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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 40 (6)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 40
Page 40

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 40

institutions, despite the burning preoccupation of its people with drawing the wealth from their land. It boasts one of the worlds tallest, most complete libraries and has scores of luxurious hotels and night clubs, and magnificent schools and churches. In such a locale, it is little wonder that the theatre industry has burgeoned and prospered as it has, and that the showplaces of $210 Paulo rank with the worlds best.

560 Paula's Theatres

Most impressive of the cityls new theatres is the 1,900-seat Marrocos, said to be the finest theatre in all South America. Built in a gleaming l3-story ofiice building in the heart of Silo Paulols bustling business district, the Marrocos (Morocco) is designed with a Moorish architectural and decorative motif, executed in vividly colored marbles, hard plaster, and stucco. Its entrance is a majestic white marble colonnade about 45 feet high, which gives the theatre an imposingly stately air. The huge lobby is floored with black marble inlaid with copper designs, and leads to an ornate foyer, from which patrons may either enter the main floor or take one of three elevators to the two balconies. Elaborate Moroccan frescoes are sculptured 0n the Walls and ceilings throughout, and attractive mosaic patterns decorate Hoors connecting stairs and passageways. Mirror paneling has been used extensively in the lobby area to impart an air of luxury and spaciousness.

A DELUXE NEIGHBORHOOD THEATRE is the Plaza. Sao Paulo, which has 1500 seats. Note the modem but as an "extra profit" venture.

Of the theatres 1,900 seats, 1,200 are on the main fioor, with the balance distributed between the two balconies. Generous spacing of seats is assured with a distance of 39 inches from back to back.

Handsome murals depicting Moroccan scenes adorn the side walls of the auditorium, and a planter box, shaped to the scalloped contour of the stage, is effective in relieving the sharp severity of the proscenium lines.

With its white tiled walls and brilliant lighting, the spacious projection booth has the aseptic air of a hospital operating room.

An interesting feature of the theatre is a bus-relief plaster panel in the main lobby, depicting the history of motion pictures, from Chaplirfs "City Lightsli to "Joan of Arc" and the Brazilian picture HCaioara," the first production to represent Brazil in an international film festival.

The Marrocas is equipped with the latest and largest Simplex XL sound and projection systems, Peerless Magoo lamps. Super Snaplite F/1.9 lenses. and Hertner transverter in a deluxe threeprojector installation.

Also outstanding among Silo Paulols new theatres is the 1,51l0wseat Plaza, 21 deluxe house in a neighborhood shopping: district. The facade of the Plaza, an interesting blending of grey granite and Botticino marble, highlightvd by concealed illumination. shows the marked Continental influence which is evident in

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 40