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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 364 (326)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 364
Page 364

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 364

Special Copy for Drive-In Trailers

Trailers Are an Effective Means of Advertising And of Value in Promoting Efficient Operation

One of the most effective Showmanship media and operational tools at the command of drive-in operators is the screen trailer. Carefully prepared and tailored to meet special needs, trailers can perform such a variety of functions as welcoming patrons, advertising services, facilitating trafiic control, Selling refreshments, announcing promotional stunts and giveaways, and building box office by creating goodwill.

Trailers are also extremely valuable aids to the solution of special problems that may repeatedly interrupt the smooth flow of operations or constantly be an obstacle to maximum profits. Too many in-car speakers being lost or damaged might be the problem, or below-par refreshment stand sales, tioff nightli drops in attendance, or accidents might


BRIEF: While screen trailers serve a variety of important functions at driveins . . . ranging from welcoming the public at the start of the season to announcing the closing date in the fall . . . outdoor showmen may have overlooked the need for many kinds of trailers which could build their boxo$ce returns and make the job of management much simpler. Presented as typical trailer copy for a variety of general applications are stock messages prepared by the two principal makers of trailers, National Screen Service and Filmack. The examples given should suggest countless variations . . . adapted to particular showmanship needs . . . to boost business and make the drive-in operate more smoothly.


be particular sources of anxiety to the management. In such cases, and where just about any other similar problems exist, specially designed trailers can lead the way toward eliminating difiiculties and improving the quality of service.

Veteran outdoor showmen and newcomers to the field of drive-in management alike, while they may be adept at performing all other duties of theatre operation, quite likely may be conspicuously lacking in the special talent required to compose effective trailer copy. Moreover, they might well have overlooked the need for particular types of trailers which could improve their business and make the job of management an easier one.

The two principal makers of trailers, Filmack and National Screen Service, both offer completely prepared copy applicable to a wide variety of special drive-in needs, examples of which are presented below for the dual purpose of suggesting occasions for which trailers may be used effectively, and showing

how the copy might be written for each use. While National Screen Service and Filmack supply trailers worded exactly like the samples shown below, the drivein operator may change or rewrite any of these stock messages, or submit copy completely of his own writing to meet particular requirements.


In greeting old friends and new patrons with a friendly message to tell them you are glad to see them back for the start of another season or to acquaint the public with a newly opened theatre, the welcome trailer is a surefire goodwill builder. It can be written in an informal, chatty style or in a more formal but nonetheless sincere manner, whichever is more appropriate to the particular theatre. The welcome trailer can serve to call attention to new improvements and stress the unique advantages of attending a movie under the stars. Following are some examples:

(National Screen Service)

WELCOME TO SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE MOON! . . . The (Name) Drive-In Theatre . . . the last Word in open air Entertainment designed by experts to bring you the ultimate in Motion Picture perfection. No expense has been spared to provide you with acoustically perfect private Speakers . . . a giant clear vision Screen . . . A modern and complete SNACK BAR . . . comfortable and convenient Lounges for Men and Women . . . a fascinating Playground for the youngsters . and, for YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT h the worlds Finest Movies! Tell your friends! Bring the Family! . . . and come often to the (name) Drive-In Theatre -the nevtest Theatre under the moon!


Welcome to the (Name) Drive-In Theatre . . . One of America's Largest and Finest Outdoor Theatres!

In dedicating this modern open-air theatre to the amusement loving people of the (Name) City area, we pledge ourselves to maintain the highest standard of operation.

Youill always enjoy excellent entertainment in complete comfort. The show goes on rain or clear.

The very best projection equipment has been installed in our booth to assure clear bright pictures on our mammoth screen.

This theatre is engineered so that from any angle there is no distortion of the picture. And our latest type (Name) Sound Systems with individual sound speakers brings you the most faithful reproduction of the music and spoken word yet devised.

Specially trained attendants are ever on the alert to serve you with the utmost courtesy and dispatch.

A wide variety of delicious refreshments may be purchased in the spacious canteen in the (locntion).

When entering theatre please park as directed by our courteous attendants. y When leaving please turn off speaker. and replace it in basket.

This theatre will be open every evening at dusk . . . rain or clear.

To you our patrons, we Wish many happy hours of reluxntion and enjoyment in the comfort of your own cars as you watch our stellar screen attractions.

Attend often, bring the family. Enjoy all the Big Pictures under the stnrs at the (Name) Drive-In one of America's Finest Outdoor Thent res!

(Nafimlval Strain Service)

It's SPRING again! And we take pleasure in welcoming you back to another season of GRAND Entertainment at the (Name) DRIVEIN THEATRE. Here you will find every delightful feature of Movies under the stars . While relaxing in the comfort and privacy of your own car! . . . and HERE you will find the very best in fine motion picture entertainment! So load up your car with your family and friends and come to the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATREI!

(National Screen Sir/Tire)

Hi! Folks! GLAD TO SEE YA! It's mighty nice to have our friends back for another big season of fine outdoor entertainment! We've brightened up the place a bit

out all speakers and equipment in tip-top shape . . . added a few new treats to the snack bar and spent the winter lining up a grand program of motion pictures to make this your biggest outdoor Movie season! We know you'll enjoy it! And now. ON WITH THE SHOW!

(Nation-cl Scrum Semi?)

WELCOME BACK! We're glad you're here, To be with us another year!

Youil! sure enjoy this brand-new season

Of entertainment! Here's the reason:

Our feaeture hits are best of all,

Our Drive-In comfort is "on the ball"!

We've gone all-out to please you. so .

To get the mostest for your dough.

Remember there's a treat for you.



Welcome to the New (Name) Drive-In Their tre! This night a dream comes true! For months we have planned and worked toward this hour and now it has come.

The hour when it is our pleasure to Open our hearts and doors to admit you to the new (Name) Drive-In Theatre, which we proudly present for your entertainment and enjoyment. We pledge tO' provide entertainment and relaxation to thous'nnds . and to contribute to the business. social and cultural progress of our community.

And this. the new (Name) Drive-In Theatre is for youruoutdoor entertainment and pleasure, all during the spring, summer and fall. We are fervent in the hope that the hours you spend with us shall be pleasant.

With a hearty handshake and a cordial we!come. we greetyou now and always!

The (Name) Drive-In Theatre.


Instructional trailers, reminding patrons to drive within speed limits, exercise caution in disposing of cigarettes and matches, handle speakers with care, and to observe the rules established for the comfort and safety of all, will help prevent accidents before they start and reduce managerial problems. In every audience there are probably patrons who are attending your theatre, or any drive-in, for the first time, Instructional trailers are especially important in orienting these newcomers. Trailers of this typeare most effective when written in a straightforward manner which clearly states the rules and requests compliance with them. However, an informal "cute" message like the first of those following will put a single point across very well:

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 364