen H. I. Howard. Sales and Service: .I. Dihben. Counter Man: E. R. Petch. AREA SERVEDeBritish Columbia, Alberta, Yukon.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 218-222 Fort St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 923529. PERSONNELeDistrict Manager: D. E. Daniel. Sales and Service: E. J. Blaney, W. M, Tulloch. Acoustical Sales: G. R. Stelfens. AREA SERVEDAWestem Ontario, Mani toba, Saskatchewan.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 271 Edmonton St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 92-5795. PERSONNEL -# Branch Manager: Charles Mayhee. Sound Engineers: H. B. Grimes, D. MacKenzie. Alberta Rep.: R. Townsend. AREA SERVEDeManitoha, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern Ontario.

J. M. RICE & CO., LTD., 202A Canada Bldg, Winnipeg. Telephones: 935486-7 4 (Emergency Night) 404906. PERSONNEwaMr: J. M. Rice. Manager: J. L. Rice. Salesmen: Edward Haugen, Howard E. Kinnear. Counteri Man: Charles Carphin. AREA SERVEDAManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Western Ontario.


PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.,,164 Leslie St., Moncton. Telephone: 2-3239. Representative: Hector Beaulieu. AREA SERVED Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD.. 4 Hazen Ave., St. John. Telephones: 3-3031 e(Emergency Night) 3-7327. PERSONNEL eManager: J. E. Tagg. Service Engineer: N. L. Smith. Salesman: C. L. Johnston. AREA SERVEDFvNew Brunswick.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 86 Charlotte St., St. John. Telephone: 3-2819.

PERSONNELeBranch Manager: H. Isaacs. Halifax Rep.: T. Norwood. AREA SERVED -Maritime Provinces including Newfound land.


MOTION PICTURE SUPPLIES, LTD., 22 Prescott St., Saint Johnis. Telephone: 5599. PERSONNELe-Managing Director: Derek Marshall. Products Sold: National Theatre Supply Line.


>gDOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 76 Hollis St., Halifax. Telephones: 3-8211, 38212 (Emergency Night) 2-3379, 6-6385. PERSONNELeDistrict Manager: J. Mc Ewan. District Service Supervisor: C. J. Gilbert. AREA SERVED-Nova Scotia, New

Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Island and Province of Newfoundland.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 270 MacLaren St., Ottawa. Telephone: 20303. PERSONNEL-Salesman: D. E. Neill.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 386-388 Victoria St.. Toronto 2. Telephone: WAverly 6131. PERSONNEL-District Manager: C. C. Curran. Manager, Equipment Sales and Service: F. S. Hastie. Salesmen: L. E. Rice, M. Montagnes. AREA SERVED


GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD.. 104 Bond St., Toronto. Telephone: EM 49307. PERSONNEL 4 P r e s l d e n t: P. D. Brown. Supervisor Sound: G. Cuthbert. Su pervisor Projection: T. Hoad. Sales Engineer: P. R. Hayes. AREA SERVEDEOntario.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 277 Victoria St., Toronto. Telephones: EMpire 46243# (Emergency Night) EMpire 4-6243. PERSONNEL-Manager: R. V. Shale. Salesmen: W. Bevan. A. Glanfield, W. Walterhouse. Sound Division: J. Grimaldi. D. Jolly, V. Lawrick, K. Johnston, F. Demsar. Counter Men: M. Ashbee, S. Parker. Shippers: C. Rasherry, J. Murphy, M. Noble. AREA SERVED*Ontari0.

Supply Dealers of the Rest

Comprehensive Listing of Names, Addresses, Personnel, Products, and the Areas Served


COMPTOIR CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE NORD-AFRICAN. 6 Rue (lilsly. Algiers. Products Sold: National Theatre Supply line.



Rue Michelet, Algiers. Products Sold: Westrex Corp. line. COUNTRIES SERVED

#Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

THE ROBERT SIMPSON CO., LTD.., Spa cial Contract Division, Toronto. PERSON NELeManager, All Branches: L. E. Wicklum. Salesman, Toronto: E. W. Bryant. Montreal: J, F. Davies. Halifax: H. R. Tamplet. Winnipeg: J. C. G. Hood. Regina: R. H. Dickinson. Calgary: P. J. Nutt. Edmonton: R. A. Harris. Vancouver: L. Ruddell. AREA SERVED-Dominion of Canada.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 4040 St. Catherine St., W. Montreal 6. Telephone: FItzroy 9663. PERSONNEL-VicePresident and General Manager: F. E. Peters. General Sales Manager: Lloyd C. Pearson. District Manager: H. S. Walker. Manager, Equipment Sales and Service: P. L. Keppie. Salesmen: A. Lalumiere, J. J. Kilcullen.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 288 St. Catherine St., W., Montreal 18. Telephone: Plateau 3438 (Day and Night). PERSONNELeBranch Manager: H. H. Burko. Sound Engineers: M. Vanden Eynde, P. Galliard, J. W. Hewson. 0mm Manager: L. J. Davis. Salesman: R. Bousquet. AREA SERVEDeQuehec, Eastern Ontario.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 1197 Phillips Place, Montreal 2. Telephones: LAncaster 2154- 2157 (Day and Night) LAncaster 2154. PERSONNELeVicePresident and General IVIanager: L. M. Bleackley. Sales and Service Manager: Armand Bessa. Accountant and 0155a Manager: J. S. OiShea. Servicemen: R. Belanger, I. Ruel. G. Nadeau. Shipper: M. Jones. AREA SERVED-Quebec.

RCA VICTOR CO., LTD., 1001 Lenoir St., Montreal 30. Products Sold: RCA Theatre and Sound Equipment.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 1299 Blvd. Charest, Quebec, P. Q. Telephone: 7-3572. PERSONNEL-Salesman: J. M. Cote. Service: C. Goudreault.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD.. 2300 Dewdney Ave., Regina. Telephone: 91-442. PERSONNEL-Sales and Service: R. R. Huston, L. B. Cogger. AREA SERVED


of the World

WTESTREX CO., FRANCE-BELGIUM, Impasse Thierry, Oran. Products Sold: Westrex Corp. line.

* Listing not confirmed by Supply Dealer

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 339