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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 367 (329)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 367
Page 367

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 367

(National Screen Service) If you're in the MOOD for FOOD . . . then we invite you to 'visit our SNACK BAR during the INTERMISSION and look over the GOODIES on sale! Everything from a TASTE to a FEAST! Candies . . . and Refreshments of Every Variety waiting for you!


nWeather" it's Hot or Cold . . you'll find the right "snack" at our Concession Stand! Ice Cold Soft Drinks . Ice Cream . Milk Shakes . . . Frozen Custard!

Hot Coffee . . -. Hot Dogs . . . Hamburgers and Hot Buttered Popcorn!

So enjoy the show better, regardless of Weather . . . visit our Concession Stand for the tastestreat you like!

(National Screen Serm're)

It's INTERMISSION TIME NOW! Take advantage of it to enjoy a S-T-R-E-TsC-H and visit our SNACK BAR for Refreshments! It's not far . . and you'll enjoy the Show even MORE!

(National Screen Service)

Is it a SNACK you LACK? Well . . . nowis the time to take a little stroll over to our SNACK BAR . . . and make, your enjoyment of the SHOW Complete!


The unique advantages of the outdoor theatre!no baby sitter problem, freedom to smoke, talk and eat while watching the show, low admission prices, and informality # become more potent as selling points when graphically called to the attention of patrons on the screen. Even though the patron may be completely enjoying himself at the theatre, a reminder of why he is having a good time will crystalize his feeling of general well-being into definite reasons why he should attend regularly. Sincerity and friendliness are the main points of institutional trailer copy stressing the special advantages of viewing a movie in the open air. Following are some typical examples:

(National Screen Srrvice)

There's Just ONE PLACE Like HOME! It's the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE

where you can enjoy the intimacy of your car and the pleasure of our Wonderful BIG SCREEN entertainment! You can bring the WHOLE FAMILY and let the KIDS sleep in the CAR . . . and you can COME as you ARE in aprons and slacks . . . even in your HOUSE SLIPPERS! You can't BEAT the COMFORTS and you'll LOVE the ENTERTAINMENT in this homey MOVIE RENDEZVOUS . . . so make your Entertainment Habit the (Name) DRIVE-IN . . . all season long!

(Pinnacle) Dear Patron By Making the (Name) Drivedn Theatre your favorite movie. center we are able to secure for your enJoyment Class A Pictures First Run in this

Territory. ' Watch for First Run In This Terrltory . . . And let's all turn out for these Special


It will mean Bigger and Better SHOWS for you to enjoy in the comfort of your car. Sincerely, The Management.

(National Screen Service)

NO BABY-SITTER PROBLEM when you come to the (Name) DRIVE-IN! . . . Just bring the KIDS . . . or the family PETS along! . . . make this DRIVE-IN THEATRE your FAMILY HEADQUARTERS for DELIGHTFUL evenings!

(Nat 1301141! Srrrru Service)

Enjoy the refreshing. INFORMAL atmosphere of the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE. in


SPECIAL ART BACKGROUNDS follow the drive-in

theatre theme. Courtesy o! N. S. S.

Perfect Comfort! . Slip of]? your shoes!

. Dress as you please! . . . No one will step on your toes! . . . SMOKE, TALK, RELAX . . . in your own car! . . . These are EXCLUSIVE DRIVE-IN advantages! . . . Enjoy them at the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE! . . . Your favorite MOVIE SPOT!


Just a Reminder, Folks . . . You can always depend on us to bring you the BEST PICTURES at our LOWER ADMISSION PRICES. Every BIG PICTURE will be shown at this DRIVE-IN Theatre.

It will pay you to wait and see them at our LOW PRICES!

. (National Screen Serz'ifr) Yes . . . we are unfair to baby-sitters . .

but we believe American parents enjoy themselves more . . . when their children are with them? Thatis why DRIVE-IN MOVIES are Americais most popular Entertainment Habit! So BRING the KIDS! Let them SLEEP in the car . . . or . let them join YOU in the Enjoyment of our sparkling, wholesome programs! Get the DRIVE-IN HABIT!


This Is The Life! . . . Your summer is going to be. more enjoyable than ever , . because we're going to keep you well entertained! Just hop into your car, with your whole family, and Drive-In to this entertainv merit paradise! No need to dress . . . just come as you are don't bother waiting for dinner . . you can get anything you want at our refreshment stand. Just come and enjoy yourself . . . under the stars . . . in the cool comfort of evening breezes . . . with the finest in motion picture entertainment! Yes, folks! This is the life!


Get the DRIVE-IN HABIT! Relax under Nature's own canopy! Enjoy an evening's entertainment in the comfort of your car! lonvenientl Time-Saving! And there's no need to dress up. Come as you are!

Ideal entertainment out of doors . . . while you Eat. Relax, Smoke and enjoy the movies in your car!

Swell entertainment for ALL the FAMILY

. . . Comfortable . . . Cool Lots of Fun!

Make this DRIVE-IN THEATRE your Entertainment habit all summer long!

(National Screen Service)

Your Best Bet for ideal SUMMER RECREATION . . . is the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE . . . because YOU . . . Dress as you like!

. . Smoke anywhere in the theatre!

. . Bringthe youngsters and forget about


Enjoy MOVIES this new, different way! Come Here OFTEN!

(National Screen Service)

Make this COOL . . . HEALTHFUL . . . INFORMAL . . . DRIVE-IN THEATRE your favorite EVENING RENDEZVOUS. Enjoy top-rung Hollywood hits in the easy comfort of your own car! Smoke. talk, relax . . . HAVE A GRAND TIME . . . in the modern luxury of the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE!

(National Screen Service)

Guard your health! Keep cool! See the finest Hollywood Hits . . in the luxury of your own car . . . at this modern Nature-Cooled DRIVE-IN THEATRE! Enjoy summer comfort . . . and top entertainment . . . in the informal. refreshing atmosphere of the (Name) DRIVE-IN THEATRE!

Seasonal Closing

The logical way to wind up the season is to run a trailer announcing the closing date and reopening date, and briefly thanking the public for its patronage. Nothing more is needed than this scant information and a brief goodwill plug, for additional itsell" would serve no purpose at the season's end. Suitable trailer copy would include the following:

(Filmuck) . . (Date) ends our season here at the (Name) Drive-In. Your frequent visits this year have made us very happy, we hope our programs have pleased you. Let's make a date for next April . . . and when you're thinking of Easter, think of us . . . 'Cause we'll Re-Open then!


It doesn't seem possible . but Calendars don't lie . . . It's time for us to say "Good bye." The week of (Date) ends our season. We thank you for your patronage . . . and

we hope to see you here again next spring! The Management.


It's almost time to close this season . . . Old Man Winter is the reason!

Bringing you the finest entertainment under the stars has been our pleasure.

And, your wonderful response all summer and fall is ample proof that you've enjoyed our Drive-In Entertainment! Thanks for favoring us back again. next spring! We officially end our season, (Day and Date). Tom Jones, Manager.

and do come


While the examples presented above represent the general types of trailers that are required to pre-sell, announce and publicize the theatre's shows, services, and events, dozens of other special trailers will be highly useful from time to time to announce holiday shows, games, special nights, fireworks, church services, and coming attractions. Whatever purpose they serve, trailers that are intelligently conceived and eHectively worded can be an important factor in keeping the drive-in's patrons coming all season long.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 367