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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 399 (361)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 399
Page 399

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 399

A Dual, Direct-Projection Theatre TV System

Trad Equipment Features Simplicity of Operation, Good Performance, and an Impressively Low Price

The field of theatre television is expanding rapidly and the future promises much in the growth of the medium. There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment which can turn almost any theatre into a full-size television center and the coming months will probably see more entering the field.

The cost of installing a large-screen TV system in a theatre varies, depending upon whether it is mass-produced or individually turned out and whether the individual theatre presents any particular probelms as to length of throw, location of equipment, adherence to local building or fire codes, etc.

Among the lower priced theatre TV systems is Trad Direct Projection Theatre Television.

----- BRIEF: Designed to offer quality perd formance at a moderate price . . . the Trad direct-projection theatre television system combines two optical assemblies and a high voltage power control in one compact unit. Booth equipment consists of only two units-a combination monitor-tuner and a control panel. No special wiring is needed as the system operates on ordinary 110-volt alternating current . . . and requires only 600 watts. Proiection tubes require but 30,000 volts; thereby reducing insulation and breakdown difficulties . . . and providing longer tube life.

While designed primarily for theatrical use, the Trad system can easily be adapted for use in narrow-gauge situations and non-theatrial applications.

---- Trad and Motiograph, distributor of Trad TV, stress the comparative low cost of the system, the latest quoted figure being $8,950 for the complete equipment. This low price is made possible, according to Trad, by practical and lengthy experience in projection television research and manufacture which has resulted in advanced design retaining only the essentials without sacrifice of quality.

Features of the System

The patented Trad optical assembly, which permits the use of a. tube requiring only 30,000 volts, contributes to a saving in manufacturing expense as it costs only about one-tenth as much as those in other equipment. Greater safety factors and longer life of the assembly is also claimed. The Trad optical unit throws a bright image with a specially designed reflector and corroctor lens only about one-half the size of that used in many other systems.

The Trad system offers protection against possible equipment breakdowns by means of dual projection equipment


combining two optical assemblies and a high voltage power control in one compact unit, encased in a cabinet made of 16 gauge steel. Mounting of the cabinet, which weighs about 250 pounds, is easily accomplished by the use of mounting brackets and a framework which are supplied as part of the equipment.


Installation of Trad theatre TV, which amounts to mounting the projection unit and its connection to the booth equipment.with two small sizes conduits, is said to be easier and less expensive than the installation of a theatre sound system. No special electrical wiring is necessary, as the system operates on ordinary 110-volt, 60-cycle, single-phase alternating current. Power requirements are only 600 watts. No costly construction or alterations are required, and the average electrical installation is estimated at less than $1,000. The equipment is designed to match the input of a modern theatre sound system, and no other equipment is necessary to obtain quality sound reproduction.

Installations are guaranteed by Motiograph and Trad for one year, in addition to which Altec Service Corporation has been retained to supervise the installation of the equipment and to make reg ular monthly service and inspection calls as well as such emergency calls as may be necessary. This service, along with the supplying of any and all replacements parts that may be necessary, is given cost free for the one year period.

The Heart of the System

The optical assembly, designed by Victor Trad, consists of a high speed 14-inch Schmidt 'refiector and associated correction lens which is employed to obtain the picture size desired at distances of from 35 to 150 feet. Adjustments make possible the maximum size picture regardless of the length of the throw. Included in the optical assembly are provisions for accurate alignment to eliminate distortion. Regular equipment projects a 20 by 15-foot picture at any throw from 35 to 90 feet, while special equipment can be provided, at additional cost, to obtain any desired picture size up to 24 by 18 feet at any projection throw up to 150 feet, thus, in some cases, permitting mounting on the front of the projection booth.

The dual projection feature of the systemeduplication of the picture tubes, optics, high voltage and scanning control equipmentepermits switching from one unit to another in case of trouble in

ACTUAL INSTALLATION: 'ol the Trad Direct Projection Theatre Television unit an the balcony facia of the Walter Reade Circuit 5 St. James. Asbury Park. N. I. Weighing about 250 pounds it is very compact.

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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 399