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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 387 (349)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 387
Page 387

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 387

ten pounds, there is a leak in the machine or somewhere between the regulator outlet valve and the carbonated water outlet valve, It will then be necessary to check all connections, and couplings with soap suds applied with a brush as to where the leak exists. When this has been determined it will be necessary to tighten the connections, or replace old fiber washers with new ones. No one, during these tests should be permitted to draw a drink from the dispenser.

If after several tests have been made, the pressure gauge indicates a continued decline from the 120 pounds standard by more than 10 pounds, or below the minimum 90 pounds pressure, a serviceman should be called immediately.


The cornerstone of success within the motion picture industry is the effective use of the quality known as promotion. Without this factor many pictures, and theatres, would be in dire circumstances. Why then can not this priceless quality be put to work in promoting our confectionery sales?

In confectionery these promotions are primarily confined to the area surrounding the candy counter itself. Promotions can be classified into such types as seasonal, special merchandise, new lines, picture tie-ins, and revenue producers.

GIVE YOUR ORANGE CRUSH DISPENSER a weekly bath. Reading from top to bottom at page tollow the steps illustrated in the column on the right. 1. Loosen hand nut on syrup line at tank to remove syrup tank. 2. Remove tank and drain syrup into clean iar. 8. Remove dram plug from ice compartment to drain ice water. 4. Clean ice compartment with hot running water and soap or soda. Drain and replace drain plug and syrup tank. 5. Clean outer cabinet with hot water. Dry with absorbent paper or sott cloth. Simonize or wax may be used as a polish to bring out lustre and protect enameled side plates.

Seasonal promotions are the easiest to work with and consequently have proven to be the most successful. With seasonal promotions it becomes a natural as one has the direct, or indirect, assistance from the public as everyone is aware of the timeliness of ones work, and is more receptive to ones eiforts. With seasonal displays, one also has materials more readily available than for normal promotions. Reds for Valentineis Day and green for St. Patricks Day are easily accessible together with papers, cutouts, and other display material bentting events such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

Many managers have been quite successful by using their candy counter to advertise a suitable picture campaign. Among the more suitable pictures for this type of display have been ttTreasure Island," fiAlice in Wonderland," and 'The Greatest Show On Earth." Using decs orations and uniforms depicting the

For an efficient. profitable Orange-CRUSH operation. these pointers may be noted:

Complaint Cause Remedy . ' Turn pressure control valve Vlbratlon Too much water pressure. CIOCkWise t0 adJUSt pressure of Unit down, or anti-clockwise to increase pressure. 1. No syrup in tank. Check (a) Move handle from center position to attendant. (b) Return handle to syrup . head D a kt ' alakoo 2. Not properly drawn. (c) Draw handle again to attendant for proper drink flow. This piston seal would have to 3. Broken piston seal. be replaced by an experienced person. (a) Move handle from center position to attendant. 1. Faulty operation of valve. (b) Return handle to syrup head. Drink too (c) lgmw handle again to atSweet f1endant for proper drink ow. . I These would have to be re2. Faulty check valves in dlS- placed by an authorized reprepenser. sentative, or serviceman with knowledge of unit. Plugged I I I One teaspoon of Baking Soda Drain From chlorine or d1rt in ice. in ice once a week will normally


prevent this.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 387