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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 365 (327)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 365
Page 365

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 365


There is the cutest little fellow asleep in the car next to you. He has had an awfully busy day catching robbers and shootin' Indians. Please don't scare him half to death by blowing your horn. Thank you.

(Filmark) .

The (Name) Drive-In Theatre Welcomes You!

We are happy to announce that we have

installed a new individual SPEAKER SERV ICE and lwipe you will cooperate in the

handling of it. A!

Just Follow these simple directions . .

1. Take Speaker from post and hang it on the inside of your car window.

2. Turn volume control knob to regulate volume you desire.

3. When leaving, be sure to return Speaker to the Speaker Post.

(National Screen Serrice)

Please keep ALL LIGHTS out during the performance . . . complete darkness is necessary for COMPLETE enjoyment of the picture! . . . If you MUST leave while the show is in progress, do NOT put on your bright lights or blow your horn! PLEASE COOPERATE!


Welcome to the (Name) Drive-In Theatre. For everyone's complete enjoyment will you please follow these simple rules:

Adjust your car on the ramp to obtain a clear view of the screen. Park your car so that you Will take up only one space between the speaker posts.

Play safe . . . watch the children . . . both your own and the others too.

Please refrain from honking your horn. flashing your lights, or putting your foot on the brake pedal of your car.

Use your emergency brake or leave your car in gear to keep it on the ramp. This eliminates your stop light flashing on and off. and disturbing the people in back of you. After you have seen the show. please remember . . . before you start your car, or even release the brake. please remember to replace your individual speaker on the post along side your car.

(National Screen Service)

COMPLETE DARKNESS is essential to the proper enJoyment of our shows. Please cooperate by keeping ALL LIGHTS OUT during the performance. If you MUST leave during the show . . . DO NOT use your Bright Lights! Thank you!

O (Film/1:12) Remember . . . Before moving your car . . . Please

1. Replace speaker on post.

2 Be sure speaker cable is not caught in your car or on door handle.

3. Drive Forward and to your Left. Do not back up.

4 Enter exit lane slowly.

5. Keep lights Off until you leave park. Thank You and Hurry Back!

(National Srreen Service) PREVENT ACCIDENTS . . . by TURNING OFF your IGNITION . . . and SETTING your HAND BRAKE . . . NOW! For


(National Srrceu Service)

N0 BUTTS about it. Folks! Lighted cigarettes are dangerous! . . . Don't Hip your lighted cigarettes out of your car! . . . Please dispose of them in your auto ash tray!


Extra services are easy to provide and your patrons expect them, but you have to shout about them or the goodwill and boxoflice boost they are intended to provide will be lost if no one knows they exist. Services trailers are absolutely


essential to call attention to restroom and refreshment facilities, laundry or shopping services, lost and found departments, free gas or heaters, tire repairs, playgrounds and rides for the kiddies, and the like. The copy should be slanted to stress the fact that these extra services are really extra#and that they haVe been provided for the added enjoyment and convenience of the


(National Screen Service) Car Service WE ARE PREPARED for EMERGENCIES! . . If your auto won't start . . . If you discover a flat tire . If your car is in need of some quick first aid . . . Call an attendant . . . We have an experiened AUTO MECHANIC at hand to serve you!

(National Screen Service)

Lost Ignition Keys

If you've misplaced your IGNITION KEY . . . and can't start your car . . . tell the MANAGEMENT! We'll call for a MECHANIC or EMERGENCY TRUCK! Just another service of the (Name) DRIVE-IN!

O (Filmack) Free Coffee Itis Kinda C-mo-l Tonight. Folks . . . and

we want you to be comfortable.

So, we're inviting All of You to enjoy a Hot Cup of Coffee, Free at our Refreshment Building.

Yes, It's On The House! so visit our Refreshment Building Now or anytime during the show For Your Free. Hot Coffee!

( F ilm-ack )

GOOD EVENING! The music you are about to hear is for the purpose of testing your individual sound speaker.

Please adjust the volume control on your speaker to suit your own convenience.

If you cannot hear the music . . . please call an attendant.

(3-foot pause)

Have you visited our 100 foot Snack Bar in the Refreshment Building located in the center of the theatre?

There you will find a wide variety of delicious food and drinks.

And mothers need not skip baby's feeding when they visit the Outdoor TheatrerBottle Warmers have been provided in the Refreshment Building where baby's formula may be heated FREE of CHARGE.

Yes, there's everything at the (Name) DriveIn for a pleasant evening.

For those families that come early. our children's playground opens an hour and a half before showtime every night.

Here the children will find teeter-totters, merry-go-rounds. slides. all for their enjoyment.

And also, they may enjoy a ride on our miniature railwayybr a pony rideveor play the 18 hole miniature'golf course.

The playground is open every evening until the sh0w starts. .

After you've seen the show and are ready to leave. please don't back your car-just drive forward and turn to your right.

In this Way. everyone will be able to leave the park speedily and safely.

And before you start your car or even release the brakes, please remember to replace your car speaker on the post alongside the car . . . Because if you don't you might break the window glass or scratch your car.

You'll find that our show every night includes at least two cartoons for your enjoyment as well as that of the youngsters.

And now . . . if you have your speaker adjusted exactly right. we'll start the show.

(National Screen Service)


It's more FUN than a Circus! . . . when you bring the KIDS to the (Name) DRIVEIN THEATRE! We have a Modern KIDDIES PLAYGROUND . . . with swings, slides. rides . . . and a trained attendant to care for the youngsters! Next time . . . Come Out Early! Treat the KIDS to our FREE PLAYGROUND! . . . and make your DRIVE-IN visit . . . FUN FOR EVERYONE!

(National Screen Service)

Page Service-Doctors DOCTORS! If you expect 3 CALL for your

services during the show, please leave your Name and ramp location with an ATTENDANT! This is a free PUBLIC SERVICE of the (Name) DRIVE-IN.

(National Screen Service)

Auto Heaters Your car has been provided with an IN-CAR

HEATER. so that you may enjoy the Show in Complete Comfort, on C 0 0L evenings! Please be sure to rplace the Heater on the Post beside your Car. before leaving! and PLEASE NOTE! The (Name) DRIVEIN'S Heaters are exclusively designed to work on this theatre's electric circuit only! Do not try to disconnect the Heaters!




Laundry Service

Announcing another great service for our patrons! The (Name) Drive-In Theatre has installed a Complete Laundry Service!

Bring your Laundry! Have it Washed and dried while you watch the show!

Modern New Machines . . . Dryers . . . and experienced launderers will do your work for you!

Just drop it off at the boxoflice as you enter . . It will be taken to our Laundry Room in the screen tower.

Just pick it up when you leave . . . Launs dered. Dried. and neatly bundled.

Only (Price) for each (No) pounds of Laundry! Use our laundry service from now on!


Insect Spray

Weather Forecast . . . Hot, Humid. Mosquito. tilled nights ahead for (Name-town).

But Don't Worry! You can beat the heat and the Mosquitoes. too!

Just hop in your car and pay us a visit. Enjoy a good show and relax in MosquitoFree Comfort!

New scientific HFogging" Equipment sprays this area each day. You donlt know it but

the Mosquitoes do! p Just another reason why the (Name) DriveIn Theatre is your most comfortable form

of Movie entertainment!

(National Screen Seri'ice) Lost and Found

LOST SOMETHING . . . 7 Whether it's a wandering Child . . . a straYing Pet . . or a missing Purse . . . your

chance of recovering it will be much better if you report the loss to our LOST AND FOUND DEPARTMENT! Any Attendant will be happy to help you.

(National Screen Service)

Free Program

FOLKS! . . . The (Name) DRIVE-IN invites you to visit often . . . to see our ENTERTAINMENT-PACKED Shows! We have a SWELL lineup for this Season and we'd like to tell you MORE about it! Just leaVe your Name and Address with an ATTENDANT and we'll mail you our Program REGULARLY!

(National Srreen Seri'ire)

There's one sure way to avoid missing any of the Great Programs in the coming Season of Screen Hits! Leave your name with any of our attendants and you will be immediately placed on the list to receive our FREE PROGRAMS by MAIL!


AWAY! If the temperature is below 50 degrees. OK it is raining so you have to use your wind shield wiper.

You will receive OUR GAS COUPON, en titling you to ONE GALLON 0F GAS FREE

at any of the following Servics Stations:


This offer is made so you can: Idle Your

motor. run your heater, or windshield wiper . and enjoy our shows in comfort.

(National Screen Srrz'ire) If you feel a little chilly. Folks . . . just
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 365