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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 366 (328)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 366
Page 366

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 366

ask the ATTENDANT to give you a gallon of (Name) GASOLINE, to run your motor!

Then you can run your car heater . . . and KEEP WARM . . . on the house!

(Filmock) Playground

You don't have to Wait 'til dark to drive out to the (Name) Drive-In!

Come Early and Bring the Kiddies! Let them Dlay in our Kiddies' Playground!

It is equipped to provide the Kiddies with safe, healthful activity.

There are Swings, Slides and Rides . . . and 11 Sand Box for the Tiny Tots.

Remember Too, Our Kiddies Playground is isolated from all traffic, located in the rear of the! Parking Area.

Kiddies' Playground is open from 6 p.m. to closing every day! It is supervised by a trained attendant, always on duty.

Drive Out Early! . . . Treat your Children to our Kiddies' Playground! It's Free.

(National Screen Service)

Lounges, Restrooms ATTENTION! There are LOUNGES . . , and MEN'S and LADIES' RESTROOMS . . .

for your convenience at (location).


What time does the show go on? How often does the program change each week? Will the show go on as scheduled in case of rain? What about i'bargain" shows? These are but a few questions patrons are bound to ask about the theatreis policy, and the trailer is the only way to keep them completely informed about all regular and special shows. As the drive-in's policy is usually much more Hexible and more varied than that of a roofed theatre, and since many people are still unfamiliar with the workings of an outdoor theatre, many different types of trailers will be required to tell patrons everything they will need to know about policy. Below are a few examples:


Weekly Policy

Remember! 3 complete new changes of programs every week . . .

See a new program every Sunday and Monday . . . Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday . . . Friday and Saturday . . .

Every program including 3 Cartoon, plus other Selected Subjects.

Also an extra added midnight show treat Every Saturday at 11:15 run.

You can always make a late date to see our shows . . .

Come as late as 9:45 and see our complete double-feature program!

Bring the Family. No baby sitting or parking problems . .

Our purpose always is to bring you Movie Pleasure for the entire family . . . Under the Stars! The Management.

(National Screen Service)

Saturday Midnite Show And NOW! Our Special SATURDAY MID NITE SHOW . . . Starting at 12 o'clock . . . At Remilar Prices . . . (trailer insert here) . . . This Attraction Shown Only at


(National Scrccn. Service)

All Weather Shows

We're as Regular .ns Taxes! Whiitth-r (he WEATHERW Hot or Colderain or shine (Moonshine of course) we're open throughout the Summer ('1) nights each week . . . to bring you consistently TOP entertainment! Come often!

(National St'rrcu Service) Sunday Show Showing SUNDAY . ONE DAY ONLY! This big hit . . (trailer insert) . . . You can sec a Preview of this FEATURE ATe


(National Screen Service)

Bargain Night

Get In on this BIG BARGAIN! Every (Day) Night is BARGAIN NIGHT! That means that Your Car and all its occupants will be admitted for $1.00. Here's your chance to see a GREAT SHOW . . . and SAVE MONEY . . . So. LOAD UP THE CAR . . . and C'MON OUT . . . for a BARGAIN YOU



Family Night

Every (Name Night) is "Family Night" at this theatre. Bring your family and friends and come as you are . . . all for the admission price of $1.00 per car (plus fed. tax). $1.00 (Buck) per car . regardless of number of adults or children . . . One Car

One Buck . . . Bring A Carload!

( F ilmack )

Fog Passes

Ateention Please! 0n Foggy Nites we will give out Fog Passes fifteen minutes after Fog makes it impossible to see the screen. At this time we will announce that if the Fog does not raise in fifteen minutes we will give out Fog Passes at the exits only. If anyone leaves before the fifteen minute period they will not receive a Fog Pass. The Management!


Buck Night

BUCK NIGHT . . Something New . . . Something Different Load the family car with your friends and neighbors and come on out for an evening of Mn and Amusement.

Total Admission . . . $1.00 per car . . . No matter how many people you have in your (331' . . e

A real bargain . . A great savings . . Get up a party . . . Fill Up The Car . Come , . . have a Good Time for Only ONE BUCK!

(Name Night Here).

(National Screen Service)

Midnite Preview EXTRA!!!

BIG ENTERTAINMENT NEWS! Saturday nite . . . after our regular Show . . . we're holding a MIDNITE PREVIEW of our next BIG FEATURE! Just wait in your place after the last Show . . . and get your ticket from the Attendant . . . you'll enjoy our MIDNITE PREVIEW!


National Screen Service and Filmack both make intermission clock trailers which tell patrons exactly how many minutes they have to visit the refreshment stand or stroll around the grounds before the show starts. The National Screen Service trailer consists of two sections; the first, a three-minute animated film which describes the refreshments for sale, using art titles and voice narration against a musical background; and the second section, run three minutes before show time, opening with a three-minute clock face with titles over it and the narrator reminding: "You still have time for a tempting snack!" As the hand moves, it wipes away the black portion of the clock, which shows the remaining time. Appetite-stimulating snack bar items appear in the four corners, one at a time. When the hand reaches "2" corner illustrations stop, and the "2" brightens and dims several times, two gongs ring, and the illustrations in the corner of the film begin again. At one minute, the corner illustrations stop, the "1" brightens and dims several times, the title "The Next Show Is About To Start" appears, one gong

rings, and the title dissolves out. At 30 seconds, the whole clock and all numerals brighten and dim several times. The narrator adds the reminder that the snack bar will remain open during the Show, and the clock dissolves out to close the trailer when the hand reaches the starting point.

The Filmack intermission clock trailer runs ten minutes, opening with a voice announcing, "It's intermission time . . Show starts in Ten minutes." Then, at each minute interval, the voice announces the number of minutes remaining, and as the time progresses, the hand of the clock moves from its starting point at "10" to the exact number of minutes remaining. A number in the center of the disk also changes automatically to correspond with the number of minutes shown by the clock hand. Reminders to visit the refreshment stand are lettered ardund the corners of the film. It comes fully synchronized with ten minutes of music, which changes every minute for variety and contrast.

Other intermission trailers, typical of those made by both companies, include the following:


Our fresh hot buttered popcorn is deerlishush, fresh!

Just now popped for you . . . hot! Right out of the popper kettle; that's when it really tastes good, and it's covered with 100 per cent pure sweet cream butter!

Our, Hot Dogs are the very best in town . . . and they're made with 100 per cent pure meat . . . and are they good . . oh, boy!

With mustard or catsup they sure are a treat. Try one . . . then you'll want another. Our Hamburgers are mar-velous! They satisfy because they are made with Pure Beef. They are good . . . deliciously good and tasty. And if youire thirsty we have. just what you want to Quench that Thrist!

Any one of these cold thirst quenching drinks will go good with your hot buttered popcorn, tasty hot dog or delicious hamburger.

It's in the center of the parking area . you have about 10 minutes before we resume our show.

So . . . let's you and I stroll over to the Refreshment Counter now.

(National Screen Se mice)

OUR CANDY VENDORS will be around to your car soon! . . . with refreshing COLD DRINKS and delicious CANDIES! . . . N0 need to leave your car during the show! . . . This service is just another exclusive DRIVEIN feature to make your evening more ENJOYABLE!

(National Screen Service)

CHILLY . . ? There's nothing like a Hot Snack to warm you. up . . . and. you'll find a large variety of them at our SNACK BAR! Delicious, taste-tempting, Hot Dogs, Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate and More good things to eat and drink! Make your Evening's Enjoyment complete . . . with a visit to our SNACK BAR NOW!

(Filmiuck) Your Attention Please! If you cure for Refreshments during the Show . . . Watch for the Refreshment Cart marked by small Red Lights. The nttendunt's name is "Oscar" . . . he will pass the ramp on which you are parked several times during the performance. Just call "Oscar" and he will be glad to serve you in your car.


A Short Intermission Will Follow . . . Time out to stretch. light up or drop over to our New Refreshment Stand . . Delicious Hot Dogs . . . Refreshing Cold Drinks . . . Fresh. Crispy Popcorn.

We will resume our screen program in 5 Minutes.

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 366