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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 383 (345)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 383
Page 383

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 383

necessary steps for this accomplishment is, of course, the desire, together with a clean and well kept merchandising unit, with good quality merchandise to sell. All of which are within the scope of every manager and attendant.

Tobacco Items

As has been mentioned often, the service given to patrons is the quality responsible for getting these patrons back into the theatre. In the operation of a candy counter we insist on service by our attendants. On some occasions, we find we have to accommodate patrons by stocking some types of merchandise as a service, primarily.

As is known throughout the retail trade, the tobacco industry probably gives the lowest return of any commodity on the market. But, because of our obligation to serve our patrons both theatre-wise and candy-wise, cigarettes are sold in many of our confectionery outlets.

In more recent months we have, at least, confined the extensive variety of cigarettes to the more popular items, thereby reducing sizeable inventories in many theatres. In theatres presently carrying large stocks it is highly recommended that the tobacco line be diminv ished to varieties of the five most popular brands. Not only should precautions be made to keep the merchandise from drying out, but this line especially should be kept under lock and key. Cigarettes we have found, are the cause behind many large shortages, and for this reason, therefore, consideration should be given toward their proper storage.

Ice Cream

Ice cream has probably made greater advances in sales than any other line sold through theatre outlets in the immediate past. Most ice cream manufacturers have now produced a suitable ice cream bar for distribution in theatres and it has been found to be most acceptable to the consumer in price, quality, and quantity.

Most manufacturers have been quite liberal in the advertising material for the promotion of their products for the benefit of our trade. A factor which should be considered by theatre management throughout the entire year is that tests have proven patrons will buy ice cream both summer and winter if the opportunity is presented to them.

During the past season, ice cream companies have been found to be more aggressive in their methods of merchandizing their product. One method which has been most suocessful is the location of an open deep freeze unit within close proximity of the candy counter. The results in many theatres have been phenomenal to the degree that many of the new candy counter installations are expected to have provisions made to accommodate units of this type.

Many theatres have installed the, counter top sales unit and have. found it to be quite successful. In some cases, ice cream sales have been increased as high as three or four times the normal volume. However, the secret of such success lies with the continual stocking of the display unit from the storage


ICE CREAM SALES HAVE INCREASED in many cases three to four times above normal by the use of a: counter top display unit. It is essential to keep the unit fully stocked at all times.

cabinet furthering our candy sales theory of allowing our patrons to pick up the merchandise desired by them. The display tray must be full at all times to induce the public to buy. Some manufacturers with the cooperation of some theatres have resorted to selling ice cream in the aisles with some success. However, depending only on the established program policy of the theatre, and the co-operation of the

management do we encourage such a move. Our experience has proven in many instances that despite the increased volume enjoyed in the promotion of ice cream sales in this manner the confectionery profits within the theatre have diminished owing to its interference with more profitable items already established. We do, therefore, advocate extreme caution before installing this method of selling ice cream.

ANOTHER TYPE OF EASY-TO-REACH ICE CREAM DISPENSER is shown here. The sales resulting from this unit have been little short of phenomenal in some locations. It is the best type in use.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 383