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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 391 (353)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 391
Page 391

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 391

retail outlets. Yet how often have we been perturbed about methods used in stores in which we have dealt. Too often have we changed our restaurants, or groceterias, when we have had occasion to witness the hith, or disorder, in which our food was being prepared, or stored.

Surprisingly enough though, many of the faults we find in other food outlets can also be found under our own roof if we Should take the time to look. Often confectionery inspections reveal some questionable housekeeping habits. The circumstances surrounding the storage of carbons and janitor supplies are not conducive to the proper storing of confectionery. 7

All the binning in the world will be useless if the storeroom is not cleaned out thoroughly at least once or twice a week. Not only does this practice keep the storeroom clean but it has a great tendency to rotate stocks thereby minimizing the possibility of stale merchandise. Upon keeping the stock room clean, and with the necessary preventatives there should be little trouble in curtailing problems with rodents.

Many managers realizing the importance of proper stock-keeping have white-washed their bins, and painted their stock room floors. This type of conscientiousness is to be encouraged as its eEect cannot help but improve the working arrangements for those working within the stock room. It has also been found to create greater confidence, and a sense of prevailing cleanliness from the employee can be invaluable throughout the theatre.

The location of storage facilities can be an important one. Not only is it necessary to choose space within close proximity of the candy counter but it must also have suitable ventilation. Proper storage temperature should not exceed 65 degrees at any time. It should also be free from dampness of any description, with necessary provisions made to keep merchandise off the floor.

If space will permit a suitable lay out of stock is recommended. If stocks are allocated as to price and brands, a good deal of inventory problems are eliminated. This method can also be found of considerable value when new orders are being made up as the whole stock picture is apparent.

Weekly Sales Reports

Owing to the confectionery sales volume in outlets serviced by this company, it has become essential to install the comprehensive accounting system presently used by this organization. In carrying out this procedure it becomes quite obvious at times that considerable negligence exists when Weekly Confections Sales Reports are prepared. On compiling this form, in its required four copies, many items are continually omitted or recorded incorrectly. The following "dots and donlts" may eliminate. a good number of the existing oversights.

Do; insert the supplier's name, date, and shipping slip numbers, on all incoming shipments in the SpaCe alloe cated for this purpose.

Do; remember to record all totals in the candy section.


A CORNER OF A FINE STORAGE ROOM with good binning iacilities is shown here. A weekly cleaning

assures sanitary conditions and minimizes

Do; record the proper rate of discounts, or cost of goods sold, percentages, in the allotted spaces.

Do; record the inventory and usage of all corn, pre-popped corn, salt and seasoning, as well as any syrups and C02 cylinders.

Do; insert the attendance figures.

Do; be careful of proper adjustment entries, and return correction advice letters with the corresponding C.S.Ris.

the chance of keeping stale merchandise.

Do; try to have reports arriving at their destination on time.

Donit; forget to properly record the inventory date, theatre, and location, on all reports.

Donit; record more than one shipment in any one delivery column. If there should be more deliveries than columns, make up a dummy column on a blank paper and paste the top of it over the delivery section on the C.S.R.

A WELL PLANNED STORAGE AREA should provide iacililies for the proper handling of merchandise. While-washed walls. painted floors and fresh uniforms (or employees are desirable.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 391