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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 385 (347)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 385
Page 385

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 385

type of unit used in distributing drinks it is essential that certain functions must be carried out to assure top performance of the unit for a satisfactory drink.

Upon referring to a bottle cooler, it is a prime necessity that these units be carefully cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. Although it might take an extra 15 minutes, the cleanliness of such units cannot be disregarded. Together with maintaining the proper operation of the compressor and cooling tubes, 9. weekly scouring of the inside of such unit coolers must be carried out. One should not be able to see any scum or refuse in the water bath as one is withdrawing a bottle to be served. If such a cleaning practice is carried out, there should be less tendency toward breakdowns or warm drinks.

The proper cleaning procedures to be followed in the cleaning of fountain dispensers are an absolute necessity to maintain a healthy, and satisfying drink. Consequently, with this thought in mind, a very descriptive outline has been shown in the following pages for both the Cola and Orange Crush dispensers.

It should also be remembered if trouble continues after an inspection has been made to overcome some break ONLY 30 MINUTES ONCE A WEEK insures a clean deluxe dispenser for your cola beverage. While the illustrations are not the orthodox Pepsi head. the fundamentals are the same tor all. 1. Remove drip pan assembly and shut of! carbonated water by closing cut-off valve. 2. Drain syrup. Place clean one gallon container under nozzle and remove air vent tube. While syrup is draining remove ice trot-n compartment. 8. Remove inner assembly. Untasten syrup tank latch. Push plastic nozzle upward and at same time with other hand grasp syrup tank and lift. Remove and clean plastic nozzle. 4. Clean inner assembly with warm running water and a brush. Rinse thoroughly. Clean ice compartment with warm soapy water and a brush. 5. Reassemble unit. Snap on plastic nozzle. Replace inner assembly. Press it downward tirme and fasten syrup tank latch. Replace air vent tube. Fill syrup tank. Fill ice compartment.'l'urn on carbonated water.Replace drip pan.

down, a competent, and qualified, serriceman should be called to adjust the machine immediately. Every hour the, unit is not operating, is an hour of lost profits.

Practical Operating Pointers

The Deluxe Dispenser is designed to serve a finished six ounce drink in fivv seconds. For best performance it only requires: (1) a sufficient How of syrup; (2) carbonated water under proper pressure and (3) refrigeration to dispense drinks at 400 or below. If any of these three (3) factors are lacking, consult the trouble chart below for usual remedies.

Trouble Cause Remedy 1. CO: gas pressure too low to 1. Increase gas pressure. 120 Open dispensing valve*(gas pounds is usually correct drum probably empty). (except for low pressure carInsumcient bonators, then usually 60 to or No Syrup 75 Pounds). in Drink Syrup tank empty. 2. Refill with syrup.

.( P;

of air Vent tube.

4. Air vent tube clogged.

d. Syrup tank filled aboye top .. Drain off excess syrup. (Cut

No. 2.) 4. Clean air vent tube.

1. CO: gas pressure too lowi- 1. Increase gas pressure. 12!) (gas drum probably empty). pounds is usually correct

(except for low pressure carbonators, then usually (it) to 75 pounds).

2. Carbonated water is cut-oii'. 2. Remove drip pan assembly to check cut-off valve. (Cut No. 1.)

3. Carbonator may not be work 3. Check carbonutor, see car- Slow Flow or

No Carbonated Water

ing properly.

bonator trouble chart. Call mechanic if necessary.

4. Carbonated water line to dis- 4. Check syrup rail for ice penser may be frozen in formation over lead linee

syrup rail.

melt with lukewarm water.

Warm. Flat Drinks

If above trouble chart does not solve the problem, call the local mechanic.



Self-sealing carbonated water inlet below cold plate may be leaking.

Screen or filter, located at bottom of cold plate below hexagon nut, may be clogged.

There may be no or little ice in unit.

Carbonated water supplied to the dispenser from soda fountain may be too warm.

Warm syrup in syrup tank.



Make sure syrup tank latch is locked and inner assembly is in correct position (Cut

No. 3.)

Remove hexagon nut, clean screen and replace.

.Fill ice compartment with

cracked ice (egg size).

If carbonated water at draft arm is over 500 check refrigA eration system. Call mechanic if necessary.

Ilre-chill syrup before filling dispenser.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 385